Do This To Make Your Dog’s First Boat Trip A Good One

This was the moment. We had spent hundreds of dollars and worked for hours on training. All to move toward living on a sailboat with our dog. But would Honey go for it? Would our dog’s first boat trip be a good one?

Sailing with Dogs – a photo essay

Honey won’t swim. But so far she has ridden in kayaks, been on ferries, cruised on river boats and now, she has sailed. How did she like it? Let’s check the photographic evidence. Honey the Sailing Dog We saw a little bit of this: And we saw a little bit of this: And the next […]

Outdoor Fun with Your Senior Dog

Puppies and adolescent dogs don’t usually stay long in shelters. Puppies, of course, are adorable. And adolescent dogs promote ideas of long hikes, games of fetch in the park, and other doggy athletic activities. So why should someone adopt an older dog? What fun can you have with a dog that’s all worn out? Older […]