Are You Ready to Get a Dog?

You’ll find quizzes to tell you if you should get married, if you should have a child, and whether to dump your significant other. You’ll even find quizzes to help you decide really important stuff like if you’re ready to get a dog.

But they’re so boring. Most dog quizzes ask if you understand how much having a dog costs. Whether you have children in the house. And how much time you have to exercise each day.

What if the people who create a quiz to tell if you if you’re ready to get a dog lived in the real world? What would they ask? And how would you fare?

Are you ready to get a dog?

Are You Ready to Get a Dog Quiz

Answer the real world dog quiz:

1. How do you feel about dog hair?

A. I hate it.

B.  I’m not crazy about it but I’m willing to do a little more vacuuming.

C. Yummy. I love finding it in every bite of food I put into my mouth.

2. What’s your favorite way to get daily exercise?

A. Reaching to pick up the remote.

B. Walking around the block.

C. I start off by throwing a ball, tugging one end of a toy, and top it off with long hikes or runs through the woods with frequent stops to sniff things. On weekends, I like to run around cavernous buildings with ramps, rings, and teeter totters.

3. How do you like to spend your mad money?

A. I enjoy a nice bottle of wine. I take a couple of nice vacations each year. I like going to concerts.

B. I have simple tastes. A nice long staycation suits me fine.

C. I love nothing more than spending thousands of dollars on toys that are promptly destroyed or lost. I also like giving large donations to local small business owners who graduated vet school.

4. How do you like to relax at the end of a stressful day?

A. Enjoy a nice quiet meal out and a long bubble bath.

B. Watching my favorite drama on cable with a close friend.

C. With an hour or two of vigorous exercise followed by making a meal for someone else while I’m starving followed by wiping a puddle of drool off my shoes.

5. Are you a neatnik?

A. Yep, I like to have everything picked up and kept sparkly clean.

B. A little dirt never killed anyone.

C. Muddy prints on the carpet, smudges on all the windows and doors, and an assortment of balls and toys on every floor are what make a house a home.

6. What do you like to read?

A. I enjoy all kinds of fiction and non-fiction books and read every day.

B. I pick up an occasional self-help book or heartwarming story.

C. I spend every free moment reading about methods to convince furry creatures that speak no English how to behave more like humans with frequent web searches on subjects that include vomiting, plant-eating, and runny poop.

7. What’s your idea of a perfect relationship?

A. One where I can be left alone when I want to be.

B. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. Every friendship requires give and take.

C. One where I do everything I can to make the one I love happy and know that my friend loves me back the best way they can.

Let’s score your quiz.

Did you answer mostly A’s? 

Then you’re definitely ready to get a dog. But only if it looks like this:

A stuffed dog is easy to care for.

A dog that doesn’t shed, vomit, or need exercise.


Did you answer mostly B’s?

Spend some time with friends who already have dogs to see if you might like to adopt a mature dog who has already learned some basic manners.

And no, you can’t have Honey.

Honey the golden retriever and cult movies.

Of course you want to adopt me. I’m the Mary Poppins of dogs – Practically perfect in every way.

Did you answer mostly C’s?

Then it’s too late for you. Your house probably already looks like this:

Your Turn: Can you ever really be ready to get a dog? What would you add to the quiz?

photo credit: via photopin cc

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  1. Such an accurate test. LOVE that video.

  2. Oh my goodness, that video made me laugh! And yes, those are questions any prospective dog owner should ask themselves! Along with “are you opposed to picking up poop on a regular basis?”

  3. Ohh learned a new word today -neatnik!

    Also, you forgot an important one:
    How do you feel about bodily fluids – both with a known source, and without?
    A. The thought makes me gag.
    B. As long as there’s plastic or papertowel between me and it, I’m okay.
    C. Smell test – could just be spilled food, you never know.

  4. If you have to ask, the answer is no. That’s what I usually tell people.

  5. Oh my goodness – do NOT let MacKenzie see that video!!! Can you create a quiz to decide whether or not you should get a PUPPY? We could have used that 4 months ago 😉

    • When it comes to puppy, you just have to hold your nose and leap. No one would ever get a puppy if they thought about it first. 🙂

      Of course maybe you need to devise a puppy quiz. If only MacKenzie gives you enough free time to write one.

  6. Vlad & Barkly's Dee says:

    Awesome video! That dog is one that you just can’t help but smile at when you see its antics. One I’d add to it:

    WHY do you think you want a dog?
    A. To attract the opposite sex in public places.
    B. To attract the attention of everyone.
    C. For a friendship that is stronger than anything I can find within the human race.

  7. LOL! How about are you ready to have a third dog. Even though we pet sit a lot and often had three dogs, it is different when that third dog is a puppy and never leaves. It was a big adjustment but we are one happy family and wouldn’t give Bailie back for the world. As with everything it life, there are pros and cons. Probably won’t ever have three again just because Mom only has two hands, but it really does work pretty well.

  8. That video is a lot like our house throughout the day, although it has a lot less barking than what some dogs (COOPER) squeeze into a play session. There would have to be a question about vomit beyond reading about it. Catching it/cleaning it/keeping other animals out of it before you can do the first two steps, etc.

  9. I love it! There must have been something in the air yesterday. I wrote a post on the WRONG reasons to get a pet such as not liking animals but not wanting the child to miss out on owning a pet. ARGH!

  10. How funny – and totally true! 🙂 I made a similar quiz for Alfie’s blog for people wanting to know if an entlebucher might be the right dog for them. Depending on their answers people scored ‘roo’s’ telling them exactly how long it would take an Entle to train them into his personal minion 🙂

  11. I loved that video!

  12. What a great post! I read the answers to my coworkers (who are dog lovers, and all of us has multiple dog households) and we were cracking up.

    I do like the suggestion from Jen K about how you feel about bodily fluids – that’s a big one.

  13. Fun quiz and great video!

  14. Mom do hate dog hair, but I love them 😀

  15. My biped was laughing at that video! But if I did anything like that I’d be sent outside to play.

  16. I need to send the quiz to my son. He’s recently signed a lease for a new apartment that allows dogs. He’s done his research and really wants his own dog. My husband and I have been telling him how he’ll have to figure out how to let it out midday, come right home after work, get up early to walk the dog before work, go out even in the rain, spend all his money on food and vet bills, etc. He is a responsible guy so I think he’ll be fine. But we felt we had to tell it like it is!

  17. OMD that made me laugh and I’m so glad my dogs aren’t looking around on YouTube all day, I can only imagine the chaos that would ensue if Delilah thought she could get away with this.

  18. OMG…This video make me laugh. I can not wait to see my new dog. Lovely!

  19. I love the video..if there were dog Olympics, he would be long jump champion 🙂


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