21 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than People

I’m a gregarious extrovert. I love people. If I spend too much time alone I get cranky.

But even I know dogs are way better than people.

Want to see my list?

Reasons dogs are better than people with golden retriever.

Dogs Are Better Than People Because…

1. I have never once convinced a person to do something I wanted them to by offering them a cookie.

2. When you ask a dog if she wants to go for a walk, the answer is always yes.

Golden Retriever on a leash

C’mon. Let’s go for a walk.

3. Even the barkiest dog spends less time talking than most people.

4. Your dog won’t tell you it’s a bad time if you want to run your hands all over his body.

5. Dogs never hog the bathroom. Or the computer.

6. Dog is not a Republican. Or a Democrat.

Honey the Golden Retriever After the Election

I’m a political Independent. And I approve this message.

7. A dog will never sneak up on you. Especially if you keep her toenails a little on the long side.

8. Your dog will never ask to borrow money.

9. Dogs don’t read bad books and insist on telling you about them.

10. A dog will never laugh at you for your singing or tell you you’re off pitch.

11. If a dog goes to war it usually lasts a few minutes, is easily broken up, and often results in no bloodshed.

12. Your dog won’t complain if you feed him the same food twice in a row.

Honey the golden retriever eats from a Kong.

Fresh Pet in a Kong again? Yum, my favorite!

13. They don’t insist on making yet another video backed up by Pharrell’s pop song, Happy. (Isn’t anyone else sick of it yet?)

14. You’ll never have to explain the conflicts in the Middle East to your dog.

15. Dogs never beg you for something new because all the other dogs have one.

16. With dogs, you’re never ashamed of having no plans on a Saturday night and going to bed early. In fact, to a dog, that’s a perfect evening.

17. No dog has ever given someone the stink eye for forgetting their birthday or gotcha day.

Honey the golden retriever chews on wrapping paper.

You got me some paper to chew on? Oh you shouldn’t have.

18. Your dog will never be the last person to use the toilet paper without replacing the roll.

19. Dogs never hide their feelings.

20. No one else has ever jumped up and down with excitement when I’ve come home from work.

And the all time best reason dogs are better than people?

21. Because they’re dogs. And they don’t need to be compared to people. They’re perfect just the way they are.

Your Turn: Why do you prefer your dog to some people?







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  1. There is a reason why Mom prefers to hang out with us dogs rather than people most of the time! Awesome list!

  2. Only 21? I am sure that’s a list that just keeps growing and growing!!

  3. Whee are pretty sure these reasons all match why guinea piggies are better than people!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  4. Dogs are calm, and calming all at the same time. Nothing feels better for them, or me than to just pet them and love them.

  5. Love, love, love number 21. My favorite thing about dogs is that you can just be yourself and they won’t judge you.

  6. I don’t know. I’ve never had a person drag me into the prickly bushes at the park, or wrap their leash around my leg and give me friction burn.

    On the other hand, a dog has never asked me to explain an elaborate concept, and then wandered off before I was halfway finished.

  7. Number 20 is one of my favorites. I always as my girlfriend why she doesn’t run circles around me, jump up and down when I come home from work. It’s always a great end to my work day.

  8. Great list, however I have known several people who can be convinced to do something for a cookie! Granted they might be under 5 years old, but still they are people.

  9. If the dog gets pregnant you can sell the pups on Craigslist. (OK, I’ll admit I read that someplace.)

  10. I couldn’t agree with #20 any more. Seriously, when I come home it’s the best feeling in the world to have someone there whose happy to see me no matter what happened during her day.

  11. When I get excited, Elka is too, if only to share in the excitement. She doesn’t have to care about what I like too, she just supports me!

  12. Great list! My favorite is that dogs are neither republicans or democrats… so no mud slinging just because someone shares different views. What’s up with that anyway? What happened to love thy neighbor? Dogs sure can teach us a lot.

  13. Dogs are great listeners! They rarely interrupt and they at least let you THINK you’re interesting. Most people are better talkers than listeners and they don’t hesitate to interrupt or change the subject, making you feel like you’re boring!

    My favorite of yours is #16….our dogs are often looking to go to bed before we are, so it’s the perfect excuse to hit the hay early!

  14. This list is perfect! I am sharing it on FB!

  15. #10 is false. FALSE FALSE FALSE. Koly *whimpers and cries* when I sing. The rest of the list is legit though 😉

  16. I agree with all but #10. Harley has actually gotten up and left the room when I’ve tried to sing a song BOL

  17. Dogs are so forgiving no matter what they always love you despite all your flaws!