Something Wagging Readers Are The Best – Follow Up Friday

Usually when I write for Something Wagging This Way Comes, I have a main idea. I write supporting sentences. I throw in some transitions. And it basically hangs together.

But my friend Jodi from Heart Like a Dog let me off the hook by starting Follow-Up Friday. Now I can share everything I’ve wanted to tell you for the past week or two and I don’t have to make any sense whatsoever.

Thanks, Jodi.

It's Follow Up Friday from Heart Like a Dog.

Something Wagging Readers are the Best

I read every comment with pleasure.

I don’t often reply to them individually because to do so means I’d have to cut something else important out of my life, like spending time with Honey, working around the house with my husband, or breathing.

When I write about a subject that’s important to me, you comment with brilliance. You often say what I wanted to say but wasn’t clever enough. And you say it in the space of a small comment box.

Something Wagging readers are the best. Even Honey thinks so.

Where are all these fans you keep telling me about? Shouldn’t they be coming along on our walks?

There are too many splendid comments to highlight them all. But several recent posts have seen brilliant responses:

I always worry a little when I write something that’s really important to me. What if people misunderstand? Or what if they do understand and hate me for it?

But I don’t have to worry. You’ve got my back.

Did I say Something Wagging readers are the best?

What to Call a Something Wagging Reader

Referring to Something Wagging This Way Comes readers is painful. Something Wagging readers is only a little better.

I think y’all need a name.

Puppy heads? Nah, too Jimmy Buffetish.

Waggingeers? Wagettes? Wag hags?

Maybe one of my brilliant readers will suggest something in the comments. Or I could just consult with the Punmaster General over at I Still Want More Puppies.

Honey the golden retriever puppy wonders if there are sharks outside the cage.

Is this puppy jail?


Something Wagging a Lawbreaker No More

Did you know that everyone who sends you mass email (like a newsletter or links to new posts) must include a physical address so you can track them down?

Did you know that anyone who adds your email to a list must give you the chance to confirm that you want it?

And did you know that anyone disobeying these FTC rules can be arrested and have their thumbs cut off?

Well, that last one isn’t true. You’d just get a fine.

But it’s one of the reasons I’ve moved my subscription services to Mad Mimi. Now, when you want to subscribe to Something Wagging to get posts by email or to receive some free offer I make, you need to reply to a confirmation email. If you don’t, the subscription isn’t valid.

So if you signed up for a subscription recently but haven’t seen anything from me since, check your spam folder. Or send me an email confirming that you want to subscribe so I can make you a real live Wagster. Or Waggarino. (We have got to give y’all a name!)

And if you’d like to get links to new posts by email, subscribe now.

Something Wagging Still Attracts Perverts

I really had fun writing Where is the Dog When You Have Sex and The Dog Lover’s Guide to Great Sex.

But if I had any idea the bizarre search phrases that would turn up on my blog dashboard, I would have written about something else.

Just this morning, someone found me by typing “I want to have sex with my husband and my dog.” And that was just one of several such phrases.

I suspect most people who find my site from these searches probably leave quickly and never come back. But if you found us and came back for more, welcome kinky people. And remember, fantasy is usually much better than reality.

Honey the golden retriever rolls in the grass.

Just showing off my moves in the grass.


Did I Say Something Wagging Readers are the Best

I lost two “likes” after posting a NSFW link on Facebook to Jezebel’s look at the Tumblr, Indifferent Cats in Amateur Porn.

So if you’re still reading after my last paragraph and are willing to let me be serious and goofy without judging, thanks. You’re the greatest.

Oh, and if you don’t like looking at pictures of people having sex, don’t click the link. It’s porn, people!

Something Wagging Readers Stay Home With Their Dogs

(We need a name for y’all. How about Swaggers?) Anyway, the comments on What Should You Do With Your Dogs When You Travel for the Holidays show that most of you would rather stay home with your dogs.

I’m feeling you.

But if you don’t have a choice and are hitting the road without your pets, I wrote a guest post at Keep the Tail Wagging on Leaving Your Dog With a Petsitter for the Holidays. I usually travel with my dogs. But when it’s not possible, having a petsitter is the next best option. And it’s worked out well for us.

If you want to get a peek at how I stay organized and make sure the petsitter has everything she needs to care for Honey as well as I would, use the subscription form to request my Petsitter Printables.

We Have a Winner!

We got over 400 entries for the Dogobie Flying Disc Giveaway. Kelly Ann T won! So Kelly Ann, please send me your mailing address so we can get your prize to you.

Something Wagging Readers are Still the Best

Especially if you’re still here, 900+ words later.

Honey the golden retriever lies under the desk when I work.

I’m still sitting under the desk 900 words later. Where’s my thanks?

Thanks again to Jodi of Heart Like a Dog and co-host of today’s Follow Up Friday, Flea of Jones Natural Chews.
Your Turn: What should we call Something Wagging readers? SWeaders? 

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  1. I’m thrilled to have you join the blog hop Pamela, although I’m not sure if I should be offended “Usually when I write for Something Wagging This Way Comes, I have a main idea. I write supporting sentences. I throw in some transitions. And it basically hangs together. But my friend Jodi from Heart Like a Dog let me off the hook by starting Follow-Up Friday. ”

    Does this mean my blog hop has no form or structure? Or are you merely commenting on my brilliance of pulling something together out of nothing? 😉

    As for a name for your readers, I like Waggers, or Swaggers, but I’m sure Pup Fan can come up with something better!!

    Thanks again for joining and have a wonderful weekend!!

    • Actually, I’m commenting on your graciousness in creating a hop to give us the maximum flexibility and freedom to do whatever we need to do. At least as long as it involves following up on Friday. What could be easier?

      It’s very freeing to be let off leash. :)

      • I like being off-leash, it’s one of my favorite things about FUF. Despite all the linkage in the post, I really look forward to it, it’s a fun time.

        how do you like, Wagglers?

  2. Seriously, who do you think the best readers are? 😉

    • Oh, I don’t know. Could it be the Something Wagging readers? :)

      Of course may be we need to have a little competition. After all, your readers aren’t just commenting. They’re getting up and exercising with their dogs. :)

  3. Love this post, Pamela! I think Swaggers is good, but I can’t wait to see some other ideas!

    BTW, I’m having a hard time getting access to your “pet sitter printables”. My original Gmail account says I’m already subscribed and my “lifewithmytailwaggers” account subscribed me to the blog instead of giving me access to the printables. Can you just send them to me as an email attachment?

    • Swaggers kinda has me too, Sue.

      BTW, I followed up by email about the petsitter printables issue. Hopefully you’ve got them now. Thanks for letting me know.

      If anyone else reading this has problems, send me an email through the contact tab at the top of the blog.

      • I got them earlier but was going to wait until I knew I could actually print them b4 telling you.
        Callie & Shadow were keeping me busy earlier.

  4. Just don’t call us the Dog Pound. If you have any questions, refer to Arsenio Hall.
    (Although, considering the late night content in this post, I’m thinking the only way you’ll get by with including “wagging” in the new fan moniker, is if you put “twerk” or “Miley” in it too.) 😀

  5. Mike Webster says:

    From the Husband:
    For your readers, Pam, I like “The Husband Groupies.” (You did not specify that any relation to reality was a requirement.)

  6. Given your perv posts and all, I think the perfect name for us would be Shaggers. Hmm. Maybe not.

    Definitely not The Husband Groupies. No ring to it. Sorry Husband.

    Does Ray Bradbury have any more fun tag lines? Does Shakespeare? Does your Husband?

    This may drive me to drink. How about you call us the Swiggers?

    • If we all got together for a couple of drinks, I’m sure we could brainstorm some awesome names. They wouldn’t make any sense but they’d still be awesome.

      I’ll bring the vodka. You bring the duck. :)

    • Mike Webster says:

      From the Husband:

      Flea, I am pleased to note that your sole focus on the poetic qualities of my humble suggestion implicitly endorses my assertion that no appeal to, y’know, what is really going on out there, is necessary.

      But your point is taken, and I can do better. How about “The Husband Hussies?”

      Interesting. Even now, in my mind’s eye, I can see the imagined backs of my imagined thousands of former fans heading for the imagined exits.

  7. Vlad & Barkly's Dee says:

    What to Call a Something Wagging Reader? Hmmm. How about Tale Waggers? We love your blog and wouldn’t mind being called that–or Swaggers.

    • Oooh, Tale Waggers – very punny. But I think there’s another Tale Wagger blog out there somewhere. I’ll have to do some research.

  8. Great follow-up…and yeah, great idea on Jodi’s part. Hers and “This and That Thursday” from 2 Brown Dawgs definitely help when you have a little to say about a lot. (if that makes sense????

    Pam’s Fans?

    P.S. 900 + words is NOTHING. LOL!

  9. Too funny. I love the mish mash, and great stuff to boot.

  10. Swaggers is cute!

    Or The SWaggin’ Train? I dunno. AJ’s definitely the best at this stuff!

  11. How do I officially get appointed as Punmaster General? That would basically be the high point of my life, I think.

    Hmm… wagficionados? I’ll have to think on it. :)

  12. I’m terrible at coming up with clever names. But my contribution today is to say that the Dogobie Flying Discs are AMAZING. We have several and our dogs love them!!!

  13. Hmm, SWagsters? I suck at puns :) Wine and brainstorming usually help!

  14. Of course we are still hear. I know it is easier said then done, but I (read you, cause I would worry massively) shouldn’t worry about posting anything you want to post. One of the greatest signs of a true friendship is that you can have differing view points, and yet still maintain your friendship. (perhaps I need to take my own advice on that one!)

    And just to share since you have changed to your new email sending out thing, it appears with the subject line “Read what I’ve written for you today” every time I see it I still think that is the name for the post!!