Wordless Wednesday – Sometimes You Have Fun; Sometimes I Have Fun

Golden Retriever and Horseshoe Crab in Cape May

What Honey likes to sniff.


Sunset over Delaware Bay

What Pam likes to sniff.

Pet Travel Shout-Out

I know you can’t tell by my photos, but I really appreciate good photography. For this Wordless Wednesday (I just can’t seem to get the hang of this wordless thing, can I?), I’d like to tell you about a wonderful photographer who takes many photos while going on adventures with her four (count them, four) dogs. Well, I guess two are hers and two belong to her husband.

Yes, you got it, I’m talking about the awesome Ms. Taleteller of Tales and Tails.

They recently took a trip to the pet-friendly Farmer’s Market in Peoria and shared the day with us. The Taletellers also enjoy hiking and visiting historic sites. And every tale is accompanied by lovely photos.

So if you enjoy lovely photos of beautiful dogs in a variety of surroundings, enjoy your armchair traveling at Tales and Tails.

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  1. We love their blog!


  2. I’d be inclined to sniff what you are sniffing Pamela. :-)

  3. It looks like you are having a beautiful time and some very lovely weather! Thanks for ripping yourself away from that view to share it with us. I think your photograph is perfect. :-)

  4. I blew up the picture of Honey to see if The Good Dog was chowing down some bloated dead fish. It seems her reputation remains intact :)

    • Luckily we don’t have blowfish turning up on our beaches. That was a horseshoe crab.

      Fortunately it smells good but there isn’t much for a doggie to eat.

  5. It looks like you both found something to enjoy!

  6. You’re so right – I love Carrie’s photos. And your photos are really good, too. I love that sunset picture!

  7. Oh, I’d like to be sitting there on the beach beside you sniffing the same thing!

    Thank you for the kind words about the blog and my pictures today! I’m lucky to have some very cooperative models who can be bribed with Zuke’s mini bites! 😛 I’m sure you will have some great pictures from your trip that will make me green with envy!

  8. It looks like you are having a great time :) Thanks for sharing it with us!!