Wordless Wednesday – Meet Buster!


white puppy

I was found wandering around the city by myself. Can you imagine? Luckily, I'm a brave little guy. There hasn't been a toy made that I don't know how to dominate. I'm learning more every day and, if my people don't claim me, I'll be available for adoption on Monday. Don't you just love my bedroom eyes?

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  1. Oh is he BEAUTIFUL! Are his eyes really blue or is that a trick of the camera? Wow, what a little stunner. Thanks for taking care of him.

  2. What a cute little fuzz ball!!

  3. i read a comment on your last post that you were busy with a new foster! he’s very sweet.

    i also read that you’ve been sick. i hope it’s nothing too serious and that you’re feeling better now.

    btw, thanks for your advice on the challenge. i’m pretty glad i did it now :) x

  4. Awe poor guy. Hope he finds a home.

  5. Aw, what a sweetie! And so lucky to have such a GREAT foster family :)

  6. What an adorable face! It’s faces like that that get people like me into trouble.

  7. How sweet! I’m glad he isn’t wandering the streets anymore!


  8. WoW!!! Lucky he found you! And yes, those eyes are pretty ridiculous….

  9. That is just an insane level of cuteness! I could very easily be sucked in by that face!

  10. What a cutie. Someone MUST be looking for him. But if he isn’t claimed, I bet he finds a home real fast. :-)

  11. OMG look at all the fluffy white!! How adorable he is!!

  12. Looks like you have a real heartbreaker on your hands there! And what a great name … though I might be biased. =D

  13. Oh my! He is precious! What a gorgeous little puppy.

  14. Oh he is going to get adopted so quickly! A puppy with that face! (Going to be a big guy by the look of those paws though!)

  15. No, I can’t imagine. Best of luck to you and Buster. May the accidents be few. :)

  16. So cute! So fuzzy! How on earth did someone let him slip away?

  17. He’s beautiful Pamela. I bet he will be adopted before you can write another post about him. :)