Wordless Wednesday – Lovely Tina of Central NY Needs a Home

Tina of Gorges Greyhounds

I'm a beautiful two-year old greyhound who likes people, cats, and all kinds of dogs.


Tina of Gorges Greyhounds

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  1. What a great organization this is! They have a lot of good information about greyhounds on their site. Tina sounds like she would make an awesome new family member.

  2. Tina, a pretty girl like you shouldn’t have to wait too long! Good luck!

  3. Aw she’s beautiful!

    I got that same collar for Emma when I adopted her to take her home in =-)

  4. Tina is a gorgeous girl. I don’t get to see fawn greyhounds very often. I’m sure she’ll find her forever home in no time. Good on you for helping her by advertising her case on your blog!

  5. What a beauty! If I ever wanted a grey hound, I think she’s what I would be looking for. Too bad the kennel’s full over here!!

    Stella? BOL!! You’re right, that is way to big for Honey. She’s definitely a Honey. :)

  6. She is absolutely beautiful.

  7. You’re beautiful. Just be you :)