The Something Wagging team on the dock.

Team Something Wagging – Pamela, Michael, and Honey. Photo Credit: Alice G Patterson Photography

Welcome to Something Wagging This Way Comes

You’ve come to the right place to follow Honey the golden retriever and her people, liveaboards who travel full time on a sailboat.

Together, we sail (and motor) along the U.S. east coast checking out dog-friendly attractions along the way. We’re especially fond of charming, pet-friendly towns while Honey loves any sandy beach where she can roll on dead fish.

I’m an adventure dog training nerd who wants to help you have as much fun with your dog as we have with Honey—especially if you dream of traveling with your dog on a boat.

Follow us if you want to

  • Learn what it takes to live and cruise on a boat with a big dog
  • Discover training techniques to help any dog become more adventurous (Honey went from being afraid of a ramp lying flat on the ground to actually flying through the air in her mountaineering harness)
  • Enjoy visiting beautiful places with us, either by seeing them yourself or being armchair crew.
Honey the golden retriever flies off the boat.

I feel like a super hero.

About the dog:

Honey the golden retriever has lived with us since she was eight weeks old. She has matured into a delightful crewmate who loves every person she meets and most dogs and cats.

Honey’s favorite part of being a dog on board is always being with her people and finding beaches where she can roll in the sand.

Honey the boat dog wears her life jacket in the cockpit.

They tell me the life jacket is to keep me safe underway. But I know it’s really because I look fabulous in red.

About the humans:

Pamela has been blogging about Honey, her love of dogs, and fostering since 2010. A few years ago, she became intrigued with the idea of living on a sailboat. Lucky for Pam, her “honey” and Honey were willing to follow her whim.

Pam’s “honey,” Mike, has been a photographer and chief bottle washer for Something Wagging since the beginning. He is also Honey’s favorite playmate.

About the boat:

Our boat, Meander, is a 1990 Pacific Seacraft 34. It is a bluewater boat, capable of crossing oceans even if we aren’t. It is a cozy fit for two humans and a dog, only 10 feet wide at its widest point. No one on board can get farther than 20 feet away from anyone else—unless they climb the mast.

Meander anchored in Brickhill Creek.

Meander in Brickhill Creek near the Cumberland National Seashore in Georgia. Ain’t she pretty?

Our dinghy, Mini Mea, is a folding Porta-Bote. With a six horsepower outboard engine, it serves as our “car” when we need to get to shore from anchor.

About the blog:

The look of Something Wagging was designed by Julie Melfi of Leg Up Creative with photos by Alice G Patterson Photography.

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    • What a sweet face! The colors and markings are very familiar to me–

      The dog in the header is Shadow. We lost her to cancer in January.

      We adopted her at 9 years old from the SPCA and never knew quite what went into the mix. Eventually we decided on hound with a bit of German Shepherd.

      Do you know anything about your dog’s heritage?

      • The dog in the headder looks remarkably like my Marley boy. He was a rottweiler x german shepard, and that “once in a lifetime dog” we all have, though I lost him this last April at the age of 13 to old age.

  1. Gage is about 5. He has arthritis, luxuating patellas in both rear legs, and a lot of issues with fear. We adopted him at about 6 months.

    He seems to be a Rottie/Lab mix? Not quite sure. When he is in a good mood he sure acts like a goofy lab. He also has the “Rottie rumble” and likes to lean on you like a lab.

  2. Just found your blog today through the Saturday Blog Hop. I clicked because I loved the name — and the blog is great too. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks! A blog name compliment from the writer who came up with “Will my dog hate me” is high praise indeed!

      Now, if only I could get the blog hop code to post on my page.

  3. Hi Pamela,

    I wanted to let you know how much I love your blog! So many awesome posts and I love the variety in the subjects. Plus, the title of your blog is so neat!

    Would you be interested in being featured on my blog, http://blog.k9healthsolutions.com? Contact me for more info 🙂


    Thanks and happy holidays!

  4. I am so excited to find your blog! We just added a golden retriever puppy to our family. We lost our first golden 3 years ago and we are over the moon for our new pup!
    I just spent waaaay too long peeking around your blog- I love it.
    Happy Holidays,
    Kerry at HouseTalkN (I’ll be adding “DogTalkN” posts asap!)

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  7. Hi there – found your blog after reading your Blog Paws post about how you came to name your blog. I’ve scrolled around a bit, and will be coming back to see what you’re up to. Really like what you’re doing!

  8. There are sooo many dog blogs out here, as I discovered after starting one of my own LOL! I’ve been weeding this excellent, fecund internet garden of posts and I just want to let you know, while there are so many excellent writers and interesting things being said, I found your blog to be exceptional and I am looking forward to reading it once a week.

    Thanks for the sharing!

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  10. I just discovered your blog and I’m quite intrigued! I’m finding that there are a lot of dog blogs out there, but I haven’t found many with “be with your dog!” suggestions! I’ll be looking forward to visiting with my Mom Person!

  11. I’ve just started my blog a month ago and I’m inspired by how great yours is 🙂 I will point all the people who told me “why would you start a stupid dog blog? who would read that?” to this blog.

  12. What a thoughtful post, and different from others I’ve read. I wouldn’t have known to coax the dogs away from the gate and I’m a pet sitter! Yikes. Obviously I need to take a dog behavior class. I think if pets comfort at BlogPaws is discussed more, that owners will be able to make conscious decisions next year about whether to chat with friends through lunch or eat and then go for a short walk. As a matter of fact, when I need a break I might offer to take a dog for a walk! (Owner and dog willing, of course.)

  13. Hi
    I’ve so enjoyed reading your stories, and I want to nominate you for the Liebster Award. Sorry if you’ve got a lot of them already, because you’re on my list anyway! Check in at mylifewithwieners.wordpress.com Aug 26 for your questions and instructions!