Was It Worth It?

After years of hearing about Quiet Waters park in Annapolis, we finally got there. We walked 8 miles round trip.

Was it worth it?

Quiet Waters Park

Honey the golden retriever in front of the bridge at Quiet Waters Park.

You said we were going to the beach. You didn’t say anything about taking pictures.

Honey the golden retriever at Quiet Waters dog beach.

So this is the famous dog beach. I hope you don’t expect me to swim.

Honey the golden retriever wades at Quiet Waters park.

Okay, I’ll wade. But I won’t swim.

So what do you think? Was it worth walking 8 miles to take my non-swimming dog to the dog beach?


  1. EIGHT miles?? That’s some walk!! I’d have been exhausted a quarter of the way in! But going by the looks on your and Honey’s faces, I’d say it was definitely worthwhile.

  2. It certainly looks refreshing but after such a long walk, I think any water would be a welcome sight!

  3. That’s terrific! What’s your secret…I’m dying to get Sam into some water and he wouldn’t leave the car and certainly wouldn’t walk that far if there was water nearby! Too bad you didn’t Uber it back to the dock.

  4. You don’t look too thrilled, so I will say no. We sometimes walk about 7 miles round trip and get to swim about half way. We love it.

  5. If your walk had incredible scenery, then it was worth it. Otherwise no,

    • Mike Webster says:

      Do two strip malls and a McDonalds without dog-friendly outdoor seating count as incredible scenery? No, maybe not.

      But to satisfy Pam’s curiosity, put Honey in for a quick dip, and get pictures of them together in the water. . . yeah, the eight miles were worth it. 🙂

  6. Good exercise for all of you.

  7. A golden who doesn’t swim? Honey is definitely a girl who knows her own mind!

  8. Oh Honey. I love you to pieces.

  9. I bet you all enjoyed your outing, even if Honey wasn’t interested in swimming!

  10. Well, we love a good long walk – and Rita especially LOVES any walk that includes a good dunking at the end. (No swimming though, mind you. She draws the line there, like Honey.) So, yeah, we’d say totally worth it.

  11. For me it would depend on the daytime temps. Hot and humid, not worth it! Lovely fall weather, it might be pretty good!

  12. If you enjoyed it then I say absoDOODLEtutely!

  13. I just asked my dog if an eight mile hike is worth a swim. She told me enthusiastically YES.

    Of course, she loves hikes and swimming, so it’s a WIN-WIN for her anyway!