Travel Through 2018 With Meander

What did the Meander crew do in 2018? Sip cocktails in the cockpit while Honey relaxed with a chewy? Or sail in calm breezes with dolphins leaping in our wake?

How NOT To Train Your Dog With Treats

Want to know how not to train your dog with food treats? Follow my lead. Because I really blew it.

7 Fun Ways To Enjoy The Chesapeake Bay With Your Dog (and a giveaway!)

Maryland has many pet-friendly spots to enjoy. But the one GoPetFriendly chose as best in the state on their Ultimate Pet-Friendly Road Trip? It’s also our home (at least part of the year)—the Chesapeake Bay. You don’t have to live on a boat like we do to enjoy visiting the Bay with your pet. Here […]

How To Tire Your Dog Out On A Walk

We don’t always have time to take Honey on a long walk. But we know how to give her a workout even when a walk is short. If you need to tire your dog out on a walk in a short distance, work their brain instead.

9 Reasons NOT To Live On A Boat With A Dog

I love living on my boat with my dog. Except when I don’t. Here are 9 reasons you should not live on a boat with your dog.

The Most Surprising Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool On The Boat

It’s hot. The temperature and humidity combined make it feel like 107 degrees F. But if we’re hot, how much worse is it for Honey with a double fur coat? Without air conditioning or even ice, I’ve had to adopt some surprising ways to keep my dog cool on the boat. Maybe they’ll keep your dog […]

Is This The Most Charming, Dog-Friendly Town In South Carolina?

With hailstones and cold rain hitting my face at the helm while the tow boat dragged Meander at speeds she had never seen before, I knew I would be facing a big repair bill when we landed. What I didn’t know was that where we were headed would turn out to be one of the […]

Do This To Make Your Dog’s First Boat Trip A Good One

This was the moment. We had spent hundreds of dollars and worked for hours on training. All to move toward living on a sailboat with our dog. But would Honey go for it? Would our dog’s first boat trip be a good one?

Nose Work Games: The Best Way To Have Fun With Your Boat Dog

K9 nose work tires Honey out, works her brain, and brings her joy. No wonder nose work games are a great way to have fun with a boat dog.

Want A Happy Boat Dog? Know These Surprising Signs of Stress

How do you know your boat dog is happy? Do they look relaxed and comfortable? Or are they showing signs of stress you may not recognize?