What Will Santa Do If Naughty And Nice Are The Same?

Santa must be puzzling over whether our dog Honey will earn a piece of coal or a package of liverwurst. After all, what do you do if naughty and nice are the same thing?

What Big Ships Can Teach You About Walking Your Dog

On the water, we’re on a constant watch for warships, submarines, cruise ships, commercial fishing boats, recreational fishermen, tug boats, power boaters, sailboats, kayaks, and yes, even sea planes. It’s almost as challenging as walking the dog.

In The Middle Of An Adventure, It’s Tough To Be The Dog.

Honey looked wistful as we motored past the beach. No digging in the sand today. We were having an adventure. And during an adventure, it’s tough being a dog.

Boat Life: It Ain’t All Margaritas And Sunsets

When people find we live on a sailboat, they often say something like “living the dream, eh?” But it ain’t all margaritas and sunsets. Just ask Honey.

Through the Eyes of a Dog (Literally)

The Husband fills in this morning.

What Has Changed For Honey In the Dinghy?

Here’s Honey coming back to our sailboat, “Meander” in February 2017.

Honey Dog Don’t Do Drama

The best boat people never rush. They’re always in control. They don’t create drama. That’s why my dog Honey loves them. Because Honey Dog don’t do drama.

Honey Says No To The Bahamas – Wordless Wednesday

Honey laid down the law. No long ocean passages for her. Not even to go to the Bahamas.

Use the Right Words to Talk To Your Dog

Recently we learned a new skill on the boat. As with most things, it got me thinking about dogs. And how important it is for us to use the right words to talk to them.

A Dog’s Life Aboard A Boat

Honey sleeps. She eats. She runs around and plays. In many ways, little has changed for my dog since we moved aboard a boat. But some things are very different.