Henri the Cat has Political Ennui

What Will Inspire This Cat?

Henri despairs of things ever getting better. Unless, of course, cats could get some political representation.

I’ll let him speak for himself:

For the story of Tuxedo Stan read the report by Halifax correspondent, Kristine Tonks of Rescued Insanity.

If your animal friends were represented in local government, what changes would you expect to see?

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  1. We agree w/ Henri! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amazing – I’m obviously going to have to link to this post in my roundup today!

  3. The cat has a point. I’m just sayin’.

    I’m sure if one of my dogs made it to office you would see some leash laws changed. :-)

  4. I’d start by getting rid of breed specific legislation.

  5. Funny. Love the “castration without representation” line.

    Rita would ban leaf blowers!

  6. Our newest family member, Molly, watched this with me and PURRED loudly!

    I think she’d want to get some serious discussions going about “fixing” the unequal treatment of cats in the shelter/rescue world. But I know our 3 dogs would support Clowie’s focus on BSL. And then there’s the whole puppy mill issue …

    Hmmm, what if we tested the current candidates based on what we think they would say about these issues and funding for animal welfare?

  7. If one of us dogs were in charge, I think we might have to put a sin tax on dog poop and use that money to help feed homeless dogs.

  8. I’m with Clowie: no more breed specific legislation!

    I think if dogs and cats were in power (okay, mostly dogs on this one) Action Now! would be the rule of thumb. No more of this diplomatic cold war nonsense. Now or never, out of sight out of mind. It’s just the way it should work, so that situations don’t fester without conclusion.

  9. Soon. Soon cats will rule the universe.

  10. What a handsome kitty! I think cats might be the answer to all of our problems :)

  11. Bravo!! Henri is so right. He needs to speak at World Anipals Political Convention. #WAPC is Oct 6.

  12. This is awesome! I had no idea Henri had done a video featuring Tuxedo Stan! It’s so amazing to me how one little cat can reach so many people across the world. I really hope this makes a difference. Even if only a small one.

    Thanks for sharing this! And for the link!

  13. How f-ing brilliant is that spot. I would have to disagree though. I don’t know about cats in government. I think maybe they sleep too much. WE however, will work like dogs, be loyal to our constituents and all for a bone. That’s just what I think, of course. Love, Georgia The Dog X

  14. A friend shared this with me and I laughed. Love Henri!

    Changes I would expect to see?

    Daisy would eliminate puppy mills (no dog about it!).
    Jasper would make it a law that he could chase anything he wanted without a fence to stop him.
    Cupcake? Hmm… Free food anytime she wanted. :)

  15. OMG! When he says “castration without representation” and then looks away, oh, I totally lost it! I love that cat!