Drive Like Your Pets Live Here

Love dogs. Love traveling no faster than a brisk walk. You gotta know how much I loved this sign.

Does Your Dog Know These Cues Before Disaster Strikes?

You have a flashlight and batteries. You’ve stocked up water and food in your pantry. You know where to find safety. But is your dog ready? And does s/he know these important cues before disaster strikes?

In The Middle Of An Adventure, It’s Tough To Be The Dog.

Honey looked wistful as we motored past the beach. No digging in the sand today. We were having an adventure. And during an adventure, it’s tough being a dog.

Boat Life: It Ain’t All Margaritas And Sunsets

When people find we live on a sailboat, they often say something like “living the dream, eh?” But it ain’t all margaritas and sunsets. Just ask Honey.

What Wonderful Woman Walked Onto Our Wharf Without Wilson?

Last month Honey and I got to meet a special friend. Can you guess who from the title?

Doesn’t Every Dog Deserve Her Own Beach?

When looking for places to anchor, we need to find somewhere for Honey to land for play time and, well, you know…

The Best Kept Secret to Training The Perfect Dog

Honey is a damn good dog. Certainly the best trained dog I’ve ever lived with. But she’s not perfect. And after seven years training her, I’ve discovered the secret that would make her perfect. Do you want to know what it is?

Can You See What These Three Have In Common?

We’re pet sitting Honey’s two “cousins.” Can you see what they all have in common?

One Big Secret To Make You A Successful Dog Trainer

Successful dog trainers know the power of rewards. They know to be consistent. And they know dogs are always learning. But few put all this together to realize the big secret that every dog trainer needs to know.

Who’s Coming To Visit?

Check out our home for the month.