Wordy Wednesday – What I Learned from the Pet Blogger Challenge

The link code for the Pet Blogger Challenge created by Edie Jarolim of Will My Dog Hate Me and Amy Burkert of Go Pet Friendly is closed. I’m still reading blogs and and trying to comment on as many as possible. It’s been fun. And a lot of work too.

The time for reflection has been useful and I’m learning a lot. I thought it would be good to make a record of some of the things I learned while they’re still fresh in my mind.

  • Most bloggers are not making money from their blogs. And quite a few folks expressed ambivalence about making money or concerns about integrity. Note to the bloggers who are making income–another (passive) income stream might be to publish a tip sheet on creating income from your blog and selling it to fellow pet bloggers for a small fee.
  • Golden Retriever in the Snow

    I don't know why everyone always talks about retrievers being mouthy. Hey, what's this? And how did it get in my mouth?

    I’m not the only one who relies on cute puppy pictures to keep people from getting bored with too much text.

  • I was curious about how much editing bloggers did so I sneakily added a question about it to my answers. It appears that (as expected) the professional writers and people for whom blogging produces income or supports income-making activities write in advance and edit and polish their work.
  • Therefore (see above), I should assume I’ll be writing and polishing my posts for the forthcoming Hands on Home Buyer blog (coming Monday, January 17 to a computer near you!).
  • There are some wonderful writers out there.
  • Several bloggers identified themselves as introverts and said that their blogs gave them a safe place to connect with people.
  • As an extrovert, I’d never be able to spend so much time writing if there wasn’t immediate feedback from readers (and thank you; your comments keep me going).
  • Speaking of comments, I learned as much reading them as I did reading the original challenge post.
  • I learned that KenzoHW lives in Denmark but is actually Dutch (by reading comments). So he’s at least tri-lingual and now I’m even more embarrassed by my lack of lingual accomplishments than ever. (Maybe I should rewrite that. It sounds like I’m confessing that I’m a bad kisser, not that I am only fluent in English. Oh well. Editing, schmediting. I yam what I yam.)
  • And speaking of writing in a second language, I also got to meet Miki from Japan who writes about training blind dogs. I wish Miki and her blog had been around when Agatha got cataracts.
  • Golden Retriever

    Time for another puppy picture, huh? I can't believe you woke me up for this.

    A handful of bloggers said they liked the challenge of solving technical problems.

  • Many more called the technical work their least favorite part of blogging. (Note to tech folks–another income stream idea; charge a small fee to solve a discrete problems via email.)
  • A few bloggers expressed dismay at dealing with cliquish mentalities online or nasty comments.
  • Many more talked about the friendships they had found and their enjoyment of the blogging community.
  • Reading even enjoyable, funny, enlightening, touching and interesting blog posts and commenting on them is a lot of work. I think it will take me the rest of the week to visit everyone.
  • I need to update my blogroll to show all the blogs I’ve added to my reader in the past 2 days.
  • I’ve got to get on Twitter. I’m very disappointed that Something Wagging is too long for a user name and I’m considering other options. Suggestions? Comment here.
  • It sounds like some neat people are planning to be at BlogPaws and I should probably go too. I’m a little self-conscious about the fact that I’m not nearly as funny and interesting as I seem on this blog. *
  • Although I learned much more than this from reading the past two days, I also learned that even I can get tired of hearing myself talk (or reading myself typing?).

I would have loved to do a post with lots of links to other folks who said neat things on their blogs or made interesting comments ( remember, links are currency online). But I’m still a bit overwhelmed by the mass of information and I would never have done justice to all the things that were said. You’ll just have to hop around to discover it for yourself.

Thanks again to Edie and Amy for setting this up. And to Kim for creating the nifty badge that made it easy to find the fellow challenge takers.

* There are two possible replies:

  1. “Don’t worry, Pam. You’re not that funny and interesting on the blog, either.” or
  2. “We’re sure you’re just as funny. Of course, looks aren’t everything.”
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  1. I see you’re also a very organized person! Interesting to see it laid out like that. I have a new respect for regular and longtime bloggers now. How they/you fit their /your
    blog/job/family/friends/etc into 24hours? …I have no idea. I don’t think I’ll EVER be able to get through all the blogs in the challenge though I’m still sitting here typing and reading at midnight.

    • I’m glad to hear you think I look organized. I must be a good liar. Or maybe it’s because you can’t see the dog hair all over my house and the nearly empty refrigerator.

      I’m still working on reading blogs myself. Although it’s hard, I’m finding it entirely worthwhile.

  2. Thanks for this post-game analysis. You and Kenzo — who is actually Leo — saved me from doing a similar post (maybe).

    It would take forever to do those links. Going to each blog individually and commenting is a Herculean task as it is.

    You did omit one major potential income source: the idea that those who hate editing could get professional editing — and/or coaching — done from those who enjoy doing that type of thing.

    Funny you should mention your worry about not being funny and interesting in person. I often feel that way — in part because I’m fairly introverted by nature and in part because an ex-boyfriend once actually told me my writing was much funnier than I am. Nice. But I discovered that when I’m around people who “get” me and my sense of humor and don’t think that pet blogging is just a cute hobby I have little problem connecting. And that’s what’s happened at BlogPaws. So do come (says she who isn’t sure she can afford it yet). We can talk obscure literary references.

  3. Wow! This is a comprehensive recap that I would NOT have had the time or mental stability to do. So, thank you … from all of us.

    I was lucky enough to win a scholarship to the first BlogPaws, then the second one was nearby in Denver (so I could drive down each day). I won’t know if I can make the one this year, until I pay for my trip to NYC in the spring first. Then … If I’m having a good year $$-wise, I might be able to go. If not, you kids will have to have fun without me.

    And, I can say without a doubt that having Edie at the first BlogPaws transformed my experience there.

    P.S. I’m an extrovert and a hugger. So fair warning. I hugs the peeps.

  4. I am willing to bet money on the fact that you are even more funny and engaging in person than you are here.
    There are parts of me that would do anything for the chance to attend BlogPaws and then other parts that know I would spend the whole time underneath my chair or in the coat room, making forking out the money not all that worthwhile. But I do think it is fantastic there is such a thing in existence.

    This is such a great wrap-up. I am still not even halfway through all of the posts. Who knew there would be over one hundred?

    • I 100% agree with Kristine! I think you are way funnier than you give yourself credit for! I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your little bits if humor weaved throughout.

    • Wait! There are over 100 now???? OMG! I will never get through them all! (Pamela – Thank you so much for a really great wrap-up!)

  5. I’m impressed you had time to recover from Monday’s post and write this summary. I was still reading posts last night πŸ™‚ Kudos to you!

    Yes, keep the cute puppy photos coming…I never tire from seeing everyone’s doggers in their posts. Btw, is that a hedgehog I see in your post? Gus loves his hedgehog!

  6. Ha! Fun we had the same idea, I quickly came over and read what your thoughts were after seeing your comment.

    Great recap! This summarizes it very well. I am with you about the comments. Comments are gold. A blog is first a story when there is a discussion about it.

    Almost finished with all the blogs, just 5 left. Looking forward to see you on Twitter, what about “SomeWags”?

    And thanks for the mention πŸ™‚

  7. I’m going with reply #2 but without the stinger on the looks! I’m also still reading the challenges. It’s become my new challenge! And now I’m reading everyone’s posts for the rest of this week so I’m really getting myself in deep. But I’m happy to do it! Really enjoyed your Q&A and today’s recap! Best of luck with the Hands On Home Buyer blog and do hope to meet you at BlogPaws!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years

  8. Wow! I’m still working my way through the posts (I’m up to #71!) but had to stop over for the recap after catching @ShivaTheDog’s tweet. I’m not sure if this is too long for Twitter, but “SumthinWagn” might work. Great recap – I’m really glad that so many seem to have gotten so much from the challenge.

  9. Some Wags might work for Twitter. I like your recap! I didn’t participate, but I enjoyed reading several of the posts from those who did!

  10. Thanks for dropping by the e-pawprints and commenting! To answer your question, my name is Lavi and Aschiuta is my little dog. There are links to info at the top of the site.
    I’m impressed that you’re trying to tackle that long list of blogs and visiting everyone. Have fun, you’ll find a lot of great blogs, people and pets.

  11. Enjoyed the recap… you summed it all up wonderfully. πŸ™‚ Glad the Challenge allowed me to discover your blog – I’ll be back often, I’m sure!

  12. @Wagging (That’s what I think your twitter name should be!) Thank you for doing this summary Pamela! I love it! How fun to read through the comments and recognize all these great people I did not know a week ago!! aaahhh Did someone say there were over 100?? I am trying to read them all too, so I better get going! (((hugs))) to you all.

  13. I’ve been enjoying reading though the blogs on the pet blogger challenge also. It’s gonna take me a while too. I like your blog, I’ll be stopping by to read!

  14. This is such a great summary…….and I think you’re funny!! You make me smile πŸ™‚
    I’m impressed you’ve had time to visit so many, I’m still making my way around, I’m not going to run out of great stuff to read for quite some time – yay, glad there’s so many other pet bloggers out there…..
    So happy to have found you,
    Snoopy and Annette πŸ™‚

  15. Thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting. Really impressed by your wrap up post, it’s a great idea. As for the name being too long on twitter, just shorten it like they do on licence plates, smthng wagging or something like that. Nice Blog. I’ll add you to my blogroll.

  16. Great summary! I’ve really enjoyed how the Challenge has introduced me to so many good blogs I’ve never been to before – including yours! I’ll be back!

  17. Hi Pamela πŸ™‚

    The Pet Blogger Challenge was a great opportunity for me to meet many wonderful dog lovers and their blogs (of course, including you!) and to be detected my blog!

    I appriciate you wrote about my blog on this post πŸ™‚
    I’m happy if you just enjoy my posts and my blind dachshund Nono’s videos. I wish you and Agata wouldn’t need my information and technique in the days ahead.

  18. I finally made it over to your blog – why it took so long, I have no idea but I’m glad I visited and got to read your Blog Challenge Wrap-up.
    1) Twitter: SWTC? too simple? already taken? regardless, hurry up and decide because I can’t wait to follow your tweets πŸ˜‰

    2) Your comments on my blog continue to inspire me every time. It’s high-time I start paying you back…

    3) I find you hilarious but if you’re still worrying about attending BlogPaws because no one will find you as funny in person, I suggest wearing a wild and crazy hat. ;P

    • clearly, I’m terrible at acronyms: SWTWC. Jeez.

      what’s the character limit? waggingiscoming would be cute, but I think it’s too long. WagIsComing? now I just feel ridiculous brainstorming in front of everyone like this…


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