Wordless Wednesday – Honey Loves Hummus

Golden Retriever resting with hummus container.

My girl loves her some hummus. Maybe she'll become a vegetarian yet.


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  1. LOL – Someone asked me once if Bella liked carrots. I said she preferred them with hummus. They think she’s spoiled. 😉

    That’s a great shot.

  2. I don’t think Honey’s giving that Hummus up anytime soon! lol What a cutie!

  3. Does her love of hummos have unpleasant side effects for the rest of you???

    On the serious side, I read somewhere in blogland that garlic is not good for dogs. What about the garlic in hummos?

    • Honey can have as much hummus as she wants. The unpleasant side effects happen when my husband eats it. His breath stinks so badly of garlic that I have literally opened the car window when I was driving with him. Now you know the real reason we got rid of the car in favor of two bicycles. :)

      Actually, garlic is both warned as being dangerous to dogs and is suggested as a food additive to keep fleas down. I’m not sure what’s up with that. But in truth, we only let her lick the dregs out of the container so I don’t think there’s much of a problem.

      • Many people think that since it is a cousin to onion, garlic is guilty by association. It has some truth to it. If your chihuahua was to eat an entire bulb of garlic raw, you might need to be concerned. Small amounts of cooked garlic for seasoning or therapeutic are considered by many to be OK.

  4. Wow! She REALLY loves hummus!

  5. I like hummus too…I’ve never used it as a pillow, though!

  6. Well well what a healthy doggy. I tried hummus once. I prefer ice cream.

  7. Too cute. She looks like she is trying to protect it from would-be Hummus thieves. I can’t blame her. If someone was threatening my cheese, I would do much the same.

  8. Yummm. Good to the last lick!

  9. So Honey is a fan of Hummus I take it:) I have to admit I have not knowingly tried Hummus, maybe I should:)

  10. Mike Webster says:


  11. She has very good taste :)

  12. Honey really looks a lot like Apache. I wonder if Apache likes hummus too?

  13. Yum yum. Humus. Have you tried baba ganoush yet, Honey? :)

    Pamela – In case you haven’t been back to my latest post …and why would you? ;)… I sobbed my way through the interviews. I really enjoyed them and have actually updated the post with your link. Thank you so much for sharing it! x

  14. Hummus? Really? Enjoy your noms, Honey!! :)

  15. We Loooooooove hummus at Casa de Kolchak. Kol’s favourite is a roast red pepper hummus with carrot sticks.

  16. Oh very cute!