There’s Something Wagging at K9 Kamp

Honey the Golden Retriever poses in a tunnel.

How about you shimmy through the tunnel and I take the pictures?

We got an email from Kommandant Kolchak.

Our mission, if we chose to accept it, was for me and Honey to increase our physical activity together by 30 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week.

Hmmmm. That is challenging.

We already walk 45-60 minutes each day. We play regular games of fetch in the park. We scramble over the natural agility obstacles that surround us—fallen trees, construction barriers, and boulders.

Until a recent bout with tendenosis (note to self: you’re too old to run without stretching), we ran 5K every day.

How could we meet the challenge and put our unique Something Wagging spin on it?

I got it!

Honey the Golden Retrievers poses with Pamela in Alexandria, VA.

Have you been eating my dog treats?

How about if I increased my workout while bonding with Honey without increasing her activity levels? After all, she’s skinny and I’m fat (see photographic evidence).

Our current exercise regimen is working for one of us. We just need to up the effort on my part.

That’s why our exercise and bonding challenges will include pulling Honey in my bicycle cart, taking her kayaking, and maybe even some Golden Retriever leg lifts (Don’t worry, Honey, I’m just kidding. I think.).

Even if I’m getting the greater physical workout, the training it takes to keep Honey relaxed during our adventures will keep our bond strong.

Wouldn’t you like to join us?

K9 Kamp is open to all. Last year even one lucky kitty was an honorary K9. So how do you join the fun?

• Grab the badge for your sidebar to show everyone you’re a kamper. Here’s the code for you to copy and paste:“><img src=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”k9kamp canine fitness blog challenge”/></a>

• Have active fun with your pet an extra 30 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week.

• Hop over to the blogs of the K9 Kamp Kommandants: Kochak Puggle (and his person, Jodi) and Kelly (and her person, Peggy) to enter to win the great prizes.

• Share your Kamp experience by Twitter, Facebook or on your blog and link up with your fellow Kampers on FitDog Friday, May 31.

What could be more fun than taking your K9 to Kamp?

Start today and stop by each FitDog Friday to get your inspiration (or belly laugh) as Honey and I complete the challenge.

Looking forward to Kamping with you.

Your Turn: Will you a K9 Kamper? If so, what activity will you add into your week.

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  1. We think fit Friday is a great idea. I have just come back from a lark in the park. Nap time now. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Gah! I so wanted in on this this year! I am really going to enjoy seeing how your part of the challenge works out!

  3. I know you didn’t say that in order to search for compliments but I am going to give you lots anyway: I think you look fantastic! Healthy! Strong! And your current pre-Kamp fitness regimen is bloody impressive! I mean, running 5K every DAY?? And you think that isn’t enough?? Cripes… You are amazing. Don’t ever tell yourself otherwise.

    Clearly if I am going to participate this year I am going to need to step it up. My plans for K9 Kamp are sounding pretty measly now.

  4. Kristine-So well said! I thought you looked great too!!!5K a day…that’s pretty darn great in my book! We will definitely try to do better ourselves as I’m dieting and getting out more and Max is pretty fit but loves to walk :)

  5. Sue at The Golden Life says:

    Pamela, you’re amazing! I don’t know how you do it!! I would love to be able to take Callie and Shadow to the park on mornings like we’ve had lately but it takes longer to get there (and back home) than the time Callie is supposed to be spending on the trail. Hopefully, we’ll get the okay on Monday afternoon to stretch out that walking time. Meanwhile, our only other options are the back yard and the ballfield across the street. Very boring after the first couple of “laps”. I might have to check out “K9 Lamp” anyway just for some ideas.

  6. This is awesome! When warmer weather hits here its so hard for us to stay active outside. Titan can’t stand the heat and I have to admit, I can’t either. So we resort to running around my, basically open plan, ranch house for 1/2 hour or so and squeeze in a 15 minute walk in the a.m. and in the even when it gets a lil cooler! Good luck to ya’ll and enjoy it!

  7. Great inspiration for all of us – you’re right, it’s not just our dogs that need to be fit – we all need to be fit too! And a 5K a day is pretty good – tendenosis be damned! We look forward to reading your adventures with Honey. Thanks for joining the FitDog Friday Hop!

  8. What a nice idea!

  9. Sounds like you’ve got some fun activities planned to add to your routine…we’re inspired! Look forward to K9 Kamping with you!

  10. Pamela-

    Please reach out to us via email. We have experience dealing with tendinosis and can share some tips on how to manage it!

    SlimDoggy Steve

  11. Coming by from the K9 Kamp to say woof! We are super active too, so adding in more time will be challenging but we can do it! Just wondering how many more snacks I can get if I get an extra half hour exercise??? I need a snack/workout calculator. Looking forward to seeing you around Kamp!

  12. I don’t know how you do all you do, Pamela, including keeping us with your readers. I’m not joining K9 Kamp this year. Getting in the basics for the dogs on a daily basis is good for me. However, I am still working on a nail trim a day plus one dog walk a day – for whoever needs it. Oh, and baths…dang baths….Have a great week, and BTW, you look FANTASTIC!

  13. I joined K9 Kamp, or at least I put the badge on my blog. Is that joining?
    We’ll have to add walks to the park more often.

  14. Wow – 5K/day is impressive! Bummer about the tendonitis. I love your idea. We are kinda in the same boat. One of us (um, the furry one) is in great shape from our routine. The other one (who shall remain nameless) is in less-good shape. Going to have to up the intensity on my part, while just keeping it fun for her. Of course, I’m sure she won’t mind working out more if it equals more treats.

  15. You are not fat! But you make an excellent point…I too need to step up the exercise for myself while bonding with Kelly. A walk around the block is decent exercise for 32 lb little dog, but doesn’t do a whole lot to get me fit. I’m with you on this! I’ll be checking in with you often to get some motivation!
    Thank you for joining K9 Kamp!

  16. I think we can all agree that you pointed out something important – we need to up our game too! My dogs are in great shape, but I need to get myself in shape as well.

  17. Eh, women are too hard on themselves. You and Honey both look great.

    I’ve let running with Silas slide as the best local trails seem to be closed for the summer. Also, it’s now in the 90s every day. I’m bad in the heat, but Silas is *terrible.* Too bad K9 camp wasn’t in December; we would have rocked that challenge.

  18. We’ve offered to help in the garden but so far the human is not taking us up on the offer…we could easily spend 30 minutes at a time digging some awesome holes out there!

  19. Way to go Pamela! You’ve hit it right on the tail – we’ve got the same issue at our house. Koly & Fe are fine K9 specimens and I look like I’m hiding lumpy mashed potatoes under my clothes. I think your solution is absolutely perfect!

  20. Kamp is going to be lots of fun and I’m eager to see what ideas everyone comes up with…I’m inspired by you andI’m going to try taking Gizmo out in the ‘yak with me…If nothing else, it will make for some funny photos I’m sure

  21. I couldn’t run 500 metres let alone 5 kms! I think you look fantastic, nothing wrong with curves in all the right places 😉 And I so love your hair. You radiate health and happiness. Sorry about the tendinosis, I know nothing about it not being a runner! If it’s not permanent I hope you get back to running soon, if it is permanent I’m sure you’ll find something else to replace the running!

    Frankie could stand to lose a few pounds and me a few more than a few. Beryl is fine. But coming into the cold weather it’s hard to think about anything but hot soup and toast by the fire. We’re getting ready to hibernate :)


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