Want A Happy Boat Dog? Know These Surprising Signs of Stress

How do you know your boat dog is happy? Do they look relaxed and comfortable? Or are they showing signs of stress you may not recognize?

5 Tips to Teach Your Dog To Swim (And 1 Reason Everyone Should)

Because we live on the water, it’s vital that our dog Honey knows how to swim. But even if you don’t live on a boat, knowing your dog can swim is important for summer safety. Here are a few tips on how to teach your dog to swim.

Through the Eyes of a Dog (Literally)

The Husband fills in this morning.

Why We Won’t “Wait Out” Our Dog

Yep, you guessed it. Seeing our last post’s picture told you everything you needed to know. Honey will not potty on the boat. Here’s what that means for us.

How To Teach A Dog To Fly

Honey has surprised me by learning some amazing things–walking on a moving ramp, climbing steep stairs with open treads, and even staying balanced on a heeling sailboat. But this year we have a new trick for her to learn. We’re going to teach our dog how to fly.

Boat Training For Humans And Dogs

I know you’re hoping for cute pictures of Honey on exotic beaches or barking at pelicans. But life on a boat takes lots of training. For us. And for the dog.

A Dog’s Life Aboard A Boat

Honey sleeps. She eats. She runs around and plays. In many ways, little has changed for my dog since we moved aboard a boat. But some things are very different.

My Dog Sails Better Than Me

As we got closer to moving aboard a sailboat, I worried more and more about Honey. How would she move around the boat? Deal with cramped quarters? Cope with the stress of moving aboard? I don’t know why I wasted my time. Honey sails better than I do.

How Long Should You Train Your Dog

Some links below (including all Amazon links) are affiliate links, meaning that I earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more here. How long does it take to train your dog to meet a challenge? I don’t know how long it takes you but let me show you how long we’ve been preparing Honey to live aboard a […]

6 Tips To Get Your Dog Ready For Adventure

Regular Something Wagging readers know we’re getting our dog Honey ready to live aboard a sailboat. Many of the things we’re doing for Honey might help you even if the only adventure you’re planning is a trip to the vet, a long drive, or a kayak trip across a pond. Here are a few of […]