8th Annual Pet Blogger Challenge (with commentary by Honey)

OMD, it’s that time again! Time to hang with my pet blogging peeps and try to be somewhat amusing for non-blogging readers. The pressure! The pressure! Can I do it?

Welcome To The Neighborhood – Pet Blogger Challenge

Neighborhood is a foreign concept when you’re a transient living on a boat. We don’t see the same dog walkers every day, chat with the school crossing guard each morning, or make that weekly visit to the farmer’s market. But we still have Pet Blogville. And the Annual Pet Blogger Challenge is its big block […]

Pet Blogger Bares All

With apologies to my readers who don’t blog and are wondering what they ever did to deserve this, I’m getting naked today. The robe comes off to let me reveal what nearly all pet bloggers hide. So with no more delay, off go the clothes and I show you my… stats.

Pet Blogger Super Heroes – Pet Blogger’s Challenge 2015

I could spend my morning solving the pet population problem, curing cancer, or figuring out who likes The Big Bang Theory and why. But instead I’ll be trying to write a clever and amusing reply to the Fifth Annual Pet Blogger Challenge. Will I succeed? You tell me.

Pet Blogger Challenge 2014 – Something Wagging’s Multimedia Extravaganza

You think the Pet Blogger Challenge is answering a bunch of great questions about why you do what you do to connect with other bloggers. But it isn’t. The real Pet Blogger Challenge is to write an entertaining piece that says what you want to say without seeming like a jerk for not answering the […]

Are Blog Stats Like the Skinny Model on Your Fridge? Pet Blogger Challenge III

Everyone who makes money telling people how to blog (and even a few who don’t) says you need to track your stats. See what posts attract the most readers. Then write more of those. Voila! Success! But how do you know the people giving you the advice aren’t sabotaging your success to ensure their own? […]

9 Reasons Blogging is Bad for Dogs

Blogging can help you make new friends. Improve your writing. Strengthen your tech skills. But is it good for your dog? Honey, my Golden Retriever, thinks not. And here’s why: Honey Barks Against Blogging Every minute spent blogging is not spent walking, playing tug, or making sweet potato treats. How do you ever expect me […]

Something Blogging This Way Comes – Pet Blogger Challenge 2012

The highlight of the 2011 Blogging Season was the camaraderie of the Pet Blogger Challenge hosted by Amy Burkert of Go Pet Friendly and Edie Jarolim of Will My Dog Hate Me. I’m thrilled to be back as an alumna. And very tired. So let the post begin. 1. Provide a link to your post […]

Who’s Reading Something Wagging?

We’re coming to the end of another year and I feel low as I always do. Rather than look inward or look back, I’ve decided to look outward at you, the reader. Who are you? Are you a typical Something Wagging This Way Comes reader? What I know about my readers: You can learn a […]

A Funny Video – How Not to Walk Your Dog (with time left over for the Pet Blogger Challenge)

The women of the British sketch comedy show, Smack the Pony, have a weird way of looking at the world. Imagine walking your dog in their neighborhood. Ok, that was so short that you’ll have plenty of time to get ready for the Pet Blogger Challenge being hosted on Monday by Edie Jarolim of Will […]