What Are Your Dog’s Super Powers?

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash guard a Christmas tree.Superman has awesome strength, x-ray vision, and can fly.

Wonder Woman has enhanced hearing and eyesight, the ability to deflect bullets with her bracelets, and an invisible plane.

Batman has, well, Batman is only human. But he has a gazillion dollars, a cool car, and a butler with field medic training. So I guess those are pretty super powers.

But what about dogs? Dogs rescue us, inspire us, and give us hope. Sounds like they are super heroes to me.

Honey Has Super Powers

As her sidekick, I get to witness Honey’s amazing super powers in action. Here are just a few I’ve seen her demonstrate:

Golden Power of Disguise

Honey shoots out fine fur that covers everything and disguises couches, rugs, and wool slacks as Golden Retrievers. Her power is especially strong under the bed and on the stairs.

Golden Power of Cuteness

When faced with heavy traffic at a toll booth, Honey’s head appearing outside of a car window distracts other drivers with her amazing powers of cuteness so her sidekick can merge into position.

Honey the Golden Retriever imitates Superman.Golden Power of Expansion

Honey weighs 50 pounds and measures 32 inches from nose to rump. And yet, on a queen sized bed, she spreads out over all four corners leaving limited space for “interlopers.”

Golden Powers of Supersonic Speed

Honey can catch a piece of chicken dropped off the counter ten feet away from her before it hits the ground.

Golden Powers of Love

Her paralyzing rays of love cause all but the hardest hearted person to stop and give her lovies on the street.

Pretty impressive, huh?

What Are Your Dog’s Super Powers?

Sometimes, when I’m reading blogs, I get a sense of the hidden super powers of other dogs.

Bella of Bringing Up Bella has the super ability of sense flies that have been in a room hours earlier. Although I’m sure she’d be happy to give up this super power and just concentrate on her amazing powers of tunnel running.

Shiva of Rescued Insanity can spot terrorists posing as Timbits (tiny doughnut holes) and dispatch them with one mighty leap.

And Sage, from the (Mis)Adventures of Sage can make any mud puddle disappear and then reappear later in a bathtub.

Don’t tell me you think your dog was just misbehaving. Nope, he’s been a super hero in disguise all along.

So watch what he does over the next few days. I bet you’ll discover he’s a super hero in disguise too. Just like Honey.

Your Turn: Is your dog a super hero (I hope she’s not a super villain)? If so, what is your dog’s super power?
Photo credit: Christmas League of America by JD Hancock is used under a Creative Commons license. Click the image to learn more about the photographer.

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  1. Those are amazing super powers…I’d have Honey on my team any day. Except she might end up in the mud like I do….

  2. Gracie the Bull Terrier super powers include the ability to leap over other dogs in a single bound, zooming into couches at super sonic speed, and spinning in circles before offering a play bow so that other dogs are left stunned.

    Lil the Lab shares the super shedding power and can eat faster than the human eye can see. She has a super strong tail that could wag through a wall of steel and can beg for food in a big brown eyed manner that would make even an iceberg melt.

    Jenny the Collie’s super power is being super, duper sweet :-)

  3. Emmett’s super powers include the ability to sleep through absolutely anything, including a house being built right next door to ours, and the ability to eat anything – whether it’s food or not really food – and somehow never get sick!

  4. Lightning has the ability to diagnose us when we are sick. He’s better than a doctor at letting us know when a stuffy nose has turned into a sinus infection. :)

  5. Sue at The Golden Life says:

    I believe that all Golden Retrievers have the same super powers — Callie and Shadow certainly have the very powers that Honey has, but I never thought of them in quite that way before. :-) So, Callie and Shadow thank you for opening my eyes to their super Golden powers!
    As for Ducky? For a little dog, she is STRONG. A little dog with super-hero strength. She nearly pulled Sam to his knees the other night when she saw the neighbors’ cat…She weighs 25 lbs. and he weighs over 200! And she shoots little sprouts of shiny, black hair on white tee shirts, turning them into black & white swirl designs. And she can sneak up and steal a toy from Callie in a flash — a little bit of a super villain! One other thing — she must have x-ray vision, too, because she found the bag of poop bags that I normally keep in the car. Thankfully she didn’t like the taste and just left them on the floor in front of the trunk organizer, along with the car charger for my cellphone (no damage there, either).

  6. I just loved this! Dakota shares many of the same “super powers” as Honey…….he is a “super lover” “super barker” “super licker” “super speller!” BOL!

  7. Rosie the Corgi (RIP 2011) had an unusual super power: She was a Scorpion Pointer. If one of the little beasts made its way into the house, Rosie would freeze, point her nose at it and wait for us to dispose of it. She and Monty (also RIP 2011) were Super Shedders. I don’t know why they weren’t bald.

  8. Powers of Love and Cuteness are the best superpowers ever! Maya and Pierson definitely have those superpowers. They also have a super sense of hearing. They usually don’t pay attention when I go into the kitchen. But if they hear a certain cupboard open, the cupboard with the treats in it, they come running. They are also super good at seemingly ignoring things unless someone says magic words like ‘walk’, ‘cookie’, ‘dinner’, or ‘oops’ for when we drop something on the floor in the kitchen.

  9. I have a super power in smelling. I could be in a deep sleep anywhere in the apartment and as soon as mom opens the refrigerator, I’m in the kitchen standing in front of it.

  10. Dino, our cockapoo, must have special aural receptors because he can hear a slice of cheese being unwrapped from two rooms away through a closed door. However, at times, he appears not to be able to hear his name being called in a loud voice.

  11. My golden, Hannah, has definitely got the superpowers of “Golden Love” and “Golden Cuteness” (I think all goldens have them?) and Charlie has got the superpower of Loyalty and Best Cuddler Ever. :) Great post.

  12. Our dog is amazing with kids. He is SELF taught to sit, lie down and even turn his back to children (so they can pet him gently on this spine) – he sees a child when we walk on the street and immediately sits down and wags his tail hoping they come over.

    He loves the dog park, but I would swear walking by the daycare is his favorite activity. That power to turn a 94lb lab in to a gentle bowl of Jell-O and to make a child smile is just a small part of why I love him so much!

  13. Ha ha ha! Bunny can make her tiny self increase in mass and density anytime anyone else wants to get in the bed. She has the hairy eyeball that can shrivel the hardest hearts. She also has the gift of making anyone who visits with her feel like the most important person in the world.

  14. Frankie and Beryl have a super hearing talent … they can wake from a comatose sleep as soon as I touch the car keys. And they also have a super talent for making me smile :) Beryl can also take up so much room on my super king sized bed that there is only enough space for me to lie across the bottom!

  15. I have a super tongue and lick everyone and everything:-)

  16. Max has the amazing talent of merely looking at someone (one person in particular), and telepathically not only communicating what he wants but through his special powers is even able to make this (unknown,,,eeeh humm) human do whatever he wants! That’s a pretty special power! He can also sense magically when a camera is around so he is sure to try to put those ears back :). Those big brown eyes can work all sorts of magically powers!