Taking The Dog For A Walk – At Anchor

First you get the look. Then the whine. Ignore her long enough and you get the bark. It’s time to take the dog for a walk. But how do you get a big dog off the boat at anchor?

Birthday Wishes For Honey

It’s official. Honey is middle-aged. Although she didn’t ask for anything for her birthday this past Thursday, there are a few things I wish I could give her.

Maybe Your Dog Doesn’t Have To Be Fearless

There’s always someone willing to make you feel bad if your dog is afraid to do something. But are they right? Maybe your dog doesn’t have to be fearless.

How Do We Feed The Dog?

From the time she was eight weeks old, Honey ate out of a food toy. But flying dog food and boat bilges are a bad fit. It’s hard to feed a dog on a boat. So how do we feed the dog now?

Why Don’t More People Vacation With Pets

It happened again. Some stranger walked up to us asking, “Can I pet your dog? I miss mine.” Yep, time for Honey to offer comfort to people who don’t vacation with their pets.

Growing A Good Dog Culture

Does your town’s dog culture has you dodging poop bombs in the park and hiding behind cars to avoid rude dogs and their people? Maybe it’s time to move. Or at least try to grow a good dog culture where you live.

Is Your Town’s Dog Culture Hurting Your Dog?

Since we’ve lived on the boat, we’ve only traveled as far as one long car trip. But I’ve already seen big differences in the way people treat dogs from one place to the next. What is your town’s dog culture? And is it hurting your dog?

Tell Your Dog To Keep It In His Pants – An Anti-Humping Rant

It starts with a look. Then the dog puts his muzzle over Honey’s shoulder in a date-rapey “C’mon girl, you know you want it” gesture. And if Honey or I don’t act to stop it, the dog soon starts to mount her. I just want to know why the humans don’t tell their dog to keep […]

Should You Get Pet Health Insurance?

Honey just celebrated her sixth birthday. She’s officially middle-aged. And as we approached her latest birthday, I started thinking about something I don’t consider with a young pup. Should we get Honey a pet health insurance policy?

How Does Your Dog Know When You’re Coming Home?

Can you make it in your front door without finding your dog waiting there to greet you? Most people can’t. Do you ever ask yourself how your dog knows when you’re home?