10 Funniest Reasons To Not Let Your Dog Go Along In Your Car This Summer

I know. You love the company. Your dog is your best friend. You love to be with her.

But if you let your dog come along with you when you do car errands. You may regret it.
Golden Retriever is ready for a road trip

Top 10 Funny Reasons Not to Let Your Dog Go Along

1. No cop will ever believe you when you tell him your chihuahua suddenly said “¡Yo Quiero Taco Bell!” and pushed the gas pedal to the floor because he was hungry for  a chalupa.

2. Aren’t you tired of coming back to your car after shopping just to find all your radio buttons were reprogrammed to oldies stations most likely to play “Who Let the Dogs Out” and “The Puppy Song?”

3. It’s hard to flirt with that cute guy stopped at the traffic light when your Newfoundland is drooling on your head.

4. Dogs don’t count for letting you ride in the fast High Occupancy Vehicle lane on the highway.

5. People at the gym will start calling you Chewbacca because your black exercise clothes are covered in fur.

6. Your dog will always recover that french fry lodged beneath the seat—by chewing through the seat if necessary.

7. Did you know that the iced coffee you put in the cup holder is just the right size for a dog’s foot?
Honey the Golden Retriever as seen in the rear view mirror of the car.
8. It’s hard to change lanes when the only thing you see in your side view mirror is a sniffing nose, a big tongue, and two floppy ears blowing in the breeze.

9. The bridge toll booth attendants still haven’t forgotten the “incident” when your dog thought the tickets they were handing out were cookies.

10. That little flatulence problem that’s funny in the house is deadly in your Mini Cooper.

And the Best Reason To Keep Your Dog At Home This Summer (that’s not funny at all)

Because even if you’ve had the air conditioning going, it’s only 70 degrees outside, and you leave all the windows cracked open, your dog could become ill or die from heat exhaustion. It takes only minutes for the temperature inside your car to go above 100 degrees.

Would you want to sit in a hot car wearing a fur coat? Then why would you make your dog?

Veterinarian Ernie Ward sat in a parked car for a half hour on a summer day to demonstrate how it feels to your dog. It wasn’t fun.

So keep the joy and laughter coming for years to come. Leave your dog at home this summer.


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  1. I’d imagine wearing black workout gear makes you look slim against all the other gals at the gym. Why add ten pounds of unwanted fluffy dog hair? Nice list, Pamela. Especially number 6. I don’t look to flirt, but my Newf DOES drool on my head.

  2. Great list, Pamela. I think #7 was my favorite, as I can picture Kobi doing exactly that, especially if we’re at the drive through at the bank!
    I think injecting a little humor is always a good idea to get people’s attention, since we can all use a laugh, especially when we’re still hearing about people leaving their dogs in hot cars (a woman just got arrested here in NH for that….she was at A MOVIE and left her two Goldens in the car. I think the dogs are OK, though they haven’t said for sure).

    • Honey also gets very excited at all drive through windows. She doesn’t understand why they don’t all yield something delicious. :)

      I heard the story from NH. The crazy thing is that these people are dog lovers. They bring their dogs along because they like their company in the car. But there’s some kind of disconnect in their thinking. I really hope at least one person gets drawn in by the jokes, watches the video in the link, and changes their mind about bringing their dog along on a summer day.

  3. LOL we are stuck as I am black and tan and Pip is white. Peeps just have to put up. We like nos 9. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • I’ve tried to arrange my wardrobe around the color of my dog’s coat. It never works.

      Black dog hair shows up on our clothing as grey, gold dog hair shows up as white. You’re right. We humans should just give up. Or go naked.

  4. Good list! #8 is hilarious. I can relate!

  5. All great reasons!

  6. I LOVE #9!!! Hilarious!

  7. Mom says she can relate to many of those :) We love that video of the vet in the car, saw it on fb a while back.

    • I think everyone should see that video. I’m pleased to say that quite a few people clicked through to see it at the end of the post.

      I hope it was the people who most needed to see it.

  8. Good tips, but if there’s no one to leave the dog to, you might just have to take him along, by no choice :)

  9. I love that video by Dr. Ernie Ward, it’s really compelling. It’s so gut wrenching to see a dog left in a car in the summer. My goal is to become bolder about responding when I see this.

    • I put a link on facebook to the laws regarding rescuing a dog in a hot car. In NY, police or humane officers can rescue a dog without fearing prosecution. Might be a good idea to program animal control into your phone this summer.

  10. Julie Blackwelder says:

    One of my clients went thru the drive thru at a fast food place, got the bag of goodies safely tucked between him and the door, protecting the small order of french fries that are always shared with his two dogs, a 6 pound Yorkie and a 16 pound Shih Tzu. The beautiful strawberry shake, topped with whipped cream and a domed lid he placed in the cup holder. Driving thru traffic he suddenly noticed the dogs were rather quite. He glanced over to see two little faces with tongues working furiously to clean the whipped cream from all the way up to their eyes!! A quick look at the shake revealed the domed lid had a small opening and ALL of the whipped cream was gone.

    • Thank you Julie! That is absolutely the 2nd funniest drive through story I’ve ever read.

      I don’t think you’ll be upset if you read the 1st funniest drive through story. It’s a doozie: http://rescuedinsanity.com/2011/06/06/shiva-1-human-0/

      • Julie Blackwelder says:

        ROFL, yep, I can just visualize that elongated body, flying through mid air, with the precision of a gymnast, right through the window! I had a client dog that used to try to do that. An elderly schnauzer mix that became a puppy again as soon as she saw any kind of drive up window – the ladies at the bank and McDonald’s drive thru had rued a perfectly behaved dog. LOL

  11. I know so many of these to be true! Great and fun way to get people’s attention!

  12. Sue @ The Golden Life says:

    Great post, Pamela!! If my Kindle will allow me to do so, I’ll share the link on Facebook. Maybe it will catch the attention of those who still have not learned the hard way to leave their dogs at home.

  13. 3. It’s hard to flirt with that cute guy stopped at the traffic light when your Newfoundland is drooling on your head


  14. I love the very last one (#11), for sure! Although, as long as your a/c works and you’re going somewhere that you don’t plan on leaving your dog alone in the car, taking your dog with you to the lake, to the park, or to the pet store, is a fantastic idea. You shouldn’t leave your dog alone in the car during any kind of weather. There are a lot of crazy people out there who might tease your dog or even steal him or her.

    • Actually, I most worry that Honey would find someone with hamburgers in his pocket and decide to follow him home instead of waiting for me. :)

  15. Oh my dog. Too funny and too true. I take the dogs when I go out in winter, spring and fall, but rarely in summer. Only if I’m dropping off or picking up teens and not going in anywhere at all.

    Since when is Who Let the Dogs Out an oldie? I thought for sure you’d reference, given the season and subject, Dead Puppies and I’m Looking Over My Dead Dog, Rover.

    • Oh Flea, songs become oldies about five minutes after they first come on the radio. :)

      I’m sorry to say, however, that I know all the lyrics to both the songs you cited. Now I have two disgusting ear worms going around in my head. Curses, Dr. Demento. And curses to you too, Flea (but not really). :)

  16. Gizmo loves car rides and I hate to say no, but for 10 months of the yeat I have to unless I’m going somewhere he’s allowed…I know just how hot my car gets and it’s uncomfortable enough for me for those first few minutes till the AC kicks in…I can’t imagine spending 5 minutes in it, closed up, and would never subject a dog to that torture…I did see the story about Dr. Ward’s experiment and was impressed that he put himself through that

    • When we had a car, my husband was very chivalrous. He’d open the car door for me and shut it after I sat down before going to the driver’s seat. Just in those few seconds it took him to walk to the driver’s side of the car was torture on a hot day, never mind if he stopped to say hello to a neighbor first. I always think of how those few seconds felt when I think of dogs in hot cars.

      And we don’t even live in Florida.

      Gizmo is lucky you seek out so many fun places where he’s allowed to go with you.

  17. Loved your list and so true. Dogs don’t need to be in cars in the summer (unless they are going in ~wherever~ with you).

  18. Great and funny list Pamela! Lucky for me the Newfs don’t move from the back of the SUV when we are our running errands, but on the one and only occasion that I did try to attempt to semi-flirt (it was basically just engage in polite dog conversation) with a man, Leroy did fling slobber on my face. I think he planned it that way!

  19. Carol Knepp says:

    I was speeding and when the cop looked in the car and we talked (I said I knew I was 5 miles over) he said great looking lab (she was/is a great looking blond lab) and he wrote me a warning siting extenuating circumstances. There’s one reason to let your dog travel with you.

    • So Carol, are you saying that when the weather is nice you should take your beautiful dog with you? But ugly dogs should stay home? :)

  20. Very funny. My favorite is the one about having you dog think that the tollbooth person was handing out cookies.

  21. #9 is so TRUE. I did that this weekend going to the Pet Expo. We passed 3 tool booths (one way). Lucky the toll booth attendants were very friendly. Did you read about the service dog trainer that left a Golden in the car, so stupid n his license should be revoke as a trainer. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  22. lol…I’ve been the victim of #10 many a time!