Meet the Pet Blogger – The Pamela Edition

Meet the bloggers blog hopIs there anything S’Waggers don’t already know about me? Because I’m not exactly a closed book.

On the other hand, I have a few dog-related stories I would love to share but don’t have the nerve. And I try to stay on topic so you won’t find me writing here about other things that interest me unless I can find a way to hook it to dogs.

So here we go.

First of all, this is what I look like:

Pamela the pet blogger walking Honey the golden retriever and Ginny the foster dog.

Is that a pet blogger I see? It is. It is.


Sorry for all the layers. But this is what we look like in upstate NY from October through mid-May.

And here are a few random questions I’ll answer about myself:

What’s your favorite non-animal related movie?

I love movies. I love them so much that when I was in college, I’d sneak into my now husband’s 8:00 a.m. film classes in college to see classics like Battleship Potemkin and 8 1/2.

It’s a hard choice. But every time I see Wings of Desire, I could weep with joy. It’s one of the most beautiful films ever made.

Pet blogger Pamela out for a walk.

Let’s come a little closer.


Who’s your favorite actor?

Jim Broadbent. Without a doubt. He picks interesting and unusual projects to work on. And any film he’s in, even if the film is just meh, is worth watching for his performance.

What do you wish you were more skilled at?

Taking care of people. It’s the most important thing any of us can do and I stink at it.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like swimming, kayaking, and sailing. But I loooooooove sitting on a beach chair on the shore of a lake or ocean reading a good book.

If I did nothing else but that for the rest of my life, I’d die happy.

Hmmmm, notice none of those activities involve snow? Now why do I live here again?

What one word would people who know you use to describe you?

Probably intelligent. But I’d much prefer they would describe me as kind.

After all, no one went to their death pleased because they were good at trivia.

Setting up a meet the pet blogger portrait.

Let’s set up a nice portrait. Ginny, why did you crawl under Honey?

How is your pet most like you?

We’re both extroverts. And if we spend too much time inside by ourselves, we get gloomy.

What can your body do for you that makes you most proud?

Get me around without relying on fossil fuels. I don’t own a car. I bicycle or walk most places I need to go.

Posing for a portrait in the meet the blogger hop.

Pamela: I can’t believe I got everyone to stay still. Honey: Where’s my treat? Ginny: Are we done yet?

Okay, enough about me.

Are you a pet blogger who needs to come out into the light?

Let’s meet you. Pick up an assortment of questions to answer, write your post, and link to the hop.

Come out from behind your pets and let’s get a look at you.

Your Turn: Have you been meeting the pet bloggers? What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned about a pet blogger?


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  1. “No one went to their death pleased because they were good at trivia” – LOL! So very true but I still like to kick butt at Cranium.

    I’d love to live in a walk-friendly or cycle-friendly city. Calgary is terrible that way and the urban sprawl is out of control. We lived right down town when we first moved here, and you still needed a car because the commercial/residential mixing isn’t as good as it should be and the transit system wasn’t designed for the volume we now have.

    • Hmmm, maybe someday we should start a dog blogger trivia contest on Google hangout. With all the readers I’ve discovered, we should be pretty competitive. :)

      And as for getting around Calgary, you’ve described the North American blight. The curse of cheap land keeps most cities from being truly pedestrian or bike friendly.

      Mine isn’t great, either because we have terrible potholes on the roads and the town is surrounded by steep hills. Luckily, we have very good public transit for such a small city with bike racks on the front of all the buses. As long as there isn’t too much ice, it’s very easy to take a bus up the hill with your bike on the rack and coast down the hills.

  2. Funny, when I came to your post I thought, “Pamela bares her soul to us all the time…what can she possibly add here”? But you did – Jim Broadbent? I have to go do a google search.

    • I hope you did the google search. Because Jim Broadbent is in just about every British movie. But he’s often playing a character role so many people don’t know who he is.

      And don’t worry, Kate. I still have a secret or two. Some day I’ll drop something really shocking on the blog so you don’t take me for granted. :)

      • I did look him up and was like “oh yeah, that guy” never knew his name. Love character actors like that – but they don’t get much glory do they?

  3. Nice to meet you snow lady. Have a great day.

  4. Your disguise made me laugh, of course we all know what you look like already.

    • Hey, since most of my pictures on the blog are of me kayaking in my bathing suit I had to shock everyone by totally covering up. :)

  5. LOL! I am the exact opposite…when I am around people too much….I get gloomy…and want nothing more than to be by myself! That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy being with friends, but I can tolerate a whole lot of me (with the dogs) time before I need people.

    • Well that’s the crux of the difference between introverts and extroverts. It’s not whether we like people or not but whether we need to be with them or away from them to restore our energy.

      Glad to know you’re an introvert. Otherwise, recovering from your injury at home would be torture. :)

  6. Hi Pamela,
    I love your blog and always look forward to your posts! Getting to know you better makes me feel so much more connected! Enjoy the snow! We only have wind and rain.

    • The snow is one small compensation for the cold and clouds. I loved traveling in Britain but I’d get tired of the rain pretty quickly.

      Of course, by the time I’ve shoveled 90 inches of snow, I’m pretty sick of the stuff. :)

  7. You’re so right about Jim Broadbent. I would watch him in anything.

    I’m always pleased to be pretty good at trivia (and am actually obsessed with trivia, as you are probably not surprised to learn), but you’re right. I hope that’s not my primary legacy! 😉 For the record, I would describe you as thoughtful and insightful. So, intelligent mixed with kind, if you will.

    Loved reading your post, and glad you joined the hop (even though you’re already a trillion times better than the rest of us when it comes to sharing on our blogs)!

    • We should so start a trivia team. Don’t you think we’d be a killer combination? :)

      And thanks for your sweet words. You’re so kind.

  8. LOL..Ya, why do you live in the frozen north?

    • Because I’m insane. :)

      But seriously, I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful summer is after you’ve survived the frozen north. It’s better than sex. :)

  9. I love Jim Broadbent, too! Half the time you don’t even recognize him from film to film.

    And I have to say, you’re just about the best person at taking care of other people that I know. You are also one of the kindest.

    • I can’t tell you how many movies I didn’t care for that I watched just for Jim Broadbent’s performance. Moulin Rouge is one. Topsy Turvy is another. Even so, they’re both unusual and interesting films even if they weren’t to my taste. The man can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned.

      And thanks for your kind words. I just hope you never find yourself in need of some Pamela caregiving or you’ll eat those words. :)

  10. Pawsome to meet you Pamela – I wish I could come over and play in all that snow *Waggy tail*

    • You have the perfect coat for our snow, Alfie.

      Honey likes to go outside just to roll around in it. I say she’s making snow angels. :)

  11. I love sitting on the beach and reading a book! I actually don’t like going in the water, which everyone finds weird, but sitting there on the sand in the shade is divine!

    • I like to combine the best of both worlds. I put my beach chair about six inches into the water so I can keep my feet cool while I’m reading.

      Ahhhhh, summer. Just 6 months to go! :)

  12. Good to meet you!

    You know, when we lived up North, I always thought that people “did” summer very well. You could spend all day outside, and you were always within walking or biking distance of great ice cream. When you get rid of the snow, you really lose the ability to do that–summer here is *so hot* and the UV index is so high that you just can’t stay out for more than an hour without extreme precautions. So it makes sense to me that a real summer-lover would live in a cold place.

    • Yes, you understand it exactly, Jessica. Summers in Ithaca are in the 70s with low humidity. I spend every waking moment outdoors, working on my front porch with my laptop and sleeping outside in the yard in my tent.

      On the other hand, I was in Panama for a month with humidity around 90% and loved it! Mike had sweat pouring off him and I was in my element. I even got cold snorkeling. So maybe I really am crazy to be living so far north. 😉

  13. It is so much fun reading about you humans today! I will write about my mom tomorrow, couldn’t do it today.

  14. Nice to “meet” you!

  15. That’s so awesome that you try to walk to wherever you need to go, even if it is in the cold upstate snow! I’ve been trying to do more walking. I often walk to the grocery store or the coffee shop, but our town is a little bit more widespread so I can’t walk everywhere.

    I know what you mean about not being good at taking care of people. I suck at it too. I am so worried about saying or doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. I also know that some people like their space, so I’m afraid that by trying to comfort them I am invading their space or coming across as being nosy.

    • It’s great that you build walking into your regular errands. So many people don’t.

      I find that distances feel really far to me until I walk them and see how short they are. Six miles round trip is not a big deal to walk. But when I had a car, it felt like such a great distance. :)

      I have the same worry about putting my foot in it when I try to show my care for people. But I guess I’m trying to remember it’s better to be damned for trying and failing than it is to let someone think I don’t care.

  16. I would also be happy to just sit on a beach and read! (or in the tub.)

    I’m also no good at taking care of people. I could never be a nurse!

  17. Our overnight temps dipped into the 40’s. That fact and your pictures have given me hypothermia.

  18. I’m so with you on the upstate NY weather! Also, I grew up in Vermont so you’d think I liked all this snow and stuff. But I’d rather be reading a book on a beach with you.

    • But back me up on this, Peggy. Isn’t summer in upstate NY (and New England, for that matter) the greatest after surviving the winter?

  19. Thanks for sharing! I love that you don’t own a car and walk or bike everywhere. Very interesting, and definitely something to be proud of!

  20. Thanks for sharing! Love these pictures!

  21. Thanks so much for sharing stuff about you! Love it. I’ve never heard of the movies you mentioned so I’m going to check those out!

    • Yeah, reading about everyone’s movies convinces me that I’m a freak. I won’t be expecting any invitations to dog blogger movie nights. :)

  22. I want to hear some of your dog related stories that you’re afraid to share! Maybe at the next BlogPaws… I’m questioning your sanity — with as much as you like everything that *doesn’t* involve snow, yet you live in Snowville! Do the dogs enjoy it, the snow? 😉

    • If I ever get up the nerve to share my deep, dark dog secrets, you might regret ever asking. :)

      My husband keeps threatening to move me to Florida. And I must admit I found temps in the 80s with humidity around 90% in Panama to be exquisite and the water temps even a little cold.

      But you must know that there is no better place to enjoy the summer than the Finger Lakes of NY. After we survive all the snow, nothing will drive us indoors. And the weather is perfect–in the 70s with low humidity.

      I grew up in Maryland. I know what your humid summers are like. :)

  23. So it is the snow that has driven you to take to the seas. That, and the draw of a nice warm beach somewhere….

    Now I understand.

    Plus, that way you can take Honey with you and your hubby, so what else could you ever want for? :-)

    • Yep, even the terror of storms on the open sea pale in comparison with thoughts of spending the rest of my life in this dark and cloudy landscape. :)

  24. Love reading more about you and getting to see pictures! I feel the same as you as I’m pretty much an open book on the blog, but I dug deep and found a few things that I might not have shared!

    I think you are very KIND and intelligent :)

    • No one is totally an open book. Someday we’ll both shock the world by sharing something so personal that they didn’t think we had it in us.

      And thanks for your kind words. But you probably meant to say kinda intelligent. Darn autocorrect. :)

  25. You’re singing my song! A good book in a beach chair is my idea of heaven. Truly, every time I think about a vacation, the place hardly matters… I always just picture a beach chair and a stack of books. And some drinks. It’s vacation, after all. Incidentally, I’ve read a dozen or so of these “meet the bloggers” this evening, and I think you’re the first self-described extrovert! I love that! And I would definitely describe you as kind!

    • I feel like I should love something more active. But what can I say? I’d never move from a lawn chair again if I could carry enough books to keep me going. Thank goodness for my Nook. :)

      You’re right that there aren’t many blogger who come out as extroverts. I guess most extroverts are out having fun with real people, instead of virtual ones. :)

  26. I actually think of you as a very kind and interesting person. There is a warmth about you in real life that comes through in your writing and conversations. You’re one of the people I most admire for your wit and writing style! I’m still catching up on posts, so I’m not sure I can tell you what the most interesting thing is yet!

  27. Any chance you could send some of your snow this way? Then maybe I would feel a little more Christmassy!

    How do you manage to look so glam walking down the road in multiple layers – yet another reason for me to respect you. I would not look that good!

    • How much snow do you want? We’ll probably get another 90 inches or so. :)

      And I’ve never had anyone call me glam in any season, much less the dead of winter. Must be the extra layers of long johns and thick socks imparting an air of fashionable yet freezing.

  28. Great to meet you! Although all that snow is making me cold just looking at it brrrrrr. I’m with ya on the reading by the beach or lake!

  29. Great to meet you! Loving the look of all that snow!

  30. Nice meeting you, Pamela… Keep being awesome. *woof woofs

  31. Hi Pamela! I already feel like I “know” you since you were one of the first of my fellow bloggers to encourage and support me in the early days of my blog — pre-Ducky and since — but I enjoyed your post just the same.
    Now, as for snow vs. beach? I’ll take the snow any time! I don’t “hate” the beach, but I much prefer the mountains and just walking through the woods (as opposed to hiking). And I much prefer having to add more layers of clothing than being limited as to how many layers I can remove in order to get comfortable. The only thing I don’t like about snow is having to drive in it — especially down here where people seem to think it’s no different than driving on dry pavement. :-(
    I think it’s great that you live in a place where you can walk and/or ride a bicycle to wherever you need to go! I wish I had that option! But I don’t even feel safe walking in the grass on the side of our road…fools down here think that sidewalks equal “pork barrel spending” but I won’t take that any further.
    I love movies, too — especially old ones from Hollywood’s GOLDEN era — and usually watch at least one in bed every night. My favorite is Casablanca with Bogie and Ingrid Bergman…and Claude Rains.

    • Isn’t it funny how people either love the beach or the mountains but not usually both? :)

      I made a lot of intentional choices to give me the ability to get along without a car. It’s not as easy here as it was in Philadelphia. But I turned down a job once because, even though it was only 8 miles outside of town, I knew I wouldn’t ride my bike there if the weather was bad. And I sought a house in a neighborhood with sidewalks.

      I always think it’s sad for anyone to live where walking is hard. And you’re not alone in the mistrust of sidewalks. Even here in godless, liberal Ithaca, we’ve had a major battle when the town wanted to put sidewalks in a neighborhood where many people walk but that didn’t have them before. Ah well.

      I love Casablanca. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship, Sue. :)

  32. This is such a great hop, and I’m still working my way around. It will probably keep me busy even after the holidays learning about everyone! (I need to take a couple days off to do some Christmas stuff and bring our new puppy home!).
    What surprises me the most is that everyone has a lot in common. I see similar answers on a lot of the blogs. I’ve gotten reminded of books and movies I’ve long forgotten. It’s nice for me to know that there’s a whole group of people out there that I have a lot in common with too. I don’t always relate well to people I meet in my everyday life.

    • Isn’t it amazing how many bloggers are avid readers? When does everyone find the time?

      I love that fact that some of my favorite people have tastes so different than mine but our common love of dogs makes us friends. I’d rather put pins in my eyes than watch Love, Actually. But I could sit and talk about dogs for hours with some of that movie’s biggest fans. :)

      I hope you enjoy your time off and I can’t wait to see the new puppy!

  33. I am still in awe of you powering yourself around on your own in the snow. I wish I wasn’t so wimpy. On another note, my lot in life has been spending most of it taking care of people. I’ve gotten really good at it. Too good in fact. I will drop everything in a second, including taking care of my life, to care for others. I have a strange love-dislike relationship with it. On one hand I feel like I have paid my care-taking dues but on the other hand I have an unwavering dedication to stepping up when it is called for.

  34. BRRRRR!!! At least it does look like Christmas there! I agree with the doggie trivia pawty!! Of course, my husband & I paly “geriatric” Jeopardy, we DVR it then pause after each question until we know the answer. There’s no way we can answer as fast as those brainiacs! Still, one of my final words may very well be “what is…” : )

  35. Hi Pamela, as one of my favourite bloggers, I really enjoyed reading this. I also love the bottom photo- you look so content. Fair play to you by not owning a car. Walking in all that snow must keep you fit! Great post and great to read a little more about you x

  36. I am so glad I finally made it over here. I have never heard of Wings of Desire, but now I am intrigued.

    You are very kind and I think you and I look about the same when in winter. :)

    I absolutely loved your statement: After all, no one went to their death pleased because they were good at trivia. So true! And yet, my brain is filled with the stuff. What’s a girl to do? :)

  37. So nice to meet you Pamela. One of the other bloggers told me you and I would have a lot in common–maybe we’re both a little on the brainy side?

    You asked what we might have learned after meeting so many of the bloggers. I found that most of us drive ourselves hard and wish we could do more.

    And the love for our furry companions come through whether people wrote long paragraphs or short answers, whether their pictures were blurry and hurried or professional and posed. What a great group of people!

  38. Well now Pamela, I’m a wee bit late to the party, but thank you for joining the blog hop and for the wit and honesty with which you go about everything regarding this blog. I loved your answers!

    What I’ve been finding out is that we are more alike (not just you and I, but bloggers in general) than we actually knew.