What Will Santa Do If Naughty And Nice Are The Same?

Santa must be puzzling over whether our dog Honey will earn a piece of coal or a package of liverwurst. After all, what do you do if naughty and nice are the same thing?

Even If Your Dog Isn’t Afraid Of Fireworks, Don’t Do This…

Every time I hear the pop of a firecracker, I wince. Between Canada Day and U.S. Independence Day, millions of North American people and pets feel stressed and afraid of the sound of firecrackers. But even if your dog isn’t afraid of fireworks, there’s one thing you should never do.

5 Tips to Teach Your Dog To Swim (And 1 Reason Everyone Should)

Because we live on the water, it’s vital that our dog Honey knows how to swim. But even if you don’t live on a boat, knowing your dog can swim is important for summer safety. Here are a few tips on how to teach your dog to swim.

Through the Eyes of a Dog (Literally)

The Husband fills in this morning.

Why We Won’t “Wait Out” Our Dog

Yep, you guessed it. Seeing our last post’s picture told you everything you needed to know. Honey will not potty on the boat. Here’s what that means for us.

How To Calm Your Dog When She’s Just Gone Crazy

I looked down and had only one question: Who stole my polite, well-trained dog? And why did they leave this hell-spawned doppelgänger in her place? I had to find a way to calm my dog. She had apparently gone crazy.

Use the Right Words to Talk To Your Dog

Recently we learned a new skill on the boat. As with most things, it got me thinking about dogs. And how important it is for us to use the right words to talk to them.

A Dog’s Life Aboard A Boat

Honey sleeps. She eats. She runs around and plays. In many ways, little has changed for my dog since we moved aboard a boat. But some things are very different.

The Best Way To Find Your Lost Pet While Traveling

One of my biggest worries about setting sail with Honey is reuniting if we got separated. If the worst happens, I’ve found the best way to keep Honey from staying lost while we’re traveling. And it’s probably a good idea for you too.

Sharing My Secret…

You asked me for my secret. How did I manage to hack so many computers and steal millions of dollars while everyone was distracted by Kim Kardashian’s butt? Oops, wrong secret. I mean, how did I train my exuberantly friendly golden retriever Honey to be less friendly so we could pass other dogs and people […]