Something Swagging This Way Comes 2012 – Play the Match Game

Oohs and Awws and BlogPaws Swag

After schlepping BlogPaws swag through four, count them, four airports, whoever wins this booty will have to work for it. Enter the Something Swagging This Way Comes 2012 Match Game.

Match Game Board

Below you’ll find pictures of 10 mystery kids and 10 secret pups that each live with one of the “kids.” Under the pictures are links to the blogs or Facebook pages where you’ll find a picture of the mystery kid all grown up with their secret pup.

  • Use the links to figure out the name of each mystery kid and their dog.
  • Enter your answers in the Rafflecopter.
  • Having a tough time? Look on the Something Wagging This Way Comes Facebook Page where I’ll be leaving clues about the mystery kids and their pups all week. The contest ends at Midnight Eastern Daylight Time on Sunday, July 8.



Admire Adorable MYSTERY KIDS. “We were born to blog. We can hardly wait for it to be invented.” Fawn over Fuzzy SECRET PUPS. Photos from early in their lives. . . or from early in their presence in ours.

Mystery Kid A

Secret Pup 1

Mystery Kid B

Secret Pup 2

Mystery Kid C

Secret Pup 3

Mystery Kid D

Secret Pup 4

Mystery Kid E

Secret Pup 5

Mystery Kid F

Secret Pup 6

Mystery Kid G

Secret Pup 7

Mystery Kid H

Secret Pup 8

Mystery Kid J

Secret Pup 9

Mystery Kid K

Secret Pup 10


Identify them from THE LINKS

where they all come together.

Peggy’s Pet Place with Peggy Frezon and Kelly

Go Pet Friendly with Amy Burkert and Ty

On Facebook: Carey Cox Angell and P.D.

Life With Desmond with Lauren and Desmond

The Daily Dog Blog with Julie Melfi and Cali

Just A Pup with Catalina Wood and Tibby

Kolchak’s Notes with Jodi and Kolchak

Life with Sampson and Delilah. . . The 411 with Jodi Stone and Sampson

I Still Want More Puppies with Pup Fan and Bella

Rescued Insanity with Kristine and Shiva


Enter your answers in the RAFFLECOPTER.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck and Thanks!


I hope you have as much fun playing as I had setting it up. Thanks to Peggy, Amy, Carey, Lauren, Julie, Catalina, Jodi C., Jodi S., Pup Fan, and Kristine for sharing your great pictures. And thank you to the blogger’s husband who put a lot of time into setting up the game board.


Good luck everyone! Let the matching begin.

  Hop on…

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  1. We will have to do research and come back and try, what a cute idea!

    urban hounds

  2. ARGH! This is even harder than I thought it’d be!

  3. Not surprising I recognized many of the dogs. None of the peeps. LOL

    • Isn’t that always the case? I’m sure you know more of your neighbor’s dog’s names than your neighbors. :)

  4. I’m so with Jodi on this … know the dogs and completely guessing on the peeps. I can’t wait to see the results revealed!

    • Once you see the big reveal, it’s going to feel totally obvious to you. Thanks for putting in such a great effort. Good luck!

  5. I think I know Mystery Kid E and Secret Pup 4…now just have to figure out the rest! LOL, not that want the swag bag! (I have a suitcase full already!) Mostly because ths is such a fun game!

  6. Oh boy! This is going to take a lot of research on my part! I think I know two of them, but I’m going to have to do a lot of sniffing around!

    • Hopefully the sniffing will be part of the fun!

      I’m starting to post clues on Something Wagging’s Facebook page so check it out if you could use a hint.

  7. Wow! Great idea!!! And 4 airports??? You deserve something special for lugging around all that swag!!

  8. Well, we would enter but 1) I am not good at games and 2) we came back with a whole lotta stuff we are getting rid of ourselves :)

    • We’ll have the results up next week. Hopefully you’ll stop back to play the “home version” of our little game. :)

  9. Looks like fun but pretty time-consuming. Good luck everybody!

  10. Oh you evil person for making me abandon all my work today and spend hours guessing who is who! lol. This is so much fun! I think I am right on a couple guesses. Thanks for thinking of this great game!
    Btw, for some reason it won’t let me add my name to the linky. It says I’m already there and to check with the moderator. sniff sniff!

    • As the pictures came in, I had a great time seeing how little everyone has really changed. But, of course, I knew who everyone was.

      I think we’ll all have a good time when I reveal the answers next week. And, as predicted, people are having a very tough time telling Pup Fan of I Still Want More Puppies from Kristine of Rescued Insanity. I called that one–they’re both blonds and too close in age to be easy to pick out from their childhood pix.

      I think you still carry a lot of your youthful picture in your face today. :)

  11. I had the most trouble with D, H, and K. Of course, all the rest of my guesses may be off too!

  12. That was way harder than I thought and what made it doubly hard was there was no Mystery Kid I!!! I kept thinking I missed one! LOL!

    Anyways. I will sub mit my guesses. I am totally thinking I got 1-2 right and that’s it. I cannot imagine what work it took to put this together Pamela, but I loved it!

  13. This is just too much fun! I think I should be able to get most if not all of the dogs; the people are another story, especially with so many wee baby pictures! But a blast nonetheless. Thanks for working so hard to put this together!

  14. Is it pathetic that I’m pretty sure I can identify every single mystery pup but, aside from one or two of the kids, I’m hosed?

  15. That was fun but hard:) And I think I got them all wrong, well the people anyway, lol. I can only imagine how many hours that would have taken you to set up. Well done:)

  16. Pamela, this was so much fun! I finally had power and the chance to actually sit down at my laptop and submit my guesses today. I love seeing everyone’s photos!

  17. Okay, that was SO much harder than I thought it would be – I think I got two or three right :) So much fun!!

  18. Thank you, thank you for those Facebook clues, Pamela. This was a great deal of fun (and I discovered a few new blogs!)


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