The Dog Person’s Guide To Spring

Honey the Golden Retriever sniffing the world from the porch.

I barked because I had to go outside. I didn’t say I had to pee.

Spring begins in our corner of the world next week.

How do I know?

My dog has shown me all the signs.

10 Dog Signs of Spring

1. People tell me flowers are starting to appear. I can’t see them through the cloud of shedding dog hair.

2. The dog who never pulls on leash suddenly perks up at every sound on a walk.

3. A week after the start of Daylight Savings Time surprised the dog with early dinner, she’s already barking to be fed a half hour before her regular dinner hour.

4. Every floor surface (and a few upholstered ones) has muddy paw prints.

5. The recently snow-covered backyard is looking like a poop factory.

6. After hundreds of cold and windy walks where we had the entire neighborhood to ourselves, we suddenly see old friends (and their people) on every block.

7. More and more of our evening cuddle sessions are cut short by the panting dog going to lie on the cool, wood floor.

8. Afternoon naps get interrupted by those pesky birds trying to build nests in the gutters and window sills.

Riley the Golden Retriever in his yard.

But what is she so fascinated by? Oh, I see.

9. The sharp bark that signals the dog wants to go out is followed by her standing on the porch and sniffing the world instead of the usual potty break.

10. I find myself briefly thinking of making an Easter basket full of dog treats.

What signs has your dog given you that spring is here?


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  1. Your world has woken up for sure now it is Spring. Love the idea of dog treats for Easter. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. we do an easter basket every year for our german shorthair we also boil him some eggs to find in the yard!

  3. You forgot one sure sing of spring (or maybe its just in my world): MUD! :-)

  4. Pretty much all those you mentioned. They both are wanting to be outside more and lay in the sun.

  5. Very funny, but very true post!!! My dog has been doing some of the same stuff–and it’s not really that warm yet! Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  6. Sue at The Golden Life says:

    Mud here, too. But wanting to be outside is the big one for Shadow, especially, but also Callie & me. Have to find an outdoor cushion for Callie to lay on in the upper driveway/carport so we can spend sunny days outside together with Shadow.

  7. Sue at The Golden Life says:

    PS Love the caption under the first photo! It fits Shadow to a “t”!!

  8. All those lumps of snow that, now that the snow has melted, turned out to clumps of earth and grass left behind by the plow? Finn’s has peed on every one of them in a 1/2mile radius. At least four times.

  9. What a riot. You’re a great observer.

  10. I’m with you on #1 and #7 (at least for arctic-furred Henry). It does give me more time for outdoor photography. :)

  11. Tell me about it. I panted on a walk for the first time since last year!

  12. Mummy wishes spring had arrived here, but all we have is rain

  13. Ha! So true… The fur and mud situation is out of control! My surefire sign that spring is here? I spend my whole day opening the door to let the dogs out, then letting them in, then letting them out, then letting them in…

  14. #5 is awful! 😉 I know it’s spring because my dogs race downstairs in order to try to catch the wild rabbits unawares.

  15. I knew the new feeding time by day two. Jen can’t fool me by trying to feed me late!

  16. Too cute! Maybe you can use Honey’s fur to weave the Easter basket?

  17. Great list! We don’t have a huge difference in seasons here in Central Texas, no snow, but it is getting warmer and I hope that Dakota the Corgi doesn’t find any more bunny nests. Last year she found 2 newborn bunnies, which I brought to my vet. One lived and he raised and released it. Two weeks ago Dakota found two more, older this time – one dead, one died later. I think they died of shock since there were no marks on them. That sign of Spring I can live without!

  18. Dig, dig, dig. It seems it’s a ‘spring thing’, at least for Sage, although I’m not sure exactly why. Warm earth, new smells, whatever!

  19. Hi Congratulations I have nominated you for The Best Moment Award! Please visit this link:

  20. All of the above, that is if spring ever comes our way! We still have a foot of snow and more snow on the way for this week. UGH! But I did notice that some of the dogs are starting to shed, so I hope that means winter may be over sooner than I think. :)

  21. I have backyard soup. My whole yard is one big muddle puddle and my entire house is a spot that dogs wipe their feet. Kolchak is PROJECTILE shedding. The hair is throwing itself of him in clumps. I have dog hair tumbleweeds blowing across my house like it’s the wild west in here. Is it summer yet?

  22. LOL – I love that, “old friends (and their people).” Your idea of an Easter basket of dog treats would probably be very popular with Honey.

    Ty has also moved into full-shed-mode, so that’s how I know spring is coming. It’s interesting that even though we spend the winter where the weather’s warmer now, the dogs still shed right on time.

  23. 3, 6 and 7 sound very familiar. Did you make Honey some liver eggs?