12 Classic Movies That Aren’t About Dogs (But Should Be)

I love classic movies. But wouldn’t they be even better if they were about dogs?

Dog Movies I’d Like to See

Golden Retriever on the beach

Here I am getting nice and sandy. Where’s my leading man?

From Here to Peternity – Drama about Army life on Hawaii before Pearl Harbor. Known for its sexy love scene on the dog beach between Burt Danecaster and Deborah Cur.

Gone With the Pug – Scarlett doesn’t let anything get in her way, not even a raging war between cats and dogs. Until she meets Rhett Pugler, the one dog she can’t get out of her mind.

Citizen K9 – After a wealthy and controversial dog crosses the rainbow bridge, reporters try to figure out the meaning of his last bark.

Dog Soup – Zany Barx Brothers comedy in which Roo-fus T. Firefly becomes dictator of Puppydonia. Mayhem follows.

Sh*t Happened One Night – A spoiled Pomeranian in digestive distress is helped by a handsome shepherd mix who wants to tell her story in a pet blog.

An American Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Paris – Dog meets bitch. Dog pees all over Paris landmarks. Dog loses bitch. Dog and bitch are reunited by selfless friend.

Dr. Strangedog: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bone – One crazy dog tries to convince everyone to go to a raw food diet. Others try to stop him.

The Dogfather – Epic story about the crime family who stop at nothing to make their fortune, even dealing catnip on the streets. I get chills from the scene where the movie producer wakes up to the “warning” of a destuffed squeaky toy in his bed.

It’s a Pupperful Life – George Bailey thinks he’s reached the end of his rope. Until a guardian angel shows him how much he’s really helped his local shelter. A real tearjerker when the little girl tells us that every time a bell rings, a puppy’s gotten adopted.

The Wizard of Dog – After losing her way in a tornado, Dorothy seeks her forever home with the help of her new friends. They face many trials but in the end, Dorothy learns that the only thing she had to do was click her red muttluks together and say, “There’s no place like a home. There’s no place like a home.”

Dogocalypse Now – Military mission sets out to take down a rogue terrier deep in the jungles of Catbodia.

Some Like It Mutt – Two dogs witness a crime and don disguises to escape with an all-cat band.

What classic film would you like to see remade with animals?

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  1. Wait, the Wizard of Oz isn’t all about Toto? All this time…. 😉

  2. These are great Pam! I especially got a laugh out of the de-stuffed squeaky toy in “The Dogfather.” Have a great weekend!

  3. Hehehe. Can’t decide which is my fave. I think “Sh*t Hapened One Night”. I love old movies! So many good ones… An Airedale to Remember, The Beagles of Saint Mary’s, Dog on a Hot Tin Roof, It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Jack Russel Terrier. My fave movie, although maybe not really old enough to be a classic, is Raiders of the Lost Trash Bin.

  4. VERY clever! You should be a writer…. oh but wait – you are! Found you on the Sat Blog Hop.

  5. A solid 10 on the creative and comedy scale!!! Loved them all.

  6. “Dirty Dogging” lol………….

    Super clever post!

  7. So, will a little girl play Toto in the canine version of The Wizard? What about the popular musical version “The Wiz?” The canine version would be “The Whiz” of course…

    I’d pay to see “The Sound of Roosic” where a family of Greyhounds comes together and escapes the Nazis through the Swiss Alps!

  8. An American staffy in Paris HAHAHA!!! How about Psycho set in a dreaded doggy camp? :)

  9. I love it!! I was trying to think of something for Rebel without a Cause . .but I got nothin’ – you are much more creative!!

  10. Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That is absolutely awesome! I love it. You are hilarious.

  11. Wow, we need to see all these films, BOL!

  12. This post was so funny and creative Pamela!

    I’m thinking CasaBarka. Upset after a messy breakup a woman settles in a remote village in Africa, where she is adopted by a rescue dog. Inspired by her new found dog, the woman and dog emBARK on an adventure to rescue more dogs.

    Not nearly as good as yours! LOL

  13. hahaha love it

  14. Loved it. We at some point are going to do our top ten film posters as we have just done out top rock n roll albums. Have a lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  15. These are so awesome! I think I liked the It’s a Pupperful Life. The idea of a bell ringing every time a dog gets adopted made me smile. Al of them made me laugh though. Very clever!

  16. Love this post! Rhett Pugler had me giggling :)

    What about Indiana Bones: Raiders of the Lost Bark?

    • OMD! I don’t quite consider it a classic film (although I know many would argue with me). But the puns are so awesome that should push it onto the list alone. :)

      Great job, Holly!

  17. And this is what happens when work/life becomes crazy for a month… I miss an entire post of beautiful, wonderful, hilarious puns. I love this post!