Does She Notice The View?

A few days ago, we motored through the lovely Chesapeake – Albemarle Canal.

The beautiful Chesapeake - Albemarle Canal.

The calm water of the canal was like glass. We enjoyed the trees and their reflections.

Do you think Honey appreciated the view?

Honey the boat dog doesn't admire the view.

Yeah, water, trees. It’s pretty. Where’s my cookie?

Your Turn: What does it take to get your dog’s attention?

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  1. I think they notice some. Torrey likes to look out the window while we drive.

    • Torrey is a very discriminating pup. Honey won’t look out a car window unless it’s open. And then, only until the speed isn’t high enough to mess up her fur. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m sure Honey appreciated the different smells along the way.

  3. I bet the view was nothing special for her, but she may have enjoyed the new smells as you sailed along.

  4. They are creatures of the nose not the eyes.

  5. If my puppy sees water, then she definitely notices the view. She loves swimming and wants to go in! Occasionally she watches the tv, too, and loves staring out the back sliding glass door.

  6. Food always gets our dogs attention! Looks like Honey is enjoying the ride.

  7. Over the summer we took a road trip to South Dakota. I kept wondering if Ruby noticed the landscape, which is so different from where we live in the flat midwest. She didn’t seem terribly impressed though she certainly enjoyed the smell of wildlife.

    • I find that Honey responds to smells more in cool weather with a strong breeze. I wonder if the different atmosphere of South Dakota made the smells different for Ruby?

  8. Mr. N loves peering down at water. We have suspicions that he just likes looking at his reflection.

    • Ha ha! Well, Mr N is a handsome fella.

      Honey looks down at water too. I wonder if dogs can see motion under the surface better than we can.

  9. Meagan & Merlin says:

    To be Food, tv, 2-legged, 4-legged & an inanimate object.

  10. That view is beautiful!

  11. Dylan loves new smells. When he’s somewhere new, that nose stays BUSY.

    • Guess I’m glad that Honey doesn’t have as good a nose as Dylan. We’re in new places most days and she wouldn’t pay any attention to us. πŸ™‚

  12. I bet the view was nothing special for her, but she may have enjoyed the new smells as you sailed along.

    • The smells are much better when we’re actually motoring. In a tight canal where we have to motor, the strongest smell is diesel. πŸ˜›

  13. Getting my dog Soldier’s attention requires food of some sort or the promise of a belly rub. Otherwise, he’s snoozin.’ The one exception is when he spots our ‘pet’ squirrel on the front porch. Drives him crazy to see that little guy eating the peanuts we put out! It looks like Honey was day dreaming while you sailed along!

  14. Sam thinks she’s got the right priorities going on!

  15. Love that sweet face! She reminds me somewhat of my angel Callie when she would sit next to the bed, resting her chin on the blanket, and waiting for me to wake up. I wish I’d had a camera handy for those loving looks.

  16. I’m guessing that Honey loved all the scents! Even if we climb the biggest mountain around, it seems like our dogs are focused on the smells wafting to them instead of in the views. I bet that the smells on the Chesapeake were wonderful!

  17. Well, some things – like views – may not get their attention, but cookies almost always do!!
    It does look like a beautiful view, but maybe Honey was hoping for some ducks or geese swimming along?