Resolved to Lose Weight? Try the Dog Gym.

I’m glad I don’t have television.

Over the next week, the airwaves will be flooded with weight loss and exercise advertisements.

I don’t blame anyone for wanting to be healthy and strong. But I could do without the messages that anyone who is less than “perfect” just lacks will power.

Maybe there’s a fitness plan I can get behind. One that fits into my regular schedule. That includes dogs.

Yeah, that’s more like it.

Mike is bench pressing Honey the Golden Retriever.

My husband’s not weird. He’s just ahead of his time.

While I don’t think I’ll be doing curls with Honey any time soon, she’s the best exercise partner I’ve ever had. Our regimen includes

  • pooper scooper squats
  • tug toy resistance bands
  • and of course, miles and miles of walks.

And who knows? If we keep it up, maybe someday my figure will be as sexy as hers is.


Pet Blogger Gift Exchange

The gift exchange of links and love has been a big success so far.

Bloggers have been wonderfully generous in pointing out the awesomeness of the blogger they’ve been paired with.

I have one blogger who would love to be matched with someone so if you’re willing to join the fun and can write an encouraging post about your partner by January 6, let me know.

Want to see the wonderful posts so far? Visit the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange Linky List.

Does anyone out there see some creative animal shelter doing dog adoption exercise videos? Minus the dog throwing, of course. What are your favorite dog exercises?

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  1. Walking & hiking are our favorite exercises, though Gizmo tries his best to get me to dogjog along with him…guess he thinks my pace is too slow 😉 I’ve seen some fun doggie yoga sites like this one and here’s a good video Makes sense…where else would “downward dog” come from :)

  2. Well sure anyone can exercise with a Jack Russell, try a Lab though, or a Newf. That’ll really get you in shape!!

    • I think the message is that you start with a JRT, work up to a beagle or cocker spaniel, and you’ll be ready to bench press Delilah and Sampson in no time. :)

    • But you’re not taking into account the amount of energy you have to burn to get the JRT tired enough to sit there and let you use him for exercising. : >)

      My dog exercise is gate hurdling. The living room and computer room are gated off to make dog free zones for the cats. For some reason it’s easier to step over them then move them to get in and out.

  3. The best home fitness plan there is. And the cutest too.

  4. If it weren’t for Kelly and Brooks, I’d probably never get out of the house and walk around, lol! We’re even amping it up to jogging a bit, they both seem to love that! The pooper scooper squats …oh yeah!

    • I hear you, Peggy. Especially when the temps dip below freezing.

      Good for you for adding jogging to the mix. I love running with Honey.

      BTW, any chance we’ll be seeing a new edition of Dieting with My Dog that includes a Vince Tornado Dog Gym workout DVD? :)

  5. We do get a fair bit of exercise playing “chase Silas up and down the stairs.” LOL.

  6. Ha! I’d like o see Mr. Tornado try all of that with a Golden Retriever or Rottweiler. Anyone could pull off a pullup with such a little dog. 😛

    Ever since K9 Kamp I’ve been a lot more creative in my workouts and they almost always involve my dog. Though I think I’ll leave the fancy moves to the guy in the video. You might be on to something with putting together an adoption video showcasing these moves, however… What a fun idea!

    • You just need to adjust the exercises for the size of your dog. For instance, it would be easy to lift a Golden Retriever with your legs. I just haven’t gotten Honey to trust me enough to let me try to “airplane” her up in the air.

      I’d love to see a Kristine and Shiva workout video.

  7. My main exercise is throwing the ball. I’ll wait til spring to get in better shape.

    The linky love link to my linky love partner on your linky love page has never worked. A couple of us have told her but it still goes to “not found.”

    • I created a new link that does work but had trouble deleting the original one. Linky does not like Safari so I need to work on it with another browser. But really, go look, the second link does work.

      Ball trick – if you have one of those flinger things you hardly get a workout at all. :)

  8. Rumpy, there are some of us who may have to lose weight. If I don’t lose my turkey tummy from Christmas dinner by taking long walks, I will have to do on a diet. So you’re lucky if you don’t need to diet.

    • It gets tougher to get our workout as our pups get older. Maybe you need a bicycle cart like Honey so you can pull BJ around without stressing pup joints. :)

      • BJ is the one who needs to lost the weight. I have thought about a cart and I don’t think he needs one yet. When I do, I’m going to take your advice from one of your blogs, about how you got Honey to get into one.

  9. You might like my friend Hannah’s blog.

  10. Great exercise tips there, mummy sure needs some extra walkies!

  11. If it weren’t for the dogs, I don’t think I’d get any exercise. Never liked exercise equipments or the gym, but give me a walk or a hike any day. :-) Just wish I lived in an area with nicer places to walk and hike. Maybe one day. A girl can dream. :-)

    • Just got back from a beautiful snowy hike with our friends from The Peaceful Dog Blog (Kirsten, Florian, Fozzie, and Lamar). They came to Ithaca on a spontaneous road trip.

      Come on by, we’ll show you lots of lovely places to hike. :)

  12. Oh that is too funny….your Dad lifting up the Golden!
    Hugs madi