Wordless Wednesday – Curiosity

Dolphins at Cape May

Dolphins follow boats in Cape May


Golden Retriever on the Cape May Whale Watcher

Animals show curiosity about humans without doing any harm. Can humans learn to do the same? --Philosopher Honey


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  1. I love the dolphin picture.

    • I’m not a great photographer but dolphins are pretty hard to get. You never know where they’ll turn up next. We even had a few surfing in the boat’s wake.

  2. It’ll be a cold day in hell when we do. Of course, we can hope.

  3. Great question. I wish I could say yes, but one never knows. Love the pictures. Just beautiful. That alone would get me interested in sailing.

    • I’ve read of many sailors who talk about dolphins joining them along their way and whales who are curious and gentle as well.

      Of course, we have not yet seen any dolphins and whales in Cayuga Lake–but some day. :)

  4. I think it’s way cool that Honey got to go on the boat! Did she see the dolphins?

    • It wasn’t easy for Honey to see overboard and she wouldn’t have known to look for dolphins anyway. But I think she finds all the smells coming off the water stimulating. It’s easy to forget how much less visual pups are than humans.

  5. Honey, you make a great philosopher! Cape May agrees with you!

  6. Very thoughtful Honey. You look in perfect harmony there.

  7. So true. Wish so much of what we see, was as simple and pure as watching the dolphins.

  8. I’ve thought of this so many times…all the animal research done in our quest for knowledge, the harm from all our drilling and exploring and probing of nature that can’t even be quantified. Our “advanced” consciousness is in so many ways a curse :(

  9. Some people try their best not to disturb nature. But sadly, not everyone…it’s a nice dream for the future though!

  10. I wish humans could learn to do the same!

    Beautiful pictures!

  11. Love in thought and image.

  12. We can learn so much from animals if we’re willing. Honey is a very good teacher:) Dolphins are awesome but have you ever seen whales? Oh my, one of my extra special memories.

  13. Oh man, the dolphins!