What Are My Favorite Dog Blogs? #4

While reading my favorite dog blogs, I get information, ideas, fodder for fantasies, and plenty of laughs. And then there’s all the cute puppy pictures!

But where’s the moral center?

Honey is the Golden Retriever is looking for a moral center.

I’m looking for a morel center. That’s a place with all-you-can-eat mushrooms, right?

I find it with a group of bloggers that I consider keepers of the conscience in dogville.

When I ask myself, “Is that right? Is that good? What does that mean for others?” I turn to this group of bloggers. And I always come away feeling that, in the end, things will be okay. As long as we have smart, thoughtful, and caring people who always stand up for what’s right.

Who are these paragons of virtue?

Check out my favorite dog blogs page and look for these newly added blogs in maroon.

And if you’re new here, don’t forget to check out my favorite dog blogs featuring

Your Turn: The internet seems to bring out the worst in people. What sites or people online do you admire for their conscience and values?

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  1. Hey! I am in red! Thanks!

  2. Will check out your blogroll now:-)

  3. When I saw your category for this week, I immediately thought of No Dog About It. The others are not familiar to me, but I will be giving them a look!

  4. De Cunningham (@Skye613 ) says:

    Love your list of blogs. Would add Fearful Dogs Debbie Jacobs

  5. Such a great list, and I’m super excited to see a few blogs that I’m unfamiliar with – I can’t wait to click over and check them out! As far as sites and people I admire with a conscience, I have one that I check every single day. It’s not totally about dogs, though she does have a pug and a cat (her second cat, sadly, just passed). Check out: http://blog.kimberlywilson.com/. Love!

  6. Hmmm that’s a good question! I think there are so many inspiring pet bloggers out there. I don’t think I’ve met one yet with poor values regarding their dogs. Sure, we all have different opinions regarding care, diet, training, etc but it’s obvious that we all love our pets :)

  7. Great share! Will be becoming members of all tonight- love finding more great dog blogs! :)

  8. The person I look up most to in the blogging world is Carol Bryant. It’s what she has to say about the responsibility of a blogger. When I’m tempted to turn to my blog and blast away, thinking of the message she shares with us over on BlogPaws helps me slow it down, re-read what I write, and put out a more positive message that asks a question and shares my truth while understanding that not everyone will agree.

    Another person who has inspired me is Yvonne DiVita, who once asked me what I wanted to see happen when I was so upset by that Royal Canin article – now, whenever I get riled up, I ask myself what I want to see and write from that perspective. It really helps me spark conversation (not all positive, but always interesting) and I end up learning more than I would have if I would have used my blog as a weapon instead of as a tool.

    Great question!

  9. You’re getting a wonderful list of blogs happening :) I realised when reading your choices for the humorous blogs that I don’t follow any funny blogs any more. Which is sad. I seem to have gone off on a different tangent these days and I must get back to a life more lighthearted.