How NOT To Train Your Dog With Treats

Want to know how not to train your dog with food treats? Follow my lead. Because I really blew it.

How To Keep Your Crazy Dog From Jumping Off The Boat

What’s the most common question people ask when they see Honey on board? “How do you keep your dog from jumping off the boat?” The answer is a few parts training and a few parts management. Oh, and a whole bunch of luck.

How to Transform Separation Anxiety On A Boat

You may know the signs your dog is anxious when you leave him alone in the house. But what does separation anxiety look like when your house moves? And how do you transform separation anxiety to strengthen your relationship with your boat dog?

What Can Frustration Teach You About Dog Training?

When I’m frustrated, my jaw tightens and I make aggravated, deep-throated utterances. When my dog Honey feels frustrated, she sits down and scratches. Frustration is our body’s way of telling us something. What does it teach us about dog training?

Build Your Dog’s Confidence—How To Go From Mutt To Super Hero

Whether you’re headed to the vet or heading out to sea, a confident pup is a happy pup. Honey’s confidence has grown tremendously since we’ve been living on the boat. They aren’t making movies about her yet. But I swear that wearing her life jacket, she bears a striking resemblance to Wonder Woman.

When the Best Dog Training Is the Training That Doesn’t Happen

When Honey was a puppy, she had no idea what she was in for. She was going to be the subject of a training regimen usually only seen by service dogs. But sometimes the best dog training is the training that doesn’t happen. And it’s all because of our training mantra.

It’s Not The Dog That Needs Training—It’s Me

We’re early in a new year. Time to set training goals for my pup. But what more can I teach my Mary Poppins dog (practically perfect in every way)? Maybe it’s not the dog that needs training. Maybe it’s me. And the training I need is in how to trim my dog’s too long nails.

What Will Santa Do If Naughty And Nice Are The Same?

Santa must be puzzling over whether our dog Honey will earn a piece of coal or a package of liverwurst. Is she a good dog or a bad dog? After all, what do you do if naughty and nice are the same thing?

What Big Ships Can Teach You About Walking Your Dog

On the water, we’re on a constant watch for warships, submarines, cruise ships, commercial fishing boats, recreational fishermen, tugboats, powerboats, sailboats, kayaks, and yes, even seaplanes. It’s almost as challenging as walking the dog.

Does Your Dog Know These Cues Before Disaster Strikes?

If disaster strikes is your dog trained to deal with it? Here are our best cues for emergencies.