Wordless Wednesday

Golden Retriever Biting Toy

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  1. Check out those teeth!

  2. Is that one of the new Kong “ballistic” toys? I’ve seen them in store and wondered if they would be worth a try. Honey seems to enjoy it!

    • It’s actually some no-name toy called a “Tuffy.” I got it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond because they sent me a 20% off coupon.

      But it’s very well constructed and Honey does seem to like it.

      • Actually “Tuffy” is the brand name. They have a wide variety of toys constructed out of this fleece type material with varying degrees of “toughness”. My dog has several including the ring, a cube and a football shape called the odd ball. She loves everyone and they have been very durable considering the chewer she is.

  3. Whoa! Check out those chompers! Great photo :)

  4. That is my dog’s favorite toy and one of the few she hasn’t torn to shreds. And, that is exactly how she looks when she’s taking it from me before amblin over to the cat and bonking him in the head with it.

    • Poor cat.

      Is there any chance your dog simply can’t see because the toy is in her eyes? I can’t imagine she really wants to torture your cat, does she?

      • No she knows exactly what she’s doing. But don’t worry, the cat is pretty fond of this play. He will hook his paws through the ring and hug it and let the dog pull her across the floor. The dog (Gracie) has one ring that has all the stuffing and squeakers torn out of it. It is in rags. She will approach the cat slowly and walk around him dragging this tattered thing on the floor waiting for the cat to pounce on it so they can do some tugging. As hyper as she can be, Gracie plays very gently with Boris (the cat) which Boris rewards by rubbing against Gracie’s face every chance he gets.

  5. That is one ferocious-looking doughnut! It has some very white teeth!