1. We don’t dance, but we do get wild and crazy and sometimes Mom joins in that fun too. Not sure if we will do the blog hop or not since it is my blog and I am a dog and we don’t post people photos, just something we decided to do when I started the blog. Just animal pics. We are considering it.

  2. Can’t wait for the Meet the Bloggers hop! I’m also very curious to see everybody. Great idea. And yes, I’ll participate — though my dogs are much cuter than I am. — K

  3. Can’t wait for the hop :)

    Ike dances for food. It’s a funny dance, he shifts his weight around on his feet, one at a time.

    It’s a lot better than I can dance.

  4. I’m like you – used to dance, don’t anymore. Jack can’t get four feet off the ground at once and Maggie is too frigtenened. Every once in awhile, the spirit might move me in our gym (in the garage) and I might dance with jack a little…but your right, I should try to do it more often!

  5. Torrey spin dances, I don’t know how she doesn’t get dizzy. LOL I’m looking forward to the hop.

  6. Ann Sowards says:

    Phoebe dances. That’s why I named her, as a puppy, Phoebe Dances On Island Mountain. That’s her AKC name. Whenever she greets me, she stands on her hind legs and bounces. And I laugh at her and cry out, “Phoebe!! Pheobe dances!! “. And then, of course, she does it some more. And then, of course, she gets a hug. And all the other dogs rudely bump her on their way to see if that hug included treats. And then Mokie gets mad at Mercedes for bumping her aside. And Izzy snarls at blind Fritz because he won’t get out of the way, and Franny heads for her blanket to sulk. Nothing is simple in Wienerland.

  7. My guys dance all the time! Just going outside warrants a dance!

    I never dance in public! I think it goes back to those grade school days when dances first kicked in. I remember someone making fun of my technique and being the very shy person I was, I never wanted to dance in front of anyone again! It scarred me for life! LOL! That being said, in private, I’ll dance to any song that catches my fancy. I am a high energy person and am always looking for ways to burn it off :-)

  8. Ann Sowards says:

    Oh yeah. I forgot the best part. When I dance on my little trampoline ..try it, you actually begin to believe you can dance just because you’re hopping around on that thing, it’s great fun and great exercise….the problem, however, is they all start barking at me and Phoebe wants to get on the trampoline too. So my little exercise session lasts oh, about two minutes before I give up. I think they secretly love it that they are directing my activities for me.

  9. I stopped being self-conscious a L O N G time ago. I think maybe it’s just the way my Mom raised me. When I feel like dancing, I dance. When I feel like singing along with the radio, I sing along. So much the better if Sam “harrumphs” at me cuz then I up the volume a little just to tweak his nerves. (After 20 years of wedded bliss, you would think he’d know that the more he complains about my singing along, the more I’m gonna do it just to bug him!) Callie and Shadow do a Happy Dance every day, twice a day — when they realize I’m getting their breakfasts and dinners ready. Ducky just looks at them like they’ve lost their minds and then goes back to trying to lick Sam’s face — it’s her favorite game.

  10. My Chow/GSD mix was named Lasya, which is Sanskrit for “Dancing Girl” and the dance of the Hindu goddess Parvati. She was a joyful and graceful dog.

    I love dancing, So You Think You Can Dance is one of my favorite shows, I took ballet as a child and teen, and a few other dance classes in college. As an adult I decided to take Flamenco classes and failed miserably! I could not seem to learn even the most basic footwork.

  11. My only problem with sharing pictures is I worry if people know who I am they will be able to identify OH and anyone else I decide to blog about and although I have happily signed up to have my story online, they haven’t. Especially with my talking about OHs issues. I have shared the parts of his story that I need to explain me, but would he be happy with people knowing he was him? Does that make any sense?

    • It’s smart of you to think about the impact of sharing your appearance on the web. I’ve known other bloggers who have resisted putting up pictures of themselves to protect their family’s privacy.

      One blogger I know occasionally posted pictures of her feet. Or perhaps you could appear incognito in a costume that shares a little bit of who you are without compromising anyone else’s privacy.

      Hope you don’t let your privacy concerns from joining the hop in any way you feel comfortable. :)

  12. Sage LOVES to dance and ball-dance is something to watch. She has that one down pat. And, of course, there’s the ‘I’m SOOOOO happy to see you’ dance. I just attempt Zumba and being uncoordinated, it’s quite something else. 😀

  13. Since unfortunately my face is visible on both blogs I won’t be participating, but can’t wait to read what others post. Love the idea!
    Dakota and I dance ALL of the time! I tell him his rear end looks like he is wearing a Hula skirt :)

  14. Roooo -we’re in. Can;t wait for my turn to stay behind the camera *Waggy tail*

  15. Hmmm. Reading Caren’s comment makes me think I shouldn’t participate (since my face is already on my blog and on my avatars, everyone knows what I look like), but I’m looking forward to reading folks posts. I understand some folks don’t want their faces seen for privacy reasons, but I must admit that of my bloggy friends (none of whom I’ve met in person), I feel closer to the ones that have a face to go with their personality. I’m a very visual person, so maybe that’s just me, but I need a face to associate that person with, otherwise, I kinda feel like I’m friends with one of those disembodied adult voices in a Charlie Brown cartoon.

    As for dancing… I’m more a sing along than dance along girl, but the hubs and i do sometimes have dance parties in our living room, and Rita loves to join in! She also spontaneously leaps and dances sometimes while we are out on a walk. So funny.

  16. First visit for a while and I like the new theme :) Very bright and cheerful and the header looks great, an excellent collaboration! But how can I catch up if you haven’t got a link to your previous post/s?

    I love the idea of the blog hop. I did post a photo that included me a couple of months ago. It was a bit scary, lol. Doing it, not me I hope!

    My guys aren’t dancers, they’re runners, that’s their thing. If I start gyrating around I’m sure they’ll think I’ve finally gone crazy. But I’ll try it sometime. They might like the idea and join in. I’d better do it outside!

  17. I love this one Pamela. I’m just sad that you gave up dancing. (I’ve been known to dance in my on more than one occasion. I just can’t help myself!) I am glad you picked it up gain. Good for you!
    Jasper and Cupcake were dancing up a storm in the fresh snow yesterday. I have to admit it tickles me pink when they do so. Honey clearly knows how to dance too. That last pic made me smile. :)

  18. I don’t sing, dance, or play a musical instrument. But I do blog. :)

    All these people saying, “My face is already on my blog…”, well, I don’t think we should let them off the hook. They have questions to answer, too!

  19. My dogs dance if you can believe it when I get the electronic collars out to go hunting with. They know when they have their collars on they are going out hunting and hunting is what they love to do. They jump up and down and sometimes bite me in the butt.

  20. Ugh – I hate being in front of a camera!!! But I love the idea of getting to know the people behind the blogs I read, so I guess I’ll have to face my fear and join in. Question – how do you chat with blogging friends? Are you lucky enough to be able to sit and chat in person?

    • Unfortunately, I rarely get to chat in person with bloggy friends. I’ve met a few at BlogPaws. Amy of Go Pet Friendly visits bloggers as she travels around the country. And two bloggers who just happened to find themselves in Ithaca arranged to stop in.

      BTW, my door is always open to pet bloggers so send me an email if you’re in upstate NY. :)

      Usually a conversation is more from commenting on a Facebook post. And I’ve done a couple of Google hangouts with blogging friends just to check it out.

  21. My Pierson is a fantastic dancer!

  22. Delilah dances for food of course. :-) Sampson dances for his people. Both my dogs are great dancers, me not so much. But while I’m self-conscious about how I move, I’ve started dancing anyway because I love it. And I don’t care if I’m the only out there, if I want to dance then I will dance.

    At a recent wedding one of my husband’s relatives noted, “gee you were really having a good time out on the dance floor.”

    Yes. Yes I was. :-)

  23. Cricket dances for treats, and Sheba dances for her supper. Kobi is above all that. I’ve started dancing as part of my work outs. In between my strength training exercises I dance as a way of warming up and keeping my muscles warm. It makes working out much more fun!