I Took My Dog To The Dismal Swamp

You probably think visiting the Dismal Swamp with your dog sounds pretty awful. Sort of like staying in a gloomy hovel, hiking through the dreary landfill, or playing in the dog park from hell. But you’d be wrong.

Visit Beautiful Annmarie Sculpture Garden. It’s Dog-Friendly!

A dog-friendly art museum? Yep, it’s the Annmarie Sculpture Garden (one of a few dozen pet-friendly museums in the United States). And we were thrilled to see it with Honey the last time we landed in Solomons, Maryland.

7 Fun Ways To Enjoy The Chesapeake Bay With Your Dog (and a giveaway!)

Maryland has many pet-friendly spots to enjoy. But the one GoPetFriendly chose as best in the state on their Ultimate Pet-Friendly Road Trip? It’s also our home (at least part of the year)—the Chesapeake Bay. You don’t have to live on a boat like we do to enjoy visiting the Bay with your pet. Here […]

Is This The Most Charming, Dog-Friendly Town In South Carolina?

With hailstones and cold rain hitting my face at the helm while the tow boat dragged Meander at speeds she had never seen before, I knew I would be facing a big repair bill when we landed. What I didn’t know was that where we were headed would turn out to be one of the […]

Why We Love To Visit Dog-Friendly Beaufort

Do you follow our travels? Then you may have noticed from the map in the sidebar that we’ve been in the same place for a month. We love visiting Beaufort, South Carolina. And it’s so dog-friendly, Honey loves it too.  

Honey Learns To Fly (And Other Boat Dog Adventures In 2017)

Every crew member of sailing vessel Meander experienced big changes in 2017. But none more than Honey the boat dog who even learned to fly. Here’s what happened aboard Meander in 2017.

Was It Worth It?

After years of hearing about Quiet Waters park in Annapolis, we finally got there. We walked 8 miles round trip. Was it worth it?

Doesn’t Every Dog Deserve Her Own Beach?

When looking for places to anchor, we need to find somewhere for Honey to land for play time and, well, you know…

Who’s Coming To Visit?

Check out our home for the month.

How Pet Friendly Businesses Could Save Lives

Yeah, I like taking Honey with me places because I enjoy her company. But did you know that pet friendly businesses have the potential to save dogs’ lives? Let me explain.