From One Holiday to the Next – Follow Up Friday

We’re going off-leash for Follow Up Friday. Thank you, Jodi of Heart Like a Dog, for giving us the chance to get caught up on a busy week.
It's Follow Up Friday from Heart Like a Dog.

Killing Little Miss Perfect

I’m trying to learn from Honey how to kill Little Miss Perfect. You know. That little voice inside your head that tells you nothing but perfect is ever good enough?

Luckily, I have wise readers to learn from as well.

Jodi wrote: “I have really learned to love Delilah’s imperfections, they are what make her such a unique and remarkable dog…. I truly am lucky because I believe she makes me a better person.”

Well put, Jodi. If only we could always be the person our dogs make us at our best.

Taryn shared a quote: “A clean house is the sign of a wasted life.”

I’ve found my new motto.

And I’ll let Jan have the last word: “Several years ago I managed to reach perfection for both me and my dogs by simply lowering my standards.”

Somehow Jan manages to put into one short sentence what it took me hundreds of words to say much less well. I love my readers.

Honey the Golden Retriever loves her squeaky lion dog toy.

Honey is happy for anything that squeaks.

What My Dog and I Are Thankful For

Honey shared a few things she’s thankful for this Thanksgiving season. I’m thankful to read the comments from loving people who give wonderful homes to their dogs. I smiled with every comment I read.

Most Popular Post

For two years, one post has gotten more traffic than any other.

I understand Jackie, Sue, and Kristine for thinking it would be The Dog Lover’s Guide to Great Sex. It’s certainly put Something Wagging into the search engine traffic for people who like dog sex.

But no, my most popular post ever has been 10 Things Your Dog is Most Thankful For. Maybe there’s hope for the world yet.

Calling Something Wagging Readers

When I’m just thinking of the wonderful people I’ve “met” in the 3+ years I’ve been writing Something Wagging This Way Comes, I call them smart, caring, and funny.

Such a stunning combination of awesomeness needs a name. So I polled you to find out what you would like me to call you.

We ended in a tie between S’Waggers and Wag-Alongs.

As the official tie-breaker, I cast my vote for S’Waggers. Cuz you have some serious swag—the swag of smarts and confidence and fun. But if you want to call yourself Wag-Alongs, Waginators, or anything else, you go right ahead.

Honey and I are happy to see you no matter what you like to call yourself.

Happy Hanukkah, S’Waggers

Hope everyone enjoyed the first night of the Festival of Lights. It’s not too late to buy a great gift for the Hanukkah-celebrating dog or dog lover in your life.

Some of my gift suggestions are free or frugal and would do just as well for Christmas, birthdays, or gotcha days. And stop back on Cyber-Monday for my gift guide for dogs and the people who love them.

Blogger’s Gift Exchange Bigger Than Ever

As of today, we have almost as many people signed up to exchange compliments, encouragement, and link love through the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange as we did by the end of last year’s event.

I want to thank my co-host, Pup Fan of I Still Want More Puppies and everyone who has signed up already and is spreading the word.

I’ll be matching up bloggers at random this Sunday and sending out emails so you can start raining gifts of praise and encouragement on your partner.

It’s not to late to join the fun. Here’s what you have to do.

  1. To learn more about the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange, read about how it works and how it got started.
  2. Enter your information in the Rafflecopter below.
  3. Pick up the badge for your blog or sidebar.
  4. Wait for my email matching you with another bloggers.
  5. Write a post, or posts, promoting your partner blogger as your special gift to them. Or make a Pinterest board. Or tweet their best work. Or all of the above.
  6. Add your post to the linky list that will appear on Something Wagging on December 1.
  7. Bask in the joy of giving a great gift. And enjoy reading what your blogging partner writes about you.
A mola made with two dogs.

A Kuna Yala mola.

Everyone who enters will have a chance to win a piece of hand crafted, fabric art from an indigenous Panamanian craftsperson.

So enter now, S’Waggers. Don’t wait.



Something Wagging This Way Comes Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Your Turn: Honey and I celebrate Buy Nothing Day. Do you enjoy quiet time with your furries? Or shop til you drop?

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  1. I am looking forward to the pet blogger’s exchange and seeing what everyone comes up with this year! I am glad to hear the most popular post wasn’t the one I thought it was! lol

  2. Can’t wait for this exchange – it sounds like lots of fun!

  3. Thanks for all the work you have done and will do on this project.

  4. I can’t get the rafflecopter to work. Can I send you an email instead?

    • Sorry the Rafflecopter is acting up. Some people find that it works fine when they try it again later.

      But if that’s not true for you, send me an email: Make sure you include your blog address, facebook page address, Twitter name, Pinterest page, and Google+ page (if you have them). I’ll add you into the gift exchange from the back end. :)

      So glad you’re joining the fun again this year.

  5. S’Waggers, I like it. :-) I hope you enjoy your quiet day in your perfectly imperfect home!

  6. Looking forward to the exchange!

  7. The popular post one is funny hahah. There is hope after all!

  8. Hi Pamela, Glad to see you ‘off-leash.’ Thanks so much for joining the blog hop. So S’waggers won? That’s cool. I’ll be a S’wagger, a wagoneer or whatever you want to call me.

    I’m fairly certain I joined the gift exchange in the beginning of the week, but if I haven’t would you drop me a line? The rafflecopter was going to let me join again but I didn’t want to overwhelm you. :-)

    Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

    • Just checked the Rafflecopter and saw your info. So you’re all set. :)

      So glad you’re joining the fun. And thanks for hosting the hop so I could get a few things off my chest. :)

  9. I love your most popular post! Fantastic. I’ll have to check my analytics to see which one is tops on my site.

  10. I entered the pet blogger’s rafflecopter. I’m a little confused, but excited.
    My entry is #12. Come by and vote for us?