5 Best Time Management Tips… from Dogs

No one seems to have enough time.

Except dogs. They always get done exactly what they want to get done. Every day.

What can we learn from them?

Time Tip #1: Spend time in nature every day. You’ll come back to your work feeling refreshed and inspired.

Golden Retriever wading at the base of Ithaca Falls

I do some of my best work outdoors.

Time Tip #2: Don’t forget to take little breaks, whenever and wherever you can.

Golden Retriever snoozes on the rocky shore.

Sure, It’s not a queen bed with lots of fluffy covers (fluffy with dog hair, that is). But you take your breaks when you can get them.

Time Tip #3: Don’t keep doing things that aren’t working. Find a new way of approaching your problem.

Golden Retriever jumping through Doggy Ride bicycle cart.

No matter who hard I tried, I just didn’t feel comfortable sitting in the cart. So now, I practice jumping through it. It’s a lot more fun. And the cart doesn’t seem so scary after all.

Time Tip #4: Take advantage of small blocks of time. You don’t need an hour to be productive. Use those ten minute slots wisely.

Golden Retriever chewing a Nylabone.

I only have five minutes to spare. But that’s enough time to make a start on my Nylabone. Those short chewing sessions add up.

Time Tip #5: Always find time for the ones you love. After all, they’re who make all the hard work worthwhile.

Golden Retriever with a stick.

This is fun. Let me just take this stick to dry land and I’ll be right back.


Do your animals teach you anything about managing your time?

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  1. Oh, they teach me time management all the time! As well as the value of a short nap! Seriously, they never stress about enough time in the day or deadlines. That has to be one of the best parts about being a dog!

  2. Dogs also play everyday, which sometimes I forget to do unless it’s with them. Super list!

  3. I’ve always wondered about the saying “worked like a dog”. Looking at the pics of Honey… how does it even make sense?

  4. I teach Jen that you can always find a reason to be happy no matter what’s going on!

  5. BJ does the teaching. I do the learning.
    Eat what tastes good.
    Sniff and make new friends. Well, maybe I shouldn’t sniff, just make new friends.
    Share your goodies, it comes back in kind.
    Show your love.
    The list goes on.

  6. Honey has some very good advice, it would appear she uses her time very wisely.

    I learn so much from my dogs, it seems like every day I learn something new. They are very good teachers. :-)

  7. I try to apply #4 to house cleaning so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. I figure 5 minutes of getting something done is better than nothing :)

  8. #4 is probably my favourite tip. I am such a huge procrastinator but perhaps if I told myself I’d just sit down and get to work for ten minutes and then take a break, it would help me get started.

    Where is that waterfall in the first photo? It’s gorgeous! I haven’t seen anything like it since I left Alberta. It looks like you both had so much fun!

    • The waterfall is the Ithaca Falls, located 5 blocks from my house. Ithaca has several large waterfalls in the city limits and many more in the surrounding hills (including the highest falls East of the Mississippi River–Taughannock Falls).

      Why not make a visit? It’s closer than Alberta. :)

  9. Words of wisdom! Even though I KNOW all of those things, its good to be reminded of them!

  10. Good tips! Unlike us, the dogs have it all figured out. My guys try to make sure I follow at least some of them – spending time in nature with them :-) Jasmine always makes sure of that.

  11. I have written all of your tips down and have posted them near my computer! I will read the everyday and use them :)

  12. Oh Kelly and Brooks want to go to those waterfalls, Ithaca is gorges!
    I like the way dogs manage time.

  13. Those are some really good tips–though I’m not sure my dogs have got down the one about “if its not working, try something else…” they have some bad habits that seem remarkably intractable!

  14. An extension of your presentation? Great tips. I most especially find that getting out in nature is what rejuvenates me. Walking at the dog park with my dogs when I am tired or crabby or bored does more for me than almost anything else I do. It’s wonderful isn’t it?

  15. Such a great post! These are really important – though, unfortunately, really difficult – lessons to learn. That tip #4… it’s something I strive for, and though I often come up short, I appreciate the reminder!

  16. Finally catching up. :) Great tips and pictures!

  17. This was SO cute! And I’m so happy to see that Honey appears to be ENJOYING the cart (in a certain way). Good job!

  18. I think Jasper would add a 6th one. Herd Sheep. :)