Boat Dog? Everyone Should Have One

Boat dogs make great crew. I’m surprised every boat doesn’t have one.

9 Reasons NOT To Live On A Boat With A Dog

I love living on my boat with my dog. Except when I don’t. Here are 9 reasons you should not live on a boat with your dog.

How To Keep The Dog Happy When Your House Disappears

Let’s face it. Dogs are creatures of habit. They love their homes. But what if their home is a boat on the hard? How do you keep the dog happy when your house disappears?

What Has Changed For Honey In the Dinghy?

Here’s Honey coming back to our sailboat, “Meander” in February 2017.

Honey Dog Don’t Do Drama

The best boat people never rush. They’re always in control. They don’t create drama. That’s why my dog Honey loves them. Because Honey Dog don’t do drama.

Getting A Big Dog To “Go” On A Boat–Is It Harder?

What question are we asked most often about living with a big dog on a small sailboat? It’s “does Honey go potty on the boat?”. We’re working on it. But it isn’t easy. I’m starting to wonder if it’s just harder to get a big dog to “go” on a boat. Here’s why.

Boat Life – Our New Euphemism

Yesterday I posted this picture of my husband’s latest boat project. It will make life easier for us and harder for Honey. Did you guess what it is?