What Does Your Dog’s Breed Say About You?

Rosie the Akita gives the look.

You’re asking me what I say about you? Pah.

Which Harry Potter character are you? If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? What’s your Myers Briggs type?

People love quizzes that claim to tell them about themselves.

After all, if years of introspection and therapy haven’t helped you understand yourself, a ten question quiz on Buzzfeed asking for your favorite color and pizza topping is just the thing to make all the pieces click.

I’m not judging. Really. I love those silly quizzes myself (I’m a burrito? Really?).

But an Akita owner came to Something Wagging last night searching for the phrase “what does my dog’s breed say about me?” And in the fine tradition of people who know absolutely nothing about a topic putting themselves forth as experts, I’ve decided to answer the million dollar question: what does your dog’s breed say about you?

Dog Breeds and What They Say About You

A quick note about dog breeds.

Most dogs are not purebred. They’re a wonderful melange of different breeds blending over time into what I call “universal dogs.”

But even if your dog is a mix, you probably talk about his characteristics based on breeds you believe are in his heritage. So if you have a mixed breed dog who likes chasing small animals and has wiry hair, see what the terrier description tells you. And if you have a large yellowish dog with floppy ears who has a ball obsession, check out what I have to say about retriever people.

And remember. This is a highly scientific tool. NOT.

Dog Breed: Akita

You are independent and strong. You are loyal to your friends and suspicious of strangers.


You love manga, sushi, and kendo and wanted to complete the set.

Dog Breed: Border Collie

You are driven and intelligent. Everyone knows you’ll still be working hours after everyone else has gone home.


You’re a little full of yourself so you thought you’d get a dog that outsmarts you at every turn.

Dog Breed: Cardigan Welsh Corgi

You are sturdy and athletic. Your cuteness means people underestimate your strength.


You find yourself oddly compelled to nip at people’s ankles and wanted some company in your odd hobby.

Honey the Golden Retriever waits for the Cape May Ferry to take her on an adventure.

I wonder if that ferry is full of people who want to meet me?

Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

You are friendly and easy-going. At gatherings, you’re the one everyone wants to talk to.


You have a ball-throwing fetish but got tired of chasing the thing all over the park yourself.

Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever

You are eager to please and always up for a good time. No wonder you’re so popular.


You’ve always been curious: what does it take to actually get a lab to stop eating?

Dog Breed: Siberian Husky

You work hard. You play hard. And you always look good doing it.


You thought dislocating your shoulder on walks, having a dog who talks back, and living in a constant cloud of dog hair would be fun.

A westie is adorable.

Yep, I’m adorable. And don’t you forget it.

Dog Breed(s): Terrier

Feisty and energetic, you let everyone know you’re around. No matter what, you never back down from a good argument.


You thought you’d make things easy on yourself by getting a small dog with a coat that’s easy to care for so you’d have a gentle friend to keep you company. Ha. Terriers are nobody’s lap dog. Unless they feel like it.

Dog Breed: Universal Dog

Note: also known as mutts, mongrels, mixed breeds, and best dogs ever)

You’re mysterious. No one can resist trying to figure you out.


You’re a sucker for a pretty face. Even if it keeps you guessing what’s going on in the brain behind that mesmerizing expression.

Dog Breed: Vizsla

You are athletic and adaptable. Full of energy outdoors, you also enjoy spending time with your family.


You love the idea of sending everyone to the online dictionary to make sure they spelled Viszla Vizsla right.

Does Our Dog’s Breed Say Anything About Us?

I wonder about this all the time.

I’m nowhere near as sweet as my golden retriever, Honey. I certainly don’t have her people (or dog) skills.

I sometimes think I live with a golden retriever because I aspire to be the kind of person who should have a golden retriever: athletic, personable, easy-going.

Of course, I really got Honey so she could help me do a job. She’s been great at helping me foster puppies and dogs.

Maybe that we love each other and belong together are the only things that matter. And I should stop wondering what my dog’s breed says about me.

After all, like with mutts, a little bit of mystery is very alluring. And answering too many quizzes takes time away from walks.

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Your Turn: What does your dog breed say about you? And if I included yours in today’s post, am I right? Or am I right? :)

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  1. Dog Breed: Newfoundland

    You’re realistic and principled; you live above the 49th parallel and don’t believe on dressing dogs in clothing – ever.
    You are a little self-conscious and pay attention to stereotypes; you may be over-compensating regarding small-dog and small-dog-owner biases.
    You want a dog that’s not too smart, but, you know, trainable. When you work, you work, but you know how to relax in your spare time.
    You like the outdoors and enjoy keeping a touch of Mother Nature indoors (in the form of mud, sand, snow, and small pieces of foliage).
    You’re an entrepreneur! You’re starting a small, but seasonal, business knitting sweaters out of dog fur (chiengora – it’s a thing).

  2. Margaret T says:

    Breed: Golden retriever

    You’re responsible and want the friendliest dog least likely to cause you a lawsuit.
    You’re lazy and you wanted the easiest possible dog to train and to exercise (how much energy does it take to throw a ball?).

  3. I don’t know what mine is, must take the test I suppose. I did like you answers better though.

  4. The Kuvasz and GBGV are both great but difficult breeds. They love those that are loyal to them and would do anything for them, but they are also independent self thinking creatures. Mom is basically all of these herself. She doesn’t like being told what to do, likes challenges and is a bit of a free spirit. For this reason we all seem to get along great and understand each other pretty well. The four of us challenge each other daily and seem to enjoy it.

    • I briefly considered including the Kuvasz. The second definition of someone who has one would be: You like hearing people say “a Ku-what?”

  5. To answer the question about what it takes to get a lab to stop eating – his bowl has to go empty! I’ve never seen mine voluntarily stop eating….he eats until he’s eaten it all. Then he stares at Lightning’s bowl until Lightning licks it clean. LOL!

  6. It’s always tempting to assess people based on the dogs they have! (And to presume that a breed’s traits mirror the owner’s.) Often, I think this can be true, or that the humans wish they had attributes more like their dogs! That said, however, I don’t think I fit the stereotype of your typical German shepherd owner. I’ve never been in the police force or the military; I’m not into intense schutzhund-style training; I dislike the use of prong collars, choke collars, or shock collars; I don’t want my dogs to be frightening to people or act as guard dogs (but they do it anyway, ha!). But I love how smart, attentive, and devoted shepherds are, and I think I can definitely see myself in some of their natural anxieties and sensitivities.

    • I understand your stereotype of the typical GSD owner. I wonder if it reflects reality?

      I adore German shepherds. For me, their intense attachment and loyalty is lovely and very ego-boosting.

      I have to let that go with a golden retriever. She’s such a slut she’d follow anyone home. :)

  7. Well, you already listed mine, the Cardigan Corgi 😉 I’ve never bitten anyone’s ankles at least that I can remember…..I’ve always had herding dogs, even growing up, so I think that’s where my passion lies. I may even attempt the pinnacle next time, and raise/rescue a Border Collie.

  8. Ok, so I have quite a mix here: 2 Golden Retrievers and a Cardigan Corgi/Lab mix. Friendly and easy-going? For the most part, but less than when I was younger. I tend to be a little more reserved these days. And throwing a ball around the back yard for hours on end is about all the exercise I care for. Sturdy and athletic? HA! Sturdy, yes, but too klutzy to be athletic. I’m from good, sturdy, German stock — most of my sturdiness is mental — thick-headed and self-confident to a fault. But an odd desire to nip at someone’s ankles? No. I’ll leave that cute little trait to Ducky. And I don’t carry a ball around in my mouth all day — my girls are all champs at that so I don’t need to be. BUT sometimes — make that most times — I DO have to herd them back into the house. :-)

  9. LOL if we can substitute mallie for husky then it’s probably a bit of both:-)
    i.e. looking good covered in dog hair:-)

  10. “You’re a sucker for a pretty face. Even if it keeps you guessing what’s going on in the brain behind that mesmerizing expression.” Hmmmm… 😉

    This was funny. I especially appreciated the Lab entry.

  11. You like being followed everywhere you go, having to guard your food plate against theft and hate picking up dog poop.

    Or you’re just plain crazy.

    Oh wait, that’s my description, not yours. :-)

  12. Blueberry is a cattle dog/possibly Border Collie mix. I think I just love the loyalty of these breeds. Maybe that says I am insecure in my people relationships so I have a breed I KNOW will always be attached to me.

    I think what nailed my decision to adopt Blueberry had little to do with her breed. When I saw the look in her eyes when I first met her and how shut down she was in that crowd of other dogs that were giving her a hard time – I saw something of myself and things I experienced in my life.

  13. Well, you got me- the curiosity side of a Labrador is me- but Noah is mostly Plott Hound. What do you know about them?

    • Since this weird little exercise is entirely made up in my head and has no relationship to the truth what I know about Plott Hounds is beside the point. :) But how about this:

      You are independent and smart even though many would doubt that given your willingness to go after oversized challenges.


      You’re hungry for a ham sandwich and figure that a dog bred to hunt wild boar would be likely to sniff one out for you.

      • It’s a fun weird little exercise- the “You are independent and smart even though many would doubt that given your willingness to go after oversized challenges” is me and Noah to a tee! Excellent post and thanks for the fun!

  14. This was great, so of course, I stole your idea. But I linked you on my related post “What Kind of Person Owns(ha ha!) a Dachshund?” Hope that makes the theft all better lol”.

  15. But what does it say about my dogs that they chose me to be their person? They must be some weird-a** dogs! 😛

  16. I’m guessing having beagles means I’m independent and stubborn (all true). Add in the golden retriever and now I’m easy going and friendly (well, I’m kind of shy and high strung). Now add in the new mixed breed (I do like your term universal dog) and I’m mysterious too. I’d say I’m pretty hard to pin down. Having different breeds of dogs must show how diverse my personality is! :)

  17. Dachshunds can (and often should) be classified as terriers, so I’d say that’s pretty spot on!

  18. If you have a Greyhound, you’re a couch potato who hopes that you’ll start looking like your dog through osmosis! 😛

  19. Hahahaha.. I own a Siberian husky and honestly the last line is absolutely true.. though he is the so damn cute but he sheds a lot and when the shedding season comes there hair all over the place… but his cute little smile overcomes the shedding and that’s what i love about him.

  20. Totally agree with Houndstooth, plus you must enjoy talking to yourself except when food is involved :)

  21. Hmmm, having Labs and both being ‘middle’ children means we are eager to please. Always up for a good time…as long as we can stay at home doing it :) Eating? yeah, love that!

  22. I always loved the reason you got Honey….now hmmm…what do my breeds say about me.

    Leah – I do love her pretty face and uniqueness, and I’m always trying to figure out the exact mystery that makes her genes. She’s one of those dogs I’d love to clone, if I was for cloning, which I’m not. LOL!

    Toby – Nope…I still haven’t figured out how to get him to stop eating.

    Meadow – I figured no one can spell my last name, so why not carry on the tradition with my dog.

  23. Cute! I have a few similarities with my Lab Maya and my BC mix Pierson. :) I’ve had several dogs in my life and but never had the same breed or breed mix twice. I think that means I like variety.

  24. So, so funny! I have no idea what my monster mutts say about me, but I’d rather be represented by their “breeds” than by their behavior! (Hah. Just kidding. Sort of.) I do think that many people choose dogs based on characteristics that appeal to them, like people choosing to date someone who has the traits they admire. Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll get it… in people or dogs! :)

  25. I own two Welsh Springer spaniels. They are friendly, energetic, loving and a bit stubborn. They have red and white, silky fur (like my hair used to be) and cute freckles (like I used to). They are very loyal and always want to be near me. They also have just a little bit of naughtiness sprinkled in!

  26. Ha ha I have a cairn and a collie, that says lots about me!!