Wordless Wednesday – Meet Adoptable Franky!

Franky at the Tompkins County SPCA

Compact, athletic, feisty? What more could a dog lover want? Tweet and share so I can find my forever home.


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  1. Where’s he located?

  2. He is so stinking cute! Where is he located?

    Yesterday you asked where the pictures were taken. We talked a little about the place last Thursday, but it’s called the Baha’i House of Worship and it’s located in Wilmette, IL, a suburb of Chicago. The history of the temple is pretty fascinating. It takes in aspects of all religions and was really the most beautiful building that I’ve ever seen. There are seven temples built by their faith all over the world, and each one is different. All of them are breathtaking! It is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of Illinois, which was why we went to visit it, since we’re hoping to see all seven. We’ve gotten to five so far, and that leaves two to go!

    • Thanks for the info about the temple. It’s just lovely. Now I guess I’ll have to go back through your blog to figure out what the Seven Wonders are.

      BTW, Franky is in Ithaca, NY.

  3. I love him!! He and Shiva would either be best friends or mortal enemies.

    How do I not own 3,456 dogs already?

    • See what good self control you have?

      I think work is the problem. We could all adopt/foster/raise more dogs if we didn’t have to support ourselves.