The Thoughtful Gift Guide for Dogs and the People Who Love Them

I love looking for gifts. But I hate shopping.

That’s why I spend weeks trying to think of just the right gifts before stepping foot in a store. And sometimes I make gifts so I don’t need to shop.

If you’re a thoughtful gift giver, check out my list of unusual gift ideas for dogs and the people who love them. And because it’s Cyber-Monday, you can find all of them online.

Gift Guide for Dogs and the People Who Love Them.

Framed Dog Blueprint – Who wouldn’t want one? Even though, as my architect husband likes to point out, you couldn’t possibly build a dog from these drawings.

Pawprint Nail Decals – Adorable. Plus they’re non-toxic and made in the U.S.

Quick-Stitch Bolster Dog Bed – Have you seen those bolstered dog beds that cost over $100? Why not get out the sewing machine and make one for a fraction of the price of buying one? (F)

Garnet dangle earrings, ‘Pampered Puppy Dog’ – Sterling silver, made in Mexico, and Fair Trade. They’d be pretty wonderful even if they weren’t so cute. (affiliate)

DIY “Grippy” Dog Walking Gloves – You know how when you’re walking your dog in the winter, he stops to leave a little present and you have to take off your gloves to scoop? Oh, and by the time you’ve finished, you’ve dropped one glove and can’t find it? Yeah, I hate it too. I hope someone makes me a pair of these grippy dog walking gloves from Kol’s Notes. Hint, hint. (F)

I Like Big Mutts T-Shirt – I like big mutts and I cannot lie. And I’m not lying when I tell you a portion of every sale helps animal rescue.

Dieting With My Dog – Too many holiday parties? Maybe you should pick up a copy for yourself. And for help the entire year, check out The Dieting with my Dog Guide to Weight Loss and Maintenance. Follow up with Peggy’s regular fitness camps on her blog and you’ll be healthy in no time. (affiliate)

Zen Dog Garden Sculpture – Maybe the sight of a zen dog in the garden will keep Honey from digging?

Set of 4 Dog Soup Bowls – If these precious bowls with dog faces in the bottoms don’t get your kids to finish their pea soup, I don’t know what will.

Hand-Stamped Bronze Dog Tag –  Your dog is special. Shouldn’t his tags reflect that he’s one of a kind?

No-Sew Dog Coat –  Not only is this a cute little coat, it’s made from an old sweat shirt. I was so impressed by Kim’s clever pattern that I almost wished for a little dog of my own to try it for. (F)

Make a Dog Leash – Did you finally manage to teach your dog to walk without pulling? Why not celebrate with a fancy, homemade leash. Easy step-by-step instructions mean you can make one to coordinate with all your dog-walking outfits. (F)

It’s All Fun and Games Hat – It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone.

Fair Trade Cotton Dog Bow Tie – Bow tie slips over leash and lets your dog look like the classy gentleman he is. (affiliate)

Carpeted Dog Steps – Is your pup finding it tough to get up on the bed or couch? These steps make climbing easy. Made in the U.S.

Colorful Fused Glass Dog Pendant – Made by Chilean artisans under Fair Trade standards and raising money for Animal Rescue. Everyone is a winner.

You Got Your New Dog Kit – Normally I’d think of this as a gimmicky gift. But they packed a clicker right in the box. A clicker! I would definitely get this for someone adopting a new dog.

10 Homemade Dog Treat Recipes – Something for every pup, no matter what kind of diet she’s on. (F)

Wild Soap Bar Shampoo Bar, Woof Wild Dog – Made in the U.S. from gentle ingredients for even the most sensitive pup. (affiliate)

Dog in the Noggin Hat – I don’t often wear knit caps because I don’t like messing up my hair. But that wouldn’t be a problem with this hat. You’d never want to take it off. Hand-knitted in Nepal with proceeds benefiting Animal Rescue.

Sugar’s Furry Friend – Is there anyone who doesn’t love Sugar the Golden Retriever? If there is, I don’t want to know him. Beautiful children’s story by one of the bloggers we all know and love. (affiliate)

What the Dog Ate – Once the kids are tucked in, it’s time for some grown-up time. And if What the Dog Ate is too adult, check out Rescue Me, Maybe, both by the writer who brings us Pooch Smooches. (affiliate)

Plush Puppies Water Bottle Dog Toy – Does your dog love plastic water bottles? Fill this plushy toy with your leftover bottles for hours of crinkly fun. (affiliate)

Hand-Knit Dog Ornaments – I’m always on the look out for unbreakable ornaments with Miss Floofie Tail around. Aren’t these adorable?

Ceramic Pawprint Bracelet –  Made in Peru under Fair Trade standards and proceeds benefit Animal Rescue. How can you not get one for everyone you know?

Mutt Malt Liquor Coasters – As the coaster says, never drink alone. And you don’t have to with this handsome boy under your pint.

Organic Bamboo Collar – Its purchase funds green projects. And when it wears out, the collar biodegrades.

Custom, Clay Dog Ornament –  Get a hand crafted ornament that looks like your dog. Wouldn’t you rather see a replica of your dog in the tree than the dog?

Ceramic Buttons – Dogs Style – Hand made in South Africa, these unique buttons will make a special outfit stand out even more. (affiliate)

Old Sock Dog Toy – What else will you do with the socks that have a hole too big to patch or the orphan that came out of the dryer alone? You’ll never have to buy a tug toy again. (F)

Woof Woof Bandana – Even dogs who hate dressing up don’t mind wearing a bandana, especially when it’s as cute as this one.

Giant Mustache or Tongue Dog Toys – Your dog will love chewing on the hard rubber. You’ll love posting the silly pictures online.

Pup Pies – Looking to share a special holiday treat? These yummies are made in New York from human-grade ingredients.

Fair Trade Pet Feeding Mat – One side is batik, the other is plastic to keep water from soaking your floors. (affiliate)

Dog is Good Ceramic Bowl – Will the halo on the dog inspire your pup to good behavior? Who cares? It’s just adorable.

Terra Cotta Dog Ornaments – Made by women artisans in Bangladesh and cute as can be.

ORE Pet Recycled Rubber Pet Placemat Big Bone – Made from recycled rubber, protects your floor from sloppy eaters, and looks sweet too. (affiliate)

Am I Boring My Dog: And 99 Other Things Every Dog Wishes You Knew – I’ve bought this book as a gift and I had my library buy a copy. It’s the first time I laughed out loud reading a dog owner’s guide and still managed to learn something. Frankie, who inspired Edie to write the book, is no longer with us. But I still love to see his bemused expression in the book’s video. (Affiliate)

Make the Most of Your Gift Giving

Some of my gifts are fair trade, meaning the artisans who make them earn a living wage. Others are made from recycled materials. Many are made in the U.S. A few of them benefit charitable causes. And others are free to cheap things you can make yourself (they’re marked with an F for free or frugal).

If you care enough about someone to buy them a gift, share that care with your community by letting your values drive your shopping.

And always remember that the best gift are usually those that don’t cost a dime.

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Happy Gift Giving!

Your Turn: Do you enjoy giving gifts? Or do you find it a nuisance? Does your pet give gifts to you?

Disclosure: Some of the gift links will take you to Amazon. They are marked with the word “affiliate.” If you buy through the link, I will earn a small commission to support the costs of bringing you Something Wagging This Way Comes. Thank so much for your support.
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  1. What a great bunch of gifts, thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh! I love the new look of the blog and I see its on the Genesis Framework! I have to get moving on changing mine over.

    This is a great gift guide! The nail decals would be perfect stocking stuffer for Gracie-she would get a kick out of those!

    • Now, both Something Wagging and my other blog, Hands on Home Buyer are on the Prose theme of the Genesis framework. It is nice knowing that Studio Press has my back and that I won’t have to worry about my outdated theme causing me issues.

      BTW, for BlogPaws, I was thinking of doing my own nail decals of Honey’s face. You can buy nail decal paper that can run through your printer. You could make your own decals for Gracie of the family pets.

      Well, maybe not Sherman and Leroy. Her nails probably aren’t big enough. :)

      • I just spent the last few hours looking through some Studiopress themes. Did you get a package deal or did you purchase Genesis and a theme separate? I want to keep it as simple as possible but the theme I am leaning towards doesn’t come as a package deal.

        That is so cool about the nail decal paper, I had no idea!

        • Hey Jen, I’m going to send you an email about Studio Press themes. After using it for two different blogs, I’m a believer. But I doubt most of the other folks here care. :)

  3. Lots of great gift suggestions!

  4. That’s a great list of stuff, some very cute things.

    • I was thrilled to see so many things made by American artist and fair trade artisans in other countries. It’s making me wonder why anybody bothers shopping at Walmart.

  5. That’s a great list!

    I have mixed feelings about giving gifts. There are those obligatory ones you must give each year. Those truly feel like a chore to me. And then there are the inspired ones that you know are just so perfect for a certain someone. Those bring me joy to give.

    In general, I am not a big fan of the holiday gift giving season. The hype is just so numbing.

    • I’ve gotten away from doing any obligatory giving. It doesn’t feel like giving if you *have* to do something.

      I agree with you that the hype is overwhelming. It helps that I avoid the mall and chain stores and don’t have a television. That way I can do just the things that have personal meaning and ignore the rest.

  6. What an amazing list of gift ideas!

  7. Great list! Thanks so much for including my novels!

    As for gift-giving, I agree with Taryn. The obligatory ones are a chore, and really just an added stress (I spend forever looking and wondering, “will he/she really like this?”), but I love when you see something perfect for someone and just pick it up for fun. The hubs and I have everything we need, but we still try to put a few small things under the tree for each other. It’s so hard to find something that would be a ‘surprise’!

    Our pups don’t give gifts to us, but we give gifts to them!

    • Thinking of the perfect gift for someone is a special way to keep them in our hearts, even if what you give them cost absolutely nothing.

      My most successful gifts to Mike were the 365 days of reasons I love you calendar (although I ran out of time and only made it to mid-July) and my promise to meet him for lunch once a month all year long.

      I’m thrilled with my idea for him this year but I have to keep it quiet since he reads the blog. Shhhh, don’t say anything. :)

      And I’m glad to include your novels. It’s nice to know talented people doing cool stuff. :)

  8. As always what a lovely list of great ideas for gift giving and I too love the new look of the blog!!

    • Thanks, Jodi. It’s been fun cyber window shopping. And I have about 70 other ideas bookmarked.

      Glad to hear you like the new look. It’s startling to see something different after looking at the same theme for nearly 4 years! When we get everything finished, this should be a much nicer place for S’Waggers to hang out.

  9. Thanks for the shopping tips! I’m definitely gonna have a look at the ‘am I boring my dog’ book (for myself!). Sometimes our Alfie gives me looks as if to tell me he’s not impressed :-)

  10. What a great list of ideas. Dog people are so creative, but I’m not sure our dogs really appreciate the whole season. Anyway thanks for finding all these gifting ideas.

  11. And the new look is super. Love the foot prints and paw prints coming together.

    • Thanks, Jan. I can’t take credit for the header. My husband came up with after getting some great critiques from S’Waggers on Facebook.

  12. Wow – what a list – I have bookmarked this!

  13. A MUCH more comprehensive list that the couple things I posted! I love the earrings (sigh, like I need more earrings), and the rubber placemat bone.

  14. That is a great list! And I love the new blog look :) I have to say I’m not much for shopping either–I like taking my loved ones out for a nice meal or a fun trip, or putting together a care package of this and that.

  15. I really love gift giving, though I’m not sure I care for the pressure of my gift giving being confined to a specific day. I’m the kind of person who can’t even shop until the last minute because as soon as I get a gift for someone, I’m dying to give it to them.

  16. Interesting stuff! I love to give gifts, but I keep finding as I get older that really all I want is time. Time to give and time to receive. I could easily do away with the Christmas tradition and just enjoy being together with my family.

    BTW- love the new header and blog look. You look so cute playing with Honey♥

  17. Is it wrong that I think the pup-pie boxes look like condoms? Just me?

  18. great!
    I will introduce this information to my blog neighbor, Thanks!

  19. Well, my wish list just grew by a mile! :) Seriously, I’m sending the big mutts t-shirt link and the zen sculptures to hubby with a little hint, hint. I really dislike shopping, especially this time of year when everyone seems so crabby! This year I’m making most gifts instead… though, I still have my own wish list on hand!

  20. OMD! That’s quite a list. My dogs love the bottle buddy toys. Those knit caps are cute. I love the jewelry, although I don’t wear much jewelry. Cute!

  21. This is a really great gift guide! I think I want them all. :)


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