Wordless Wednesday – Pretending to be British on the Beach

Woman and Girl on the Beach

She's wearing a coat on the beach. I didn't know the Mom was British. Where's the tea pot?


Worded Wednesday – Swag Alert

I announced the Something Swagging This Way Comes 2012 contest yesterday and baby and puppy pictures are pouring in. And may I say? You look mahvelous!

You have until June 26 to send in your pictures. Or you can wait and play along when the game starts. Learn how to enter your picture here.

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  1. Nuh. Not buying it. If you were on a british beach you’d have turned blue too.

  2. I think you look comfy. Nothing better, than beach, book and dog. :-)

  3. You look like a pair of Hollywood starlets on the beach! It’s a beautiful picture of the two of you!

    • Thank you. Actually, I don’t like to pose much with Honey since she’s so much prettier.

      Thank heavens she doesn’t also have beautifully coordinated collars, leashes, and bags to make her look even more glamorous like some dogs I know. :)

  4. If you were Brit, you’d be lobster red! At least that’s how we pick them out on Bondi 😉 When did your hair turn that foxy grey? Are you trying to confuse us for The Swag?

    • Maybe the Brit’s vacationing in Australia are red. But at home there’s not enough skin sticking out to get red. :)

      BTW, aren’t foxes red? The picture from my About Page was just after I stopped dying my hair. But crazy thing is it just keeps growing and growing and gets whiter all the time.

  5. In New England, the best time to visit the beach is in the fall so we always look like that. (Hmm, is THAT why it’s called “New” England? 😉

    It’s a great picture of the two of you.

    • Yes, I agree Fall is a great time to “walk” on the beach. But I probably wouldn’t set up beach chair to sun myself. :)

      So glad temps were closer to 80 a few days later.

  6. Awww. Cute photo!

  7. What a great shot of the two of you! You both look so relaxed and happy. And your hair looks pretty fantastic, I gotta say. More blonde than gray, really.

  8. As long as it’s not pouring down rain, I believe that sitting on the beach all bundled up is totally worth it 😉 Cute photo!!

  9. I got the worst sunburn of my life bundled up on a beach pretending to be British. Never without sunscreen from that moment on. I can still feel the pain.

  10. Lovely photo of you both; I can hardly wait for my hair to complete becoming silver :).

  11. It looks like a cold day at the beach or maybe just trying to keep the sun off you skin.

    Happy Wednesday!

  12. I am way behind, but that is a fabulous picture!

  13. Oh Pamela, I hadn’t seen this post before. I LOVE your hair! It really suits you and makes you look a lot younger and brighter and brings out your eyes. Very foxy:) As GLP said, definitely a silver fox though!