Wordless Wednesday – Sibling Rivalry

Cherie the hound mix foster pup and Honey the Golden Retriever


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  1. Seniority has its benefits. Cute!

  2. Our cats always think the other cat has the better spot.

  3. LOL! Too cute. I hopped on your blog by the Wordless Wednesday blog hop!

  4. Fortunately my cat likes flat hard surfaces, so Lulu often gets to have the comfy spots. (Lulu is younger than the cat)


  5. If Honey is anything like a few of my dogs, they have made their spot THEIR spot – comfy, properly indented, fluffy just for them. Yup.

  6. I’m glad to see that my dog is not the only one to hang their head off the couch. I wonder just exactly how comfortable that is for them. Have you noticed if there is preference for the spots on the couch? I know that at our house that both dogs have their preferred spots (or maybe one has the preferred spot and the other just accepts what’s left.) All I know is I basically see them in the same spots!

  7. Just like kids, they think the other one always has the better everything.

  8. That’s why being the eldest is the best. :-)

  9. Thats so my dogs

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. I think the most comfy spot is the spot where you can hang your head off the couch!

  11. Great picture! We have the same problem in our house with Fred and Gloria. Seniority usually would rule, but even Gloria can’t stand Fred’s whining and always gives in! LOL! Happy WW!

  12. Awesomely cute picture!

  13. That’s rough. I think you better invest in some muzzles for those two. 😉

  14. Very cute. I love that they get along so well.

  15. Love the commentery! Thanks for hopping! =^..^=

  16. The c coucjh? Guys! Get with the pwogramme! Yu need KUSHIONS! love, your ffinwed, Georgia X

    • I’ll pass your comment along. Honey has a perfectly nice KUSHION but he’s been working 16-20 hours a day lately. I’ll let him know you think he’s neglecting his duties. :)

  17. Awww! Someday you’ll have your own couch, Cherie!

  18. They are awfully cute together!!

  19. That is super cute! I bet they will be resting on each other soon!

  20. At least Cherie gets a spot on the couch! All of our guide dog pup drop ins have to stay off the furniture. I do have about 5 doggy beds in my house for them :)