Sick Day – Wordless Wednesday

Spent a sick day in bed yesterday. Do you think I got lonely?

Honey the golden retriever plays nurse on a sick day.

Fat chance. I’ll stay by your side if I have to sleep all day.

Pssst! We have a new guest post over at on our cool way to help a lost Honey get home—even in a cell phone dead zone. Go check it out.

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  1. Meagan & Merlin says:

    Hope u feel better. Dogs are the perfect bed warmers aren’t they? They are great company and are wonderful mood boosters. I would fake sickness just to cuddle honey all day.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Dogs are great bed warmers but ours can be picky. Sometimes they just aren’t in the mood.

  3. Hope you’re feeling better this morning!!

  4. Dogs are natural health care providers. Wishing you a speedy recovery if you haven’t had one

  5. I love when my babies hang out with me when I’m sick. They really do bring comfort and some healing power. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. Feel better soon. There’s nothing like a 4-legged blankie to help get an upright back in a groovy upright position. Loved your article (and congrats on the guest post!). Terrific advice and clever strategies. Well done!

  7. Glad you got a little furry TLC!! Feel better.

  8. I love snuggling with my puppies in bed, and they definitely like it when I stay home all day sick. That means I have to be sick, though, and I don’t like being sick!

  9. Hope you are feeling better!

  10. Nothing better than some doggy snuggles to make you feel better.

  11. Hope you feeling better. I love your dog, so adorable!

  12. Nurse Honey to the rescue! Take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon!

  13. Edie Chase says:

    I hope you are feeling better soon. Dogs make great nurses.

  14. I hope you’re feeling better. I’m glad Honey looked after you.

  15. She is so lovely! Sorry to be MIA for so long, missed you all! I would say I hope you are well but… feel better soon.

  16. Sorry to hear you were I’ll but I’m sure your canine nurse tool good care of you!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them