If Dogs Wrote Real Estate Blogs

I keep a notebook. In it I write every idea I have for future blog posts.

I have two blogs. For some reason, I have more ideas for the dog blog than for the real estate blog.

My dog Honey gives me lots of ideas for Something Wagging. I need her help for Hands on Home Buyer.

Hmmm, I wonder what ideas she’d come up with?

Honey the Golden Retriever looks for an eat-in kitchen in all real estate.

Num, num, num. I love an eat-in kitchen.

Post Titles in a Dog Real Estate Blog

♦ Location, Location, Location – Check the P-mail Before You Buy

♦ How to Find a Real Estate Agent That Smells Like Salami

♦ Can you Get a Mortgage With No Kibble Down?

♦ Calling all “Dangerous Dogs” – How to Keep Your Insurance Company From Dropping Your Coverage (oh, I already wrote that one)

♦ Yes You Can DIY – Tips for Chewing Drywall and Moldings

♦ How a Bully Stick Addiction Trashed My Credit

♦ Make a Strong Mortgage Application – Don’t Forget to Wag

♦ Find the Home Inspector Who Will Sniff Out All a House’s Problems

Honey the golden retriever considers real estate.

I wonder if I see myself living in this house?

♦ Getting Along With the Neighbors – What If You Buy Next to a House Full of Cats

♦ Convincing the Co Op Board That You’re a Good Dog

♦ Get a Seller To Accept Your Lowball Offer – Sweeten the Pot With Treats

♦ Try Before You Buy – How to Nap at Open Houses

♦ Marking Your Territory – Understanding Your Survey

On second thought, maybe I won’t ask Honey for help.

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Your Turn: Are your real estate decisions influenced by your dog?


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  1. Since my mom also writes blogs and social media posts for real estate, we love this list! It is hard to write for others especially when you need to be serious and not all about dogs. Mom does it, but it is obvious what she enjoys and what she has to do to put dog food in our bowls! This post really mad us laugh…going to share!

    • So glad you giggled. I was wondering if it would only be funny to me. :)

      BTW, real estate and dog blogs may not be as unrelated as you think. In every home buying class I teach, there’s at least one person who says they’re thinking of buying a house to have room for their animals.

      • I always caution buyers that want to move into a home in an association as pet policies can be restrictive. I know when I bought my house, it needed to have an already fenced yard so the dogs could be out in the yard right away.

  2. How about this one:
    Selling Your Home: It Takes More Than Buried Bones in the Backyard!

  3. Great list. We moved several times when we first moved out to SoCal…accommodating our dogs was probably number 1 on our list of criteria. Big, fenced yard? Proximity to hiking trails? Neighborhood dog park? Neighborhood dogs? All heavy factors. I know include stairs and flooring…

  4. Love the list. In MT, when I was negotiating for an apartment I really liked but “no pets” allowed, I reminded the landlord my three adult cats, all altered, all indoor, and using litter boxes, would be less detrimental to the apartment than any child. After some thought, he said “we have a dog and a cat; you are right.” We did limit me to the 3 cats, but I got a great deal and Anna Louise found a roof to lay on (not for long!).
    I also love the dog portraits gracing your teal background, They are perfect!

  5. I think Honey’s list is great and that people would read it :) I will be moving in the next couple of years and I was looking at rental properties to bide us over until be can buy. I forget how hard it is to find a place to rent with dogs…even two small ones. As Roberta did though – I am not afraid to contact a landlord, sell him/her on me and then negotiate to get Chester and Gretel in. I mean, who wouldn’t love those faces!

  6. Those are pretty funny!!

  7. Great list! I would definitely read these articles. We are actually in the house-buying market right now, trying to find the best fit for us and our critters. I follow your Hands on Home Buying board on Pinterest, your articles have helped us know what to expect!

  8. I’m still laughing at some of those post titles! Especially the “Getting Along with the Neighbors…” one! In Callie’s, Shadow’s, and Ducky’s case, it’s not so much the cats and dogs as it is one of the humans! (And I feel pretty much the same way.)

  9. I read both your blogs, and I think the dog blog is so funny and the real estate blog is so interesting though I don’t live in the US.

  10. LOL! Those are so cute. Yes, we purchased our house with our dogs in mind. I got the big fenced in yard I wanted. :)

  11. Ha ha ha! I will admit that few of Honey’s ideas intrigued me!

  12. Can’t wait to read the articles! :)

  13. I think Honey is brilliant! We’re hoping to make a move next year and I know my dogs would request floor to ceiling windows, big backyard, and squirrels. Since they’ve never seen squirrels yet in their lives, I just know they’d like to :-) And I’m pretty sure they’d like a real estate agent that smelled like salami!

  14. Love the list. I too am in Real Estate and all my decisions are based on being dog friendly!
    A lot of my buyers had dogs and wanted the perfect location and style. Big windows, for dog noses, close to a park for runs, and lots of dogs around to play with…

  15. Um, Honey obviously got help from Desmond on Yes You Can DIY – Tips for Chewing Drywall and Moldings. 😉

  16. O I so need all of your advice – I may have found a house and I am so scared!! Mortgage meeting tomorrow but it is going to take all my savings for me to afford it – which is not good surely I need something to fall back on in case anything happens and to set everything up. But the house is such a good price I feel I would be an idiot to not make an offer!

  17. Clever list. My dogs would mostly like a neighborhood with a lot of trees and maybe a fire hydrant or two for…you know, communication purposes.

  18. I would totally read a real estate blog written by Honey.