If Dogs Aren’t Allowed… Then Why…?

Honey wants to know:

Honey the Golden Retriever sleeps with a human butt bolster on the bed.

It’s amazing how this bolster ends up in just the right spot.

If dogs aren’t allowed in the park by the lake, then why do they have goose poop hors d’oeuvres all over the shore?

If dogs aren’t allowed in public restrooms, then why do they put that convenient leash hook on the back of the stall door?

If dogs aren’t allowed in human beds, then why do people’s legs, butts, and heads make such comfortable bolsters?

If dogs aren’t allowed to eat human food, then why do people drop so much of it on their shirts?

If dogs aren’t allowed to gamble, then why do we still have greyhound tracks?

If dogs aren’t allowed in museums, then why do they have such cool marble floors that can only be appreciated by someone covered in fur lying on them on a hot day?

If dogs aren’t allowed to eat out of the pans on the stove, then why do ranges include a warmed step to make the reach easier?

If dogs aren’t allowed on athletic fields, then why do they have so many balls lying around? Are they going to fetch themselves?

If dogs aren’t allowed to pee on the newspaper, then why do puppies get so much praise for doing it?

If dogs aren’t allowed to rule the world, then why don’t the humans who do learn how to snarl when someone pisses them off and shake off the insult without starting a war every other week?

Your Turn: What “no dogs allowed” rule has your pup puzzled?

Honey the Golden Retriever as seen in the rear view mirror of the car.

No matter how fun the journey, it’s always worth looking back every once in a while.

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If dogs are supposed to have their own blogs, then why don’t they come with their own IT person?

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  1. I’m with you on the parks for sure. Can’t begin to tell you how many of our local parks DO NOT allow dogs. I think it is deplorable, never thought about the goose poop…good point!

  2. Sue at The Golden Life says:

    Actually, many of the MLB teams have “Bark in the Park” days when the fans can bring their dogs to the ball park. Though why anyone would subject their pets to 3 or more hours of hot sun (at least in Atlanta) is beyond me. I walk my girls at the church ballfield across our road whenever the weather/circumstances permit.

    And our dogs are allowed on the beds, as long as they wait for the invite or it’s empty.

  3. We just say rules are there to be broken. LOL! Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. You bring up some very valid points that I have never really thought about. I just kind of accepted things as they are but now I am going to wonder a bit more. Great post!

  5. National parks are my biggest one. Why can’t dogs go their? We often see great places the dogs would love to visit, but never will.

    • paula haessley says:

      TONTO NATIONAL FOREST in Arizona-dogs are allowed BUT make sure they leashed when pricky wardens around!!

  6. I agree with Roxy on the national parks! The hubs and I have a little dream of visiting all of them – but we want to bring the dog along!! It sucks. Big Time.

  7. So much of the No Dogs Allowed can be traced directly to irresponsible humans who made dogs canina non grata in places like parks. Unfortunately all dogs must pay for a few humans who don’t accept the responsibility of helping their dogs be good citizens.

  8. Honey, I’m with you, inquiring minds want to know!

  9. I know the collies sure wish they could go more places with us! They have a dream of visiting a movie theater one day…but alas they will never see that dream come to fruition…unless I take them to a drive-in movie! 🙂

    Seriously though, the National Parks do allow dogs, but many of them do not allow them from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Thats why we were visiting so many this Spring, we were trying to see them before Memorial Day! 🙂

  10. Delilah would like to know if shredding paper and dryer sheets isn’t allowed, why are there so many of them lying about?

  11. Cute! If dogs aren’t allowed to have credit cards, then why do they sell so many cool doggie stuff online? 🙂

  12. Did you try reinstalling the offending plug in? That’s about as far as my IT knowledge goes 🙂 The links just aren’t the same without pictures. Although I do think they stand out more, maybe because I was used to seeing the pictures?

    Love your list, you’ve come up with things I didn’t even realise dogs weren’t allowed to do. My dogs are allowed on the bed and most nights I think they are more comfortable than I am.

  13. Oh, this is fun! If dogs aren’t allowed to eat as much as they want, why does their food come in such big bags?

  14. Good things to ponder, Honey. Now you got me wondering.

  15. Ellie Haith says:

    That (unnamed) park ban really frosts me. I once walked our dog there while having some work done on my car, and was rudely set straight by some officious body. Of course, not living in Ithaca, how could I know? Not have dogs in parks? Nertz.

  16. Love reading everyone’s comments! Why aren’t dogs allowed in the bank but they give out dog treats in the drive thru?

  17. Love this! Share it all over the place. I’m grinning from ear to ear and not just because of the phone of the dog using the butt as a pillow. So cute.

  18. Honey makes some very good points!