2019 Pet Blogger Challenge

Nine years! Nine years, baby! And we’re still blogging. Happy to join our host, Amy Burkert of GoPetFriendly.com for the virtual block party every pet blogger looks forward to. If you want to join the fun, answer the challenge questions on your blog and link to the hop.

Homeless? Wordless Wednesday

Do we look like we’re homeless? Or just hanging out?

Sick Day – Wordless Wednesday

Spent a sick day in bed yesterday. Do you think I got lonely?

8th Annual Pet Blogger Challenge (with commentary by Honey)

OMD, it’s that time again! Time to hang with my pet blogging peeps and try to be somewhat amusing for non-blogging readers. The pressure! The pressure! Can I do it?

Does She Notice The View?

A few days ago, we motored through the lovely Chesapeake – Albemarle Canal. Do you think Honey appreciated the view?

What Gives Your Dog Joy?

Honey loves to play with soft stuffies. What gives your dog joy?

Drive Like Your Pets Live Here

Love dogs. Love traveling no faster than a brisk walk. You gotta know how much I loved this sign.

Can You See What These Three Have In Common?

We’re pet sitting Honey’s two “cousins.” Can you see what they all have in common?

Can You Tell the Temperature By Looking At This Dog?

It’s hot and humid. Temperatures inside the boat get up to about 95° F (35° C). But the other day we saw this.

5 Reasons Everyone Needs Pro Pictures Of Their Dogs

Recently, someone was watching us. And taking pictures. And we learned some very interesting things. Like the reasons everyone needs a professional photographer to take pictures of their dogs.