What Gives Your Dog Joy?

Honey loves to play with soft stuffies.

What gives your dog joy?

Honey the golden retriever expressing joy.

Honey the golden retriever shows dog joy.

Happiness is an ugly stuffy. #dogjoy

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  1. We have Joy, pretty much 24/7/365, since it is Mom’s name! Besides that, we enjoy cuddling, long walks, and dog sports.

  2. Ruby’s not much into toys, but she loves food (anything), walks, and cuddles on the couch.

  3. Shadow loves her tennis balls – or any ball for that matter as long as she can carry it around the house or yard. Ducky loves her Wubbas – the dirtier and more pulled apart the better – and doing zoomies around the house and yard. Crazy little mutt!

    • Shadow’s tennis ball sounds like a pacifier.

      And those Wubbas are fun. Don’t you love the big dirty stains they leave on the wall when Ducky gets playing with them? 🙂

  4. I’m fairly easily pleased, a biped saying “walk” or doing their imitation of a play bow does the trick every time – even if the last walk or game was only a few minutes ago!

  5. Snuggles for both of them. Running, and or walking for Torrey are also tops.

  6. The anticipation in a sit/stay for a high value treat. Though perfectly still, my tail swishes back and forth on the floor like a Swiffer. And I nearly go insane when mom walks back through the door. She may have only been gone 27 seconds, but it seemed like an eternity for me.
    Your fur-iend,

    • Sam, you must be so good for your mom’s self esteem. Who doesn’t want to be celebrated every time they come in the door? 🙂

  7. Squeaky toys! Can’t get enough of them even though they only last for a few minutes after we tear it apart. lol And walks. Can never have enough walks!

    • Ha ha! Squeakies are the best.

      Once squeaks come out of Honey’s dog toys, I’ve been known to sew them up into thrift store stuffed animals. Why pay $10 for a dog toy? Especially when it’s going to be joyfully destroyed in seconds.

  8. Blueberry’s human says:

    Dogs are so easily made happy! Blueberry’s joys are hiking, getting to share my dessert, ice cubes and when I iron because that’s when I give her the big treats to keep her busy.

    • You win the prize for the most unique answer! I’ve never had anyone tell me their dog loves ironing. 🙂

      • When I first brought Blueberry home, she would plant herself right under the ironing board so that my clothes would sometimes drag on her back and become hairy. And so I finally figured out how to keep her busy during ironing time. Since then, when she sees me turn on the iron, she immediately starts drooling and sits in her special spot because she knows a big treat or two is on the way.

  9. That is precious beyond words. How’s life been on the high seas?
    Is Charleston in your future next year?

    • Life has been high, but not on the seas. Once again, we’re up in the air at a Virginia boatyard getting work done.

      But I have Charleston has one of my weather watching sites so it’s calling my name. Hopefully we won’t have to give it a miss this year. I need a doodle fix. 🙂

  10. Our Bear loves soft stuffies, but a little too much… they only last a few minutes before the stuffing is all over the floor 🙂

    • But that’s the fun!

      Someday someone will make a fortune inventing a dog toy that can be destuffed and stuffed over and over again without difficulty.

  11. Nice gif! The beach gives Rita joy. And her daily walk. And treats. Wish she got more excited about her toys. She loves them – but she only plays with them for a few minutes here and there!

  12. Having 100% of my attention, no matter what we’re doing, makes Shyla super happy. Shyla loves stuffies but destroys them in record time!

  13. Richie loves belly rubs and lying in the sun. Belly rubs in the sun are the absolute pinnacle of joy!

  14. Dylan loves chasing a ball, any ball. He has six or seven of various sizes. If someone, (usually me), will throw it for him in the back yard, he appears to be the happiest dog on the planet. He also loves tug-of-war with his toy ropes, but I’m convinces playing ball is pure heaven for him.

    • There are toys that toss balls for dogs who love to retrieve. But I’m not convinced Honey would chase a ball tossed by a machine. Would Dylan?

  15. Theo loves most toys! His favorite thing of all is to play tug with a plush toy. After a few minutes of tugging, he’s off to destroy his prize. He does have a favorite plush toy that he hasn’t chewed up though.

  16. She sure looks happy! For Cricket it is playing ball, and for Luke it’s heading out the door for a walk (he also loves to play with toys in the evening especially too though).

  17. Seeing dogs play with toys like that on their own is one of my favorite things in the world. It’s so endearing, and until Laika I’d never had a dog that did it very often. Any kind of play brings her joy, and if I’m busy she’ll do it all on her own.

  18. Chester has few toys that he likes, but he absolutely loves belly rubs!