The Most Surprising Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool On The Boat

It’s hot. The temperature and humidity combined make it feel like 107 degrees F. But if we’re hot, how much worse is it for Honey with a double fur coat? Without air conditioning or even ice, I’ve had to adopt some surprising ways to keep my dog cool on the boat. Maybe they’ll keep your dog […]

If You Love Your Dog, You Might Want To Hire A Pet Sitter

Mike and I worked some interesting jobs recently. Unfortunately, there were no openings for a golden greeter. Luckily for Honey, we found a great pet sitter.

10 Things To Do While Waiting With Your Dog

Poor Honey. She’s always waiting for something. Waiting for the vet. Waiting for one of us to come out of the store. Waiting for us to stop talking to someone. What if we found special things to do while waiting with our dog?

The Best Way To Find Your Lost Pet While Traveling

One of my biggest worries about setting sail with Honey is reuniting if we got separated. If the worst happens, I’ve found the best way to keep Honey from staying lost while we’re traveling. And it’s probably a good idea for you too.

A Life Saving SECRET For Introducing Dogs On Leash

If you have a friendly and playful dog, you’ve done the dance. You know the one. Where your dog plays with another dog while you and the other person struggle to keep the leashes from getting tangled. I’ve done it with flexible leashes where I worried that my wrist was going to be amputated. I’ve […]