If Dogs Planned Road Trips…

Golden Retriever is ready for a road trip

I’m ready. Where are we going?

If your dog planned your next road trip everyone would travel with their heads out the window, you’d stop to sniff every twenty minutes, and you’d visit every rest stop dumpster when you pulled over for a break.

But where would your dog choose to end up?

Your Dog’s Favorite Road Trip Destinations

The Bone/Ball Hall of Fame in Pooperstown, NY

Learn the history of your dog’s favorite pastime. See your favorite canine athletes. And learn about how canine performance-enhancing drugs have changed the game.

Mount Pupmore

See the greatest canine leaders’ muzzles carved into the side of a mountain: Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Snoopy, and Benji.

The White DogHouse

Tour the home of the country’s canine leader and learn about the dogs in whose footsteps he’s following. Security is very tight so expect to be searched as throughly as in the judge’s examination at your local dog show.


While you’re in dead presidents mode, why not visit the impressive home of Thomas Wooferson, third president of the U.S.?

Hollywoof Walk of Fame

Try to find the stars of your favorite performers: Christopher Walk’n, Growlcho Marx, and Drew Furrymore.

The Statue of Puperty

I dare you not to tear up as you read those poignant words of Emma Lazarus’s famous poem: “Give me your tired, your poor, your poodled masses yearning to be free…”

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Hey, it’s like Fashion Week for dogs!

 If your dog planed your fall road trip, where would you end up? Would it be as pun-ishing as Honey’s list?

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  1. We just came back from vacationing in the forest north of Payson – I think Sam definitely would want to go back. Monty on the other other hand, would like a nice Hilton booked for him.


  2. My dogs have a road trip planned to Saint Louis next weekend. They’ll be visiting the AKC Museum of the Dog and possibly Purina Farms if we can manage the time. They’re big fans of the open road!

  3. I would want to travel anywhere my peoples will take me, and I really wish more places were dog friendly.

  4. Those look like fun places! My dogs would love to go hiking… how about Old Yellerstone national park? :)

  5. When I think of dog travel, I always think of John Steinbecks’ story about how Charlie was too intimidated to pee on a redwood. But forests certainly would be a favorite. All that bark.

    Puns aside, I’ve always thought a dog would like to visit an ossurary, to see where the bones are buried.

  6. You could also take Honey to see the Golden’s Great Bridge. Rita would like to see Mutt Rushmore.

    Another fun post!

  7. LOL Our dogs DO plan road trips, really, which means the destination is one chunk of woods or another with a lake or stream mixed in for variety.

  8. Hey Honey, Jet here. Hi Miss Pamela.

    Sorry we haven’t visited in a while.

    What a clever post today… had Mom laughing too. GREAT JOB!

  9. Wonderful post – I hope to get to St. Louis next weekend, too.

  10. BOL! for a moment, I thought that the Bone/Ball Hall of Fame was a place and I wanted to go! BOL! If Koly had his way, he would go to some sort of Doggy Food Festival.

  11. Love your creativity Pamela, my guys love the beach so I’m sure Puppenassett Park in RI would be on their list. :-)

  12. I want to go to the Big Cat Sanctuary….. and check out the litter box!

  13. We’re happy with walks and camping and snuggles under warm blankets. And treats, lots and lots of treats – that’s what makes for a good time :-)

  14. Puns galore! This is one puntastic post. While the pups are visiting the White DogHouse, they should also swing by the Smithsbone-ian. :)