Wordless Wednesday – Was It Worth It?

Honey in the Doggy Ride bike cart at the Dog Park

So this is why they wanted me to ride in this stupid cart? To come to the dog park? I hope it’s worth it!

What do you think?

She sure doesn’t have that room to run in our little backyard.

Have you ever pushed your dog to do something you know they’ll enjoy eventually? Was it worth it?


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  1. I remember when my mum took me boating for the first time…I was really not so thrilled about the idea. Walking on wobbly walk ways to the boat, being lifted onto a boat over water!…however once we got going and the wind was flopping my ears about, I loved it!!!! Wagging Wordless Wednesday!

  2. LOVE this photo!

  3. Mike Webster says:

    From the Husband:
    In retrospect, I think Honey was a sissy for being so reluctant. I personally can’t WAIT for Pam to train ME to ride in the Doggy Ride cart. (Looking forward to sticking my head out, ’cause that’s what husbands do.)

  4. I want that cart!! Fantastic! Yep…we pushed Dakota last week to go for a walk at our local university (on Sunday when no one was there)…he LOVED it!

  5. The time this past summer we convinced both dogs to swim in the river. They realized it cooled them off and felt good, after they got out of course.

  6. Yay! The photo and video are perfect complements to each other. I am so happy for you both. I’d say it was worth it, what about Honey?

    I’ve been pushing my dog to learn how to swim for a long time. I do think she will enjoy it if she gives it a shot, if only for a break from summer heat. But though she has made great gains, she has yet to break through the mental barrier that deep water equals something to be avoided. Maybe it just isn’t worth it to her?

  7. That’s so wonderful, Pamela. I think Honey surely believes the pay-off is worth the price.


  8. Yes. Totally worth it!

  9. This is a great picture! I bet it was worth it!

  10. Loved it…such a happy puppy!

  11. That contraption looks fun!!! And you are a very good fetcher Honey! What a nice park to play at :)

  12. Woohoo! Nothing like a good romp in the park :) Congratulations!

  13. Woof! Woof! It sure is. My dad just carries me … Happy Wordless Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  14. This dog has it made. LOL Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  15. Absolutely worth it. Honey’s smile tells you that.

  16. I’m so proud of you both!

  17. It looks like a case of pure bliss.

  18. I think it was totally worth it!

    Lulu sometimes gets stubborn when I don’t take her on the usual way for her walk. But then she gets to smell so many new things!

    Christie from lifewithbeagle.com

  19. It’s always worth it (except if it’s a trip to the v.e.t.)!

  20. Yay Honey (and Pamela and Mike).

    Ricochet probably doesn’t care, but I spent the first couple of years working on his reactivity. Because of this he’s been able to go to seminars, classes and on walks with my friends and their dog (and go to BlogPaws next year).

  21. This is so exciting to see Honey riding in her cart! I actually saw a man with a black lab on a cart today and I thought of you guys. :-)
    PS: What do I do with Triberr?

  22. Honey!!! Way to go! This is so good to see. I know Mom got a little impatient at times but I hope you think the new places you get to go are worth it!

  23. Sweet! I’m so glad that Honey & the cart are now BFFs! Adventure ahoy!!